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Nine Sun God King (Web Novel) - Chapter 839

Chapter 839

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Not only the older generation of Long family are here, even the Heavenly Dragon Sect people are here. This caused Qin Yun to be afraid, he feels even more anxious. He truly wants to run out but if he runs out, there will be some movements and he will most definitely be detected.

“These group of guys, hurry up and leave!” Qin Yun also told Ling Yuner to stop the devouring with Nether Sun.

After the Nether Sun stopped devouring, the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin recovered. The group of people outside feels extremely vexed observing this situation. It seems like they still feel that the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin have some problems. They don’t understand much about the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. Even the Heavenly Dragon Sect people doesn’t know what is going on. So they can only drop the matter and leave the area. Qin Yun also heaved a sigh of relief.

“Great beauty Yuner, what should we do next? Should we continue absorbing?” Qin Yun asked.

“Of course! This is a very good opportunity for you to enter Martial King! The Nine Dragon Immortal Origin Power is very useful to you at this stage. After the Nether Sun absorbed so much energy, it has shown some reaction!” Ling Yuner said.

“Alright, we continue!” Qin Yun also decided to throw caution to the wind.

The lure of breaking through to Marital Realm is very great to him now. Ling Yuner continued controlling the Nether Sun to frantically absorb the energy from the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. Qin Yun is also operation the Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art to circulate the painful and swelling energy within his body. As Nether Sun started absorbing again, the spiritual energy inside the Dragon King Manor started showing problems again. A large group of old men arrived at the underground room again to observe the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. Qin Yun is now fearless because these group of people don’t dare to enter the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. Long family old men and Heavenly Dragon Sect old men are quarreling and jabbering outside the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin, they are criticizing each other for not properly guarding the area. Qin Yun finds this very funny, at the same time he is feeling nervous. He is worried that they would discover him or the mysterious Immortal Dragon might appear.

Just as he is thinking of the Immortal Dragon, Ling Yuner suddenly shouted : “Xiao Yun, you should impersonate the Immortal Dragon and tell them to leave!”

“Impersonate the Immortal Dragon? How can I do that?” Qin Yun asked : “If the disguise is not sufficient, I will be discovered!”

“Imitate a dragon’s sound to speak, this should not be difficult for you right?” Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun has also listened to dragon’s roar and hissing, it is indeed not difficult to imitate. After he thought about it carefully, he released vibration power through his throat and spoke out a type of coarse, violent and imposing words.

“All of you go back, Nine Dragon Immortal Origin will soon be reinstated!”

Those group of quarreling people felt extremely shocked after hearing the words.

“Old ancestor Immortal Dragon, you… why are you inside?”

“Are you not in seclusion?”

“Don’t ask too many questions and leave!” Qin Yun raised his voice, making it sound more strict. He also did not say any more so that he doesn’t expose himself.

Those group of people think that this is very odd but they did not ask any questions and left. Since the voice came from Nine Dragon Immortal Origin, they think that the old ancestor Immortal Dragon is inside it but they still feel quite suspicious because this kind of thing never happened before. After they left, Qin Yun felt a lot relieved.

“Be at ease, even if you are caught, it will be in the future. We should grab the opportunity to cultivate!” Ling Yuner said with laugh.

“Yuner, do you think sister Yao Fang should come out? Even Immortals can cultivate inside Dragon King Manor since there is a Nine Dragon Immortal Origin here!” Qin Yun asked. If Yao Fang came out, he would feel a lot more relieved.

“I don’t know but don’t act recklessly in any way! If any mistake occurs, sister Yao Fang will enter Immortal Desolate, then you will have one less helper!” Ling Yuner said. Yao Fang always lends help to him when he is in crucial situation.

The biggest benefit of Marital King is that one can transform the spiritual energy within into king energy. Then use the king energy to strengthen the Dao Core and evolve it, this way one can gain even stronger power. Qin Yun’s Nether Sun will require will require a large amount of energy to evolve, then it can transform spiritual energy to king energy. Qin Yun’s mental power cultivation and body cultivation is far ahead. His mental power is Nether Moon, body is Immortal Devil Body. Although his Dao Core is Nether Sun, it has recently transformed and rather young.

Nether Sun is very strange, whether or not it evolves, it is always like a black hole, it never changes. But the energy released from inside has been greatly increased. Qin Yun feels that his Nether Sun can store a great amount of energy, even though it is a bottomless pit. The amount of energy it can store is at least several times more than someone in the same level. The most awesome aspect of Nether Sun is that it can compress energy. Then when it is time to release energy, it can make the energy even more stronger when it rushes out. Qin Yun has to rely of Ling Yuner to use the Nether Sun, he can not directly control it. Ling Yuner is Nether Sun Dao Spirit, she understand the usage of Nether Sun energy. With her aid, Qin Yun will never make a mess using the Nether Sun and won’t harm himself.

