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Nine Sun God King (Web Novel) - Chapter 683

Chapter 683

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Qin Yun’s opponent is a famous Devil disciple from the Ten Thousand Poison Valley named Bai Duzi.

He has a black viper martial spirit. It is said that the viper can absorb all kinds of poison and store them.

During battle, the Bai Duzi’s viper can control and release either the stored poison or his own poison.

When Qin Yun walked up the battle platform, he saw Bai Duzi walking up as well.

He is a tall and sturdy young man. Although he has a Devil body, he does not look as scary as the others.

With a Devil body, his skin, flesh and bones became stronger. Especially when attacked by weapons, this was the best time for the Devil body to show it’s might.

However, no matter how strong the Devil body is, it would still be difficult to resist when one encountered powerful attacks.

Qin Yun’s attack contained vibration power. It can directly shake up opponents. It is not something a Devil body could resist.

Bai Duzi’s expression is tranquil. Without a word, he stood there and looked at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun looked carefully at Bai Duzi and realized that both his hands are purple. Furthermore, they are emitting a multicolored luster. It is quite scary.

Everyone present can see that Bai Duzi’s hands are definitely highly toxic.

“This guy, does hundreds of poisons really not invade his body?” Qin Yun gloomily thought to himself.

“Xiao Yun, you don’t have to be afraid of this guy. Your Heavenly Lion Xuan Body can also resist most of the poison. I can also use the Nether Sun’s power to defend, it will definitely be alright!” Ling Yuner said.

After hearing Ling Yuner’s words, Qin Yun felt much more relaxed.

Bai Duzi looked very confident. He is not at least bit afraid of Qin Yun.

He is in the sixteenth group. He previously seen how Qin Yun killed Leng Huan from the Bloodthirsty Sect but now, he is completely not afraid of Qin Yun!

It must be known that the other Devil disciples are all somewhat afraid of fighting Qin Yun. That’s because Qin Yun is truly very strong.

The disciples of the Devil Desolate knew what level Leng Huan was at. However, he was killed by Qin Yun in an instant!

The middle-aged judge shouted : “Is everyone ready?”

Qin Yun and Bai Duzi nodded.

After they are ready, the middle-aged referee also loudly shouted : “Let the match begin!”

As soon as the match started, Qin Yun and Bai Duzi both suddenly disappeared without a trace!

Even the middle-aged referee is stunned by this.

Bai Duzi also have some method to disappear suddenly, this made everyone exclaim in surprise!

“What’s the matter with the two of them? Are they playing hide and seek?”

“Come out and fight! How long do you want to hide for?”

“These two guys really have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.”

Those who wanted to watch the fight started to shout.

Qin Yun used his Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to hide under the battle stage. He can sense that Bai Duzi is still on the stage.

“That guy must have suddenly become invisible!” Qin Yun cursed softly : “I really did not expect that he would use such a method!”

“Him becoming transparent, don’t tell me it is through his Martial Spirit?” Ling Yuner said : “For someone like him who uses poison, he must be properly concealed so that he can easily poison others!”

Qin Yun said with a smile, “I can also conceal myself proficiently. How about I grab that guy’s Viper Martial Spirit and see how much poison there is. It will also be convenient later to use it against others!”

“I can give it a try!” Ling Yuner smiled and said, “You go out and I will use Gravity to deal with him!”

After Qin Yunf leapt out, Ling Yuner’s super gravity locked onto the transparent bai Duzi.

The transparent Bai Duzi, was beaten back to his original form and smashed onto the ground by the super gravity.

Just as Qin Yun moved over, he saw black energy mist rushing out of bai Duzi’s body. The black energy mist carried a black liquid with it.

“It’s poison blood!” someone shouted.

Qin Yun reacted too late. His body is enveloped by the mass of black mist and blood. His face is also covered in blood.

Terrifying thing is that after Qin Yun’s skin was touched by the black blood, it began to emit black smoke, rotting bit by bit. It is extremely terrifying.

“Hahaha…” Bai Wuzi slowly got up and laughed loudly : “Qin Yun, you’re doomed! You have been poisoned by my most powerful poison. Other than me, no one can save you!”

Qin Yun’s body is emitting black smoke. His skin is rotting, making his condition extremely miserable.

Bao Changshou shouted from below : “Qin Yun, quickly admit defeat. Let us help you suppress the poison!”

“Even if all of you were to join hands, you still won’t be able to suppress it! Only I am capable of completely curing him of this poison. Of course.. he won’t die either. He has Xuan Body, so his recovery ability is still pretty good. My poison will also constantly corrode his skin and flesh as soon as he recovers!”

Just thinking of this process happening over and over again, made many people feel pained.

At this moment, Xiao Yuelan is also fighting. Her opponent is an Immortal disciple, who was instantly defeated by her. That Immortal disciple was worried that he would be killed, so he quickly admitted defeat and ran away, escaping this predicament.

After walking down from the battle platform, she looked at Qin Yun’s direction. Although she heard of Qin Yun’s matter, she is not too worried. Because Qin Yun has Yang Shiyue’s little jade rabbit. That is a beast that can absorb many kind of poisons and poisonous creatures.

“What do you want?” Qin Yun asked coldly looking at Bai Duzi.

Just now, Bai Duzi had many opportunities to attack. However, he did not attack and defeat Qin Yun in an instant.

