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Nine Sun God King (Web Novel) - Chapter 836

Chapter 836

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Xian Rujing looked at Qin Yun’s mischievous smile and wishes that she could slap him.

“You bastard, don’t try to drive a wedge between us, the affection between me and Chuanwu is very deep, it is not something you can even imagine!” Xian Rujing shouted in low voice : “Even if.. even if he has other women, that is also very normal, he is so outstanding, it is normal to attract women!”

Qin Yun nodded his head and said with smile : “Good, your words are pretty good! A man with 3 or 4 concubines can be said to be normal however the other women he finds, should they not be equal to you?”

The more Xian Rujing listened, the more angry she became, she said in anger : “Equal to me? Don’t be ridiculous, even if he plays around with other women outside, they can only be considered as tools for venting out, I am the only one in his heart!”

“Didn’t expect you to be so open minded, Long Chuanwu is very lucky to have a good wife such as you!” Qin Yun said with smile.

“You are jealous right? A bastard like you will never have a wonderful wife like me! Nobody will want to be your wife!” Xian Rujing proudly said.

“Sorry but I have a wife!” Qin Yun loudly laughed : “My wife is much more outstanding than you! If you stood beside her, you would be just like a servant!”

“I want to kill you!” Xian Rujing brandished her Immortal sword and fiercely stabbed towards Qin Yun’s head.

Qin Yun promptly shut his eyes and then started muttering with an expression as if he is not afraid of death : “You groped me… you groped me.. you groped me….”

Xian Rujing is going mad in anger, she shouted loudly : “So what if I groped you? I wish I could castrate you!”

Qin Yun promptly opened his legs and said : “Come, come castrate me! I was defiled by you, I just want to die!”

“Why are you pretending, you think I don’t dare to kill you?” Xian Rujing tried to take action a few times but she doesn’t know why she just can’t make the final move.

“Of course you dare, so just quickly kill me! And then go quickly find your Chuanwu, maybe he is drowning in ecstasy in some brothel!” Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

Xian Rujing flew into rage and yelled in anger : “Bastard, I will tell you again one more time! My Chuanwu is not that kind of person! There is no way he would go to that kind of filthy place! If you slander him again, I will chop you into 8 pieces!”

Qin Yun said with laugh : “If you don’t believe me, how about we go out and take a look?”

“How can we go out? We are now imprisoned here. Don’t think that you can provoke me to bring you out, I will not fall for your trick!” Xian Rujing originally wanted to torture Qin Yun here for a few days, she did not expect she would be the one to be tortured in here.

Qin Yun knows that Xian Rujing is unable to take action against him. Xian Rujing feels a little guilty towards him, she did not take care and unintentionally groped his private, she feels very ashamed in her heart.

“If you agree, I can take you outside right now!” Qin Yun said.

“Alright! I agree, how do you plan to take me out of this prison?” Xian Rujing groaned.

“Hold my hand.” Qin Yun said.

“Don’t think you can touch me!” Xian Rujing immediately became vigilant.

“You already groped that place of mine, what is the big deal about holding hands with me?” Qin Yun feels that this is completely ridiculous.

Xian Rujing said in a cold voice : “Don’t think you can trick me, I can make you live a life worse than death! You are completely incapable of defeating me, you should be clear about this!”

Xian Rujing extended her hand to Qin Yun. Qin Yun held her hand, then turned both of their bodies transparent, then used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability. Even though there are many barriers inside the prison, not all of them are active because Xian Rujing is inside. So Qin Yun can easily bring Xian Rujing out of the prison. After coming out of the prison, Xian Rujing is endlessly shocked, she now realizes why Qin Yun was so calm, he could easily come out any time he wanted!

“Quiet, don’t speak!” Qin Yun sent sound transmission to Xian Rujing.

“You bastard, you deliberately enterd the prison, what kind of intentions do you have towards me?” Xian Rujing asked through sound transmission, she is now following Qin Yun and carefully walking through a dusky passage to leave the underground region.

“What kind of intentions should I have? You on the other hand deliberately let Long family people capture me, the one with intentions is you!” Qin Yun said.

“Hmph.. obviously I wanted to teach someone like you a ruthless lesson!” Xian Rujing cursed.

Not long after, Qin Yun and Xian Rujing left that underground region and arrived above the forbidden area. It is noon now, both of them are completely transparent, nobody can see them. Qin Yun has Mysterious Concealing Dao Talisman that can conceal aura. Qin Yun left that secure forbidden area according to the direction from his memory. Xian Rujing is secretly amazed, she did not expect that this lackey would have such skill, he can enter and exit this kind of secure are as he wishes. Qin Yun brought Xian Rujing to Long Yucang’s residence. Long Yucang is walking back and forth alone, clearly he is very worried about Qin Yun.

“Boss Long, I have returned!” Qin Yun suddenly yelled and also let Xian Rujing appear.

Long Yucang saw Qin Yun and the beautiful Xian Rujing suddenly appear out of thin air while holding hands, he felt like he has the urge to kneel down and kowtow. He was very worried that Qin Yun would be beaten to near death by Xian Rujing. Did not expect that not long after, he would actually return holding Xian Rujing’s lily-white hand. This simply destroyed Long Yucang’s understanding of the world.