Several days later, the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin suddenly trembled. Now the entire Dragon King Manor doesn’t even have a bit of spiritual energy. Even the spiritual energy of the entire Dragon King City has become very thin. The elders of the Dragon King Manor are very worried but they can not do anything about it because they believe that old ancestor Immortal Dragon is doing something. The people of Dragon King Manor and Dragon King City are in total panic as they don’t know what is going on.

Qin Yun’s body suddenly swelled inside the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin, then shriveled down again. It looks like his whole body is breathing. When he swelled, it looked like he was going to explode, it looked very scary.

“Xiao Yun, you have almost succeeded, continue to maintain this state. I will also control the Nether Sun to use strongest devouring power to devour more energy!” Ling Yuner said.

“En.” Qin Yun can sense that he is on the verge of breakthrough.

He is frantically absorbing vast amount of energy, refining it using Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art and then sending it into Nether Sun. He wants to to break open that gate within the Nether Sun. The pitch-black Nether Sun is rotating very quickly now. At a set interval, Qin Yun is condensing energy and sending it to Nether Sun. While condensing energy, his body is inflating.


Qin Yun’s body suddenly trembled and issued a burst of exploding sound. The Nine Dragon Immortal Origin fiercely trembled, causing the underground palace to also slightly tremble.

“Almost succeeded!” Qin Yun gritted his teeth. He has condensed a vast amount of energy and his body inflated to the point of exploding.

“Open!” Qin Yun send those energy into Nether Sun. Great amount of energy flowed at great speed from Qin Yun’s four limbs and hundred bones and battered the Nether Sun from all side.


Nether Sun suddenly issued a burst of muffled vibrations, released two golden light beams from inside. Golden light filled with king energy rushed towards all areas within Qin Yun’s body.

“Success, Nether Sun can release king energy now!” Ling Yuner shouted. Qin Yun’s body is now in the middle of transformation, being refined and tempered by the king energy…

However, at this moment he sensed a very powerful dragon aura approaching.

“Very strong, could it be the Immortal dragon?” Qin Yun is alarmed in his hear and promptly got out of the Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. He used Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to go through the wall so that he can return to that prison.

Just as Qin Yun left, a tall and husky old man arrived with face filled with confusion.

Luckily Qin Yun left very quickly, if not it would have been very troublesome. He returned to that prison cell, it is completely empty, there is no aura of other people. Seems like nobody was brought in during this period of time.

“Not bad, I was not discovered by those people!” Qin Yun took a very long breath : “I really did not expect that Dragon King Manor would have something as good as Nine Dragon Immortal Origin. If I could stay here a bit more, I could easily breakthrough one more time!”

Qin Yun is very fond of that Nine Dragon Immortal Origin, even though it causes a lot of pain, it can help breakthrough very quickly. This causes him to feel very carefree.

“I am a Marital King, even if I were to face Long Chuanwu and Xian Rujing, I will not be weak!” He controlled Nether Sun to release king energy and accumulated them on his body.

Ling Yuner said with laugh : “Xiao Yun, see if you can open the Nine Sun Divine Soul’s 4th pearl now!”

Qin Yun also used his strongest mental power and poured it into his Nine Sun Divine Soul. After trying for a short period of time, he can only abandon.

“Can’t do it, it won’t open!”

“Ai.. what a pity! I wonder when can we open it!” Ling Yuner said.

“I will ask sister Yao Fang!” Qin Yun promptly contacted Yao Fang.

“Sister Yao Fang, I am Marital King now, why can’t I still open the 4th pearl?” Qin Yun asked.

“You are a Martial King?” Yao Fang asked. Qin Yun also informed her about his breakthrough.

“I also don’t know why you can not open the 4th pearl, I believe it has something to do with mental power!” Yao Fang said.

After Qin Yun’s mind transformed into Nether Moon, there has not been any more improvement. However the mental power released by Nether Moon is very powerful.

“Forget it, we will think about it after my mental power improve again!” Qin Yun feels that his mental power is on par with a Martial Emperor.

At this time suddenly the door opened. Qin Yun is startled, he promptly controlled the Nether Sun and stopped releasing king energy. 15 burly men entered the prison. And the person behind them turns out to be Long Chuanwu.

“You do lackey, what did you do to Rujing? Ever since she left the prison, she has not talked to me at all. She has been hiding in her room all day long, she is very angry at me!” Long Chuanwu said in cold voice.

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