“Qin Yun, although the poison in your body can’t be cure, they can allow you to live for three months! In three months, you can get Yang Shiyue to exchange her Star Lord Inscription Spirit with me for the antidote!” Bai Duzi felt even more proud of himself.

Those who wanted to obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, all has looks of admiration on their faces.

In that case, if Qin Yun wanted to survive, he would have to find Yang Shiyue.

“Qin Yun, just obediently admit defeat! If you get injured by me, you won’t have the strength to resist my poison!” when Bai Duzi saw Qin Yun just standing there, he laughed sinisterly and said : “If you want to live, then become my slave!”

At that moment, the Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Poison Valley walked over to Bao Changshou’s side. He is an old man with brown hair and purple hands, he laughed and said : “Even I am unable to cure that poison. Only the antidote condensed by Bai Duzi’s own Viper Martial Spirit will be able to cure it!”

Bao Changshou said in a deep voice : “Your Ten Thousand Poison Valley is still the same as ever, always using such despicable tactics to threaten others!”

The Ten Thousand Poison Valley’s Sect Master said with a smile : “As long as we achieve our goal, why should we care about what sort of method we used?”

The flesh on Qin Yun’s face constantly rotted, then it regenerate and rot again. The process made many feel terrified.

Especially some of those female disciples of the Sword Immortal Pavilion, they couldn’t bear to continue watching.

Jian Ruyan silently glanced toward Xiao Yuelan not far away and discovered that she seemed to be unfazed and isn’t the least bit worried.

“This couple is really strange. Even though her lord husband is in such a miserable state, she doesn’t seem to be worried at all!” Jian Ruyan lightly groaned.

She also could not bear to look at Qin Yun either.

Long Qiufeng also closed her eyes slightly. Qin Yun’s miserable state is truly hard for her to see.

Qin Yun suddenly said : “Your poison is very powerful! But that’s all, with your strength, you still can’t defeat me! Although you have a Devil body, you are an idiot with very weak power!”

“Qin Yun, what do you mean? Don’t tell me you don’t want to cure the poison?” Bai Duzi coldly laughed : “You want to defeat me?”

“Defeat you? No, I will kill you!” The moment Qin Yun finished his sentence, tree claws rushed out from the ground and wrapped around Bai Duzi’s legs.

After Qin Yun approached, Ling Yuner also released a super gravity.

Bai Duzi wanted to flee, but was pressed down heavily. Black poison blood splashed out from his body and rushed toward Qin Yun once again.

Qin Yun did not deliberately resist the blood poison and let it splash on him. Then he viciously slammed his palm toward Bai Duzi’s chest and mouth. Then he ripped apart his heart.

He released vibration power that rushed into Bai Duzi’s throat, making him unable to say a single word.

Qin Yun immediately released a black gas that enveloped him and Bai Duzi. Then, after the black gas enveloped them, he quickly extracted bai Duzi’s Viper Martial Spirit and dao core.

“Qin Yun, stop quickly. If you kill him, the poison in your body will no longer be detoxified!” When the Ten Thousand Poisons Valley’s headmaster saw this scene, he shouted in fear.

No one expected Qin Yun to not care about his life and injure the only person who has the antidote!

After the black gas disappeared, everyone saw that Bai Duzi is incomparably weak. Fear and pain filled his eyes and his face is already twisted.

“You want to use this lousy poison to exchange for the Star Lord Inscription Spirit? You are too naive!” Qin Yun raised his palm and attacked with Extinction Dragon Five palms.

Extinction Dragon Palm produced thunder and lightning that accompanied mad dragons jumping out. The great momentum produced a sound, it is as if ten thousand dragons lamenting in despair.


When Qin Yun’s palm hit Bai Duzi’s face, the head disappeared and turned into a black energy mist.


When Qin Yun’s second palm strike landed, Extinction Dragon Palm infused with Overwhelming Righteous energy instantly turned the Devil body filled with Devil power into ashes.

Bai Duzi was killed by Qin Yun!

And Qin Yun’s body is still emitting black smoke as before. His skin is constantly being corroded.

“Qin Yun wins!” The middle-aged referee quickly shouted.

After Qin Yun walked down from the battle platform, Bao Changshou promptly walked over to attempt to suppress the poison.

However Qin Yun said : “Sect Master, do not touch me or you will be poisoned as well! Take me to a quiet place, I have some methods to detoxify the poison!”

The Ten Thousand Poison Valley’s Sect Master roared angrily at Qin Yun : “Qin Yun, you’re dead! No one can cure you of your poison!”

“You ! Listen up! Even if I die, I won’t let you group of things obtain the Inscription Spirit!” Qin Yun said coldly.

“Qin Yun, follow me!” Jain Nanhu said : “I will take you to a quiet place!”

Qin Yun followed Jian Nanhu and quickly arrived to an underground stone room near the plaza.

He entered the underground secret room alone.

“Xiao Yun, do you want to let the Nether Sun Martial Spirit fuse with the Viper Martial Spirit?” Ling Yuner tenderly laughed : “This way, the Viper Martial Spirit can absorb the poison power in your body!”

“Alright, let’s try it! We must not inconvenience the little Jade Rabbit as much as possible!” Qin Yun said with a smile.

After Qin Yun extracted Bai Duzi’s Viper martial spirit, he sealed it within his Nether Sun martial spirit.

At this moment, Ling Yuner unsealed the Viper martial spirit and then controlled the Nether Sun Martial Spirit to devour the Viper Martial Spirit.

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