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Nine Sun God King (Web Novel) - Chapter 837

Chapter 837

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As Xian Rujing moved inside, she became indescribably nervous.

“Are you afraid?” Qin Yun asked through sound transmission.

“I am not, there is no way Chuanwu can be in this kind of place! Even if he is accompanying the Long family members, he will not participate!” Xian Rujing replied.

Qin Yun moved according to the direction provided by the Soul Chasing Talisman and arrived at 6th floor. Using the Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability, he easily entered a large hall. There is a pool inside the large hall. There are more than ten naked and thinly clothed seductive women in the pool. There is a long table in the hall and more than 10 people are sitting on it. Surprisingly they are Long Chuanwu and the other Long family members.

“Elder brother Chuanwu, what do you think of the girls in my establishment? All top notch right?” a square faced youth proudly laughed. This is Long Tao.

“Very good! They have great body and very good looks! I am very satisfied!” Long Chuanwu said with chuckle and then drank a large mouthful of wine.

Xian Rujing shivered in anger, even though her aura is overflowing, it has been concealed by Qin Yun’s Mysterious Concealing Dao Talisman.

Long Tao asked with laugh : “How are they compared to Xian Rujing?”

There are a few naked bewitching women behind Long Chuanwu who are now leaning on his body.

Long Chuanwu is also groping them all over, he laughed heartily and said : “They are lot better than Xian Rujing! You don’t know how scary that tigress is! I don’t even dare kiss her cheek, forget about sleeping with her!

Hearing Long Chuanwu’s words, Qin Yun is secretly happy, at the same time he pulled Xian Rujing’s hand. Xian Rujing is likea volcano that is about to erupt, no matter who faced this kind of situation, they would all erupt.

“Elder brother Chuanwu, I must say, you are truly skilled! You even made a woman like Xian Rujing hellbent on you!” a blue clothed youth praised.

“This is nothing, you guys don’t know, back in Immortal Desolate.. hehe.. people call me Tyrant Dragon Spear! In a bit I will let you girls experience the power of my Tyrant Dragon Spear! Hahaha…” Long Chuanwu proudly laughed.

Those naked women leaning on Long Chuanwu’s back are speaking all kind of seductive words and caressing his body.

Long Tao said : “Elder brother Chuanwu, Xian Rujing controls you so tightly, why are you still together with her? It seems like you will even take her as your wife? Will it not restrict your joyful life?”

Long Chuanwu said with laugh : “She already told me that I can have a few concubines! I am only together with her because of her background, you don’t know her clan is very powerful… if I have sex with her, my spirit veins will become Immortal veins.. hehe!”

“She is that awesome?” Long Tao and the other youth are all stunned.

Qin Yun is also secretly apprehensive that Xian Rujing actually has this kind of capability. He suddenly felt the Xian Rujing’s hand that he is holding, tense up and then started continuously shiver. It seems like she has started weeping in sadness. They have seen more than enough so Qin Yun promptly brought Xian Rujing out of that hall. Long Chuanwu and other others don’t know that Qin Yun and Xian Rujing were there, they kept drinking and marry making.

Dary turned dark, as Qin Yun and Xian Rujing coming out of that place, he took out a few fire talismans and placed them inside. After Qin Yun and Xian Rujing came out of Delicate Fragrance House, he activated those fire talismans and set off an intense fire inside. After they entered the carriage, burst of shout came out of the Delicate Fragrance House.

“Delicate Fragrance House is on fire, brother Yun, did you do it?” Long Yucang asked when he saw Qin Yun and Xian Rujing appear inside the carriage.

Xian Rujing’s face is full of tears, she is completely besides herself.

“Quickly leave!” Qin Yun urged.

Long Yucang saw that Xian Rujing is weeping like raindrops on a pear blossom and realized Long Chuanwu is inside.

“None of you men are good things!” Xian Rujing said while weeping in sadness.

“Of course!” Long Yucang said with laugh : “Brother Yun, are you a good thing?”

“I am a good person, not a good thing!” Qin Yun said with smiling face.

“I don’t believe you!” Long Yucang said with mischievous laugh.

It is very late at night, Qin Yun brought Xian Rujing back to that prison. The prison guards don’t even know that they left. Long Chuanwu and his group had to change venue because of the fire. Qin Yun wanted to get rid of Long Chuanwu but the situation was not appropriate. Long Tao and his groups are all Martial Kings. On top of that, Xian Rujing by his side was mentally unstable at that time. So he decided to hold back his intention and bring back Xian Rujing. After all his main goal is to hide inside Dragon King Manor. Xian Rujing sat at a corner and kept weeping.

“Miss Xian, I am truly regretful! I feel sorry looking at you crying like this, I should not have brought you to that place!” Qin Yun walked over and sat beside Xian Rujing.

“You scram!” Xian Rujing shouted.

“Where can I scram to? I am imprisoned here!” Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

“You brought me out of this prison! You can go anywhere you want!” Xian Rujing shouted : “You, quickly scram a bit far away from me!”

