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Nine Sun God King (Web Novel) - Chapter 840

Chapter 840

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Several Half Immortals of Heavenly Dragon Sect also arrived with Long Chuanwu. Long Yucang is also among the people who arrived.

“What are you trying to do? Beating up a prisoner is violation of the rule of Dragon King Manor!” Long Yucang rushed over and loudly roared.

“It’s nothing, they are just some prisoners, we are relocating them to this very spacious prison!” an old man said.

There are more than 10 of these prisoners, they are all middle aged tall and husky large men, they are all Martial Kings too. One can tell by looking at them that they are all from Devil Desolate. They are being deliberately placed in this prison, the purpose is very clear, it is to teach Qin Yun a lesson.

Long Yucang immediately sent sound transmission to Qin Yun : “Brother Yun, run quickly, don’t worry about me!”

Of course Qin Yun is not going to run. He is now a Martial King and completely concealed his cultivation.

“We are leaving!” Long Chuanwu said with evil laugh.

Several old men also started leaving one after another.

“Long Yucang, you should also quickly leave!”

“Come out quickly, visiting time is over!”

Several old men strictly yelled at Long Yucang. Long Yucang can also just leave, he feels that he should not be anxious like that. Just now he saw how unperturbed Qin Yun’s expression was.


The door was closed. Those group of tall and husky large men also started laughing nastily.

One of them has hair all over his body and pitch-black skin. He said with nasty laugh : “This one looks soft, I want to get on him!”

“Get on me? You want to beat me up?” Qun Yun asked with frown.

“Beat you up? Hahaha… does beating you give me pleasure? I want to get on your for pleasure!” that large man said with evil laugh.

A type of extreme disgust rushed into Qin Yun’s mind. This group of people actually have that kind of intention! Qin Yun currently has a very unwell feeling because he is being targeted by a whole group of these large men.

“You disgust me!” Qin Yun took a few deep breaths and faintly spoke.

“This disgusts you? Then wait for me to make you vomit!” that large man howled with laughter.

Other large men also started to roar with laughter. These people are all Martial King Devil cultivators. Even if Qin Yun were not Martial King, he could easily kill them, not to mention now. After breakthrough, the energy stored inside his Nether Sun and bones improved by a lot, Xuan Dao Power he can release has been strengthened by 2 to 3 times.

“Was it Long Chuanwu who sent you here? Qin Yun asked.

“What if he did? What if he did not? If you don’t want to be beaten to pieces, quickly drop your pants!” one large man said with evil laugh.

Qin Yun felt a burst of disgust in his heart again. He closed his eyes and said : “You disgust me! I should kill you but that will just be going too easy on you! I will let you live worse than death!”

“Who do you think you are? Want to let us live worse than death?”

“So feisty, I like it!”

“Don’t speak too much, grab him, I want to go first!”

Several large men quickly rushed over. Qin Yun dodged and disappeared without a trace. This group group of tall and husky Devil cultivators became stunned, then they started looking all around to find Qin Yun.

“Where did that guy go?”

“Curses, