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Nine Sun God King (Web Novel) - Chapter 838

Chapter 838

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Qin Yun has the Nine Sun Divine Soul, which allows him to be very susceptible towards all kind of energy. All kind of energy within heaven and earth comes from the Nine Suns, so he can absorb nine types of energy through the Nine Sun Divine Soul very quickly. Qin Yun has great superiority in the aspect of energy absorption. Because great majority of the genius only possess 6 veins, there aren’t many who possess 7 veins. So their absorption is far weaker than Qin Yun’s 9 types of sun energy absorption. Qin Yun closed his eyes and calmly started sensing the very weak energy aura through Nine Sun Divine Soul. Very quickly he absorbed a weak energy, it seems like spiritual energy, however it is not.

“It should be Immortal energy… however it is not regular Immortal energy! Regular ordinary energy is very gentle and supple, the weak weak energy I absorbed just now was quite irritable!” Qin Yun said with frown.

“Xiao Yun, carefully sense again where the source of this energy is, then go take a look!” Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun continued sensing carefully. Using more than half a day he figured out a direction and said : “It must be over there! Should I really go to take a look?”

Ling Yuner said with laugh : “Of course! Don’t tell me that you did realize that the energy you absorbed was special? It was actually even better than the energy released by Immortal Origin!”

Qin Yun has two Immortal Origin. Since he is not a Half Immortal or Immortal, he can not directly absorb the Immortal energy released by Immortal Origin. It needs to go through a transformation procedure before his body can absorb it. But the energy aura he absorbed earlier did not need any kind of transformation. It could be directly absorbed by Nether Sun and his body. Qin Yun used the Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to enter underground, then followed that energy aura to move towards it’s source.

“This should the energy core of Dragon King Manor!” Ling Yuner said.

Apparently all the formations and barriers inside the Dragon King Manor has a very powerful energy core that can make the Immortal spiritual energy within the Dragon King Manor plentiful. Qin Yun is now very worried, he is afraid of running into the Immortal dragon. After all this is the energy core of a powerful faction, this must be guarded by some powerful entity. Qin Yun is moving forward very slowly in order to not let out too much energy fluctuation. About half an hour later, Qin Yun sensed a very strong energy.

“This is not spiritual energy, rather the combination of spiritual energy and Immortal energy, it is very strange!” Ling Yuner said.

“It contains very rich dragon origin power….” Qin Yun absorbed dragon origin power before, that is why he feels this to be familiar.

“I am very clear, this should be an Immortal Origin specially refined by Long family people to release a type of energy that dragons are very fond of! This must have been done by that Immortal dragon!” Ling Yuner said in pleasant surprise.

Qin Yun is still underground, he doesn’t dare to move forward now, he is worried that the Immortal dragon is guarding the energy source. He excavated a small room here that is sufficient for him to sit or lay down in.

“I will just cultivate here! My Nether Sun can absorb the energy, even though it contains dragon origin power, it doesn’t matter!” Qin Yun said with laugh.

“This energy is overflowing, quickly absorb it! I will also co-operate with you!” Ling Yuner said.

Nine Sun Divine Soul can absorb 9 types of energy and Ling Yuner can activate Nether Sun’s devouring power to make the absorption very quick. In a short while, Qin Yun’s small underground room became filled with nine colored light rays. Moreover, these light rays are very irritable, they are incessantly rushing towards Qin Yun and entering his body. Qin Yun operated Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art to absorb the energy into his body. After the nine colored light rays entered Immortal Devil Body and circulated once, it turned into a very pure essence energy, after getting accustomed to Qin Yun’s whole body, it then entered the Nether Sun.

“I feel like my Nether Sun is a bottomless pit!” even though Qin Yun absorbed a large amount of energy, after it entered the Nether Sun, the Nether Sun did not show even a little bit of movement.

Nether Sun is very calm, it is pitch-black. After the nine colored light rays approached it, they were sucked in and turned black too. Qin Yun absorbed for 2 days but does not feel any stronger. Last time when he broke through, he needed to absorb a huge amount of energy.

“Xiao Yun, you should enter that energy core to take a look! Although you can absorb a lot of energy here, it is not at all enough!” Ling Yuner said.

“I have no choice but to say that the energy core of Dragon King Manor is a very good thing as far as I am concerned! I wonder what it truly is!” Qin Yun is very curious. He used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability and moved forward.

Not long after, he arrived at a huge underground palace. At the middle of the lobby of this underground palace, there is a huge golden sphere, it is several meters wide. On it, there are images of small Ninth Heaven Dragons coiled around. Golden lights are flickering all around this sphere. There are even nine different colored monuments erected around it. These nine monuments reach up to more than a dozen meters, there are many Dragon Totems carved on them and they are encircling the golden sphere in the middle.

Qin Yun is also secretly apprehensive. He is very certain that there is a Immortal Origin inside the golden sphere but it has been remodeled. This kind of remodeling technique is very brilliant. Qin Yun promptly informed Xiao Yuemei about this matter. There are no other people here so Qin Yun let Xiao Yuemei out.

Xiao Yuemei spoke in amazement after watching this : “This is Nine Dragon Immortal Origin… it can release Nine Dragon Immortal Origin Power which is very useful to Half Immortals and cultivators below that realm! So long as someone not an Immortal, they can easily absorb this power and there is no need for complicated transformation process!”

Qin Yun took out Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron and said : “Should I take it away?”

Xiao Yuemei lowly shouted : “Brother, don’t act recklessly! Nine Dragon Immortal Origin is produced based on the Nine Dragon Heavenly Origin Formation, it should be those nine monuments. Without those, you are merely taking away an Immortal Origin!”

Qin Yun walked over to a take a look and said in alarm : “These are nine different types of Dragon Totems!”

Seeing these totem runes, Qin Yun promptly let out Mo Mo.

Xiao Yuemei anxiously looked all around and said : “I hope nobody comes here… this Dragon King Manor is more tremendous than I imagined, they even have this kind of thing! It must be that they have the favor of Heavenly Dragon Sect!”

“Since the Heavenly Dragon Sect’s people have arrived, it means that they attach a lot of importance to Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm Long family!” Qin Yun said.

“Strange, this kind of place actually have no guards! The Immortal Dragon should be guarding this place!” Xiao Yuemei said in worry.

Mo Mo is also copying the Dragon Totem runes as fast as possible. She is only copying 8 of them because Qin Yun already has one of them.

“Dragons and Heavenly Lions, both groups have 9 types of totems, I don’t know the specific use of them all!” Qin Yun doesn’t have the energy to research them now, he will only think about them after putting them all in order. Mo Mo spent more than half a day to completely copy the totems.

“Brother, do you want to drill into it?” Xiao Yuemei spoke while looking at the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin.

“Drill into it?” Qin Yun’s heart jumped.

“After you enter it, you can absorb even more energy! This energy is very useful to you, even better than directly absorbing from Immortal Origin! Even in Immortal Desolate, many Immortal Origins go through transformation! The Immortal Origins in the Spirit Desolate are very small and very common, it is very hard to transform them!” Xiao Yuemei said.

Long family’s Immortal Origin is very big, so it could be successfully transformed. After Xiao Yuemei returned to Nine Sun Divine Soul, Qin Yun promptly entered the Nine Dragon Immortal Root. After entering, Qin Yun felt pain all over his body, a great amount of energy suddenly entered his body.

“This is truly awesome!” Qin Yun is very happy in his heart.

Ling Yuner also activated Nether Sun’s devouring power to quickly absorb Nine Dragon Immortal Origin Power. Qin Yun can now absorb the strongest and densest energy. Sensing the energy flowing in his body like a great river, Qin Yun can happily suffer any pain. This kind of pain is not worth mention at all.

A portion of the energy released by the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin is used to maintain the barriers and formations of Dragon King Manor. Another portion is transported to a cultivation room through a formation where people can cultivate. Now a large portion of the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin Power is being absorbed by Qin Yun, which causing a lot of barriers and formation to fail. Many people cultivating inside the cultivation room sensed the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin Power become thin and they came out one after another to complain. It did not take long for the entire Dragon King Manor to fall into chaos. Many older generation had to come out to appease the population.

Many people arrived at the underground palace where the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin is located.

“There are no problem in the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin… there are a lot of energy inside, only it is unable to release them. There should be some problem in the formation!” one old man said.

“We will let Inscription Masters safeguard it! They will fix the runes in the formation and make the energy flow again! It is not a problem, everyone rest assured and return!” one very old man said.

“Wrong, we fixed the formation not long ago, there should not have been any problem so soon!” another bald old man shook his head and said.

“Then what is the problem? How about you go in and take a look?” that very old man said with smile.

“Will I not be courting death by going on? Who can endure the berserk energy inside?” the bald old man said in cold voice.

“Then what is the problem? I remember that Dragon King Manor never faced such problem before!”

“Old ancestor Immortal Dragon is in seclusion, otherwise we could have asked him!”

Qin Yun can hear all the voices from outside in the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. He is extremely worried. There are many Half Immortals and Marital Emperors outside. It will be very troublesome if he were to be caught by them.

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