Xian Rujing who was just cursing loudly and causing ruckus, suddenly calmed down. She sniffed a few times and asked : “You bastard, what are you planning? You can escape any time you want, why do you want to be imprisoned here?”

Qin Yun is startled. He did not expect that Xian Rujing who is aggrieved and heart broken would be able to rationalize like this. Long Yucang was also thinking about this matter back in his home. He is not stupid, he also believes that Qin Yun has some other purpose but he did not ask because Qin Yun saved his life.

“Boss Long is my friend, his current situation is dangerous, I can not leave Dragon King Manor!” Qin Yun said again : “He helped me before, I naturally want to return the favor.”

“You are not afraid that I will expose you?” Xian Rujing said in cold voice, she is also not crying anymore.

“You are not Long family member and Long Chuanwu treats you like that! Why would you help him? Besides, he has the nickname Tyrant Dragon Spear, you think Heavenly Dragon Sect people did not know that? But they did not tell you about it, it is clear that they were helping him hide this from you!” Qin Yun said again : “Your experience is shallow and you were confused, you also had very deep feelings, so you did not notice it. Later, you must be more prudent.”

“Don’t act like a good person, you are also not a good thing! You must also be a womanizer!” Xian Rujing started crying again.

“Correct, I am a womanizer! But what relation does it have with you? You are not my wife!” Qin Yun said with smile.

Qin Yun feels that he is much better than Long Chuanwu, he only deceived other’s feelings, did not deceive them to have sex with him.

Xian Rujing abruptly stood up, took out her Immortal sword and pointed it on Qin Yun’s neck : “You said you have a wife! You must be hiding it from her that you are seducing other women! Just because of this, I will kill you!”

“Miss Xian, don’t release your anger on me!” Qin Yun shook his head and laughed : “Did you not permit Long Chuanwu to have several concubines? My wife also permitted me!”

“I don’t believe you, not until you take me to your wife and she confirms that to me!” Xian Rujing said.

“Fine, I will let my wife to come out and meet you!” Qin Yun promptly collaborated with Xiao Yuemei inside the Nine Sun Divine Soul.

He already informed Xiao Yuemei about the situation with Xian Rujing. Xiao Yuemei promptly came out and startled Xian Rujing.

“This is my wife!” Qin Yun pinched Xiao Yuemei’s face and said with smile : “More beautiful than you!”

Xian Rujing is secretly surprised looked at Xiao Yuemei. Because Xiao Yuemei is indeed very beautiful, she looks very charming and pleasant. She has a kind of soul stirring style that stands out from the masses. This kind of unique temperament gives people a breathtaking feelings. Xian Rujing saw many good looking women inside the Delicate Fragrance House earlier. However, each and every one of them were filled with lustful air. This woman before her now is filled with soul stirring charm.

“Elder sister, why are you trying to kill my lord husband?” seeing Xian Rujing holding an Immortal sword, Xiao Yuemei said in panic.

“I.. he is a swindler! He is not faithful to you!” Xian Rujing said.

“Yuemei, tell her how many women I have!” Qin Yun said.

“Ten! What about it?” Xiao Yuemei said.

Xian Rujing stamped her foot in anger and kept away her sword.

“It’s alright!” Qin Yun thought that Xiao Yuemei would cause a ruckus and promptly sent her back.

Xian Rujing wiped her tears and said with cold groan : “Consider yourself averting a calamity!”

Qin Yun said with smile : “Miss Xian, you should not be heart broken! Someone like you will find a person better than Long Chuanwu!”

“I will not find anyone! I will stay single for the rest of my life!” Xian Rujing walked towards the sliding gate and said : “I will leave now, you stay here on your own!”

“You won’t expose me?” Qin Yun asked.

“I won’t! I will leave Dragon King Manor, I want to go far away from this place!” Xian Rujing said and then vigorously hit the door.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t want to teach Long Chuanwu a lesson?” Qin Yun is somewhat disappointed.

“I don’t want to see him!” Xian Rujing furiously said.

The door opened at this time and Xian Rujing left. The door also closed.

“Xiao Yun, this is going against your expectations, I thought she would teach Long Chuanwu a lesson!” Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun shook his head and sat down at a corner, planning his next move. Suddenly he sensed an aura rush over, the region also slightly trembled.

“Very strong energy aura!” Qin Yun gasped in surprise.

“Xiao Yun, this forbidden area is a prison, to maintain the formations and barriers of the prison, a great amount of energy is needed! This area must be connected to Long family’s main energy source!” Ling Yuner said in pleasant surprise.

“The trembling earlier, was it the energy source? Could it be the Immortal Origin?” Qin Yun finds this quite unexpected.

“It might not be! Immortal Origin is very stable, the energy here is very unstable! Maybe an aura is about to erupt! It should be stronger than Immortal Origin! You should go take a look what kind of thing it is!” Ling Yuner said with smile.

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