“Yun… brother Yun.. she.. she is Xian Rujing?” Long Yucang asked in astonishment.

“It’s this young lady, what about it?” Xian Rujing said in cold voice. She doesn’t know why she left with Qin Yun like that, she feels a very peculiar excitement.

Long Yucang truly wants to kowtow to Qin Yun and express how much he admires him.

“Brother Long, quickly prepare a carriage and bring me to a brother near Dragon King Manor!” Qin Yun said.

“Br… brothel! Ah.. you.. what do you want to do? Are you trying to sell her to a brothel?” Long Yucang opened his eyes wide, he nearly shouted.

Qin Yun said with a very unhappy expression : “Of course not! I suspect that Long Chuanwu is enjoying himself in a brothel, young lady Xian doesn’t believe me, so I want to bring her to take a look!”

The reason why Qin Yun is so sure is because Long Yucang told him before that Long Chuanwu hangs out with a few Long family members who all own brothels.

“That’s no problem, I will immediately prepare a carriage!” Long Yucang finished speaking and promptly prepared a carriage. Long Yucang, Qin Yun and Xian Rujing entered the carriage.

“Oh that’s right, later our carriage will be inspected when we are going out, you must hide yourselves when the time comes.” Long Yucang said.

“No problem!” Qin Yun laughed, then looked at Xian Rujing : “Don’t make any sound when the time comes!”

Xian Rujing glanced at Qin Yun : “Rest assured, I won’t make any sound! I actually want to see how your trick plays out!”

She finished speaking, then grabbed Qin Yun’s hand and vigorously pinched : “Don’t misunderstand, I only don’t want to let you run away! You are a very slippery guy!”

Qin Yun laughed and did not say anything.

Long Yucang said : “Brother Yun, Long Chuanwu left Dragon King Manor with those guys. Those guys are all in charge of brothels, they must be enjoying themselves now that they are out!”

Xian Rujing cursed in low voice : “You bastard, don’t think you can slander my Chuanwu! He is not such a filthy person!”

Long Yucang laughed and said : “Young lady Xian, just by one look I can say that Long Chuanwu is very experienced in this aspect. Don’t look at his ice-cold appearance, his skill on bed is outstanding!”

“You are speaking nonsense, we have been together for a long time, he never touched me! His heart is very pure! Only people like you whose mind is filled with dirt, think that he is also dirty! Since you are not as strong as him, there is no wonder you want to slander him!” Xian Rujing said with sneer.

Qin Yun did not say anything in reply.

Long Yucang said with smile : “Young lady Xian, a man can be horny but the way Long Chuanwu spend all of his day in brothel is just outrageous!”

Xian Rujing said coldly : “If you can not show me proof, you are both dead!”

During the journey, Qin Yun changed his appearance and turned into a middle aged man. Xian Rujing and Long Yucang are completely astonished, they think that if they met Qin Yun somewhere else, they would not recognize him.

“Brother Yun, how many identities do you have?” Long Yucang has begun to suspect that the face he saw before was also fake.

“He he.. quite many!” Qin Yun said with smile.

“Not daring to show true face, you must be ugly!” Xian Rujing said with face filled with despise.

“Young lady Xian, if we compare appearance, your Long Chuanwu will not be as handsome as my feet, do you believe me?” Qin Yun said with smile.

“You are a person with bellyful of tricks! You must look very ugly!” Xian Rujing doesn’t believe this at all.

At this time Qin Yun took out a Soul Chasing Talisman. While he was arm wrestling with Long Chuanwu, Nine Sun Divine Soul absorb a lot of Long Chuanwu’s power. Now he extracted Long Chuanwu’s aura from that power and poured it into the talisman. This way he can find where Long Chuanwu is. Very quickly, the Soul Chasing Talisman pointed towards a direction.

“Northern part of the Dragon King Manor, Long Tao established a brothel there called Delicate Fragrance House!” Long Yucang said.

Xian Rujing’s heart suddenly jumped and she became even more anxious. She can not accept Long Chuanwu spending all of his day in a brothel, she can not help but tense up, worrying that all of that is true. Qin Yun’s hand is now being tightly grabbed by Xian Rujing and he feels some pain.

Evening arrived, the carriage also finally arrived under the Delicate Fragrance House. The building has more than ten floors and it looks very eye catching.

“Finally, you guys go in, I will wait for you outside!” Long Yucang doesn’t dare to go in, he is worried that some complication might occur and he would be killed by Long Chuanwu.

Qin Yun pulled Xian Rujing, turned themselves transparent and got down from the carriage. The reason why he wants to sow dissent is because he wants to create chaos among Heavenly Dragon Sect people. Everyone can see that Long Chuanwu is very important to Heavenly Dragon Sect. If some contradiction to appear between Long Chuanwu and Xian Rujing, Dragon King Manor would have even more internal chaos which will end up creating opportunities for Qin Yun.

There are many gorgeously dressed women inside the Delicate Fragrance House. These women with gaudy clothes and thick makeup are filled with an air of thick lust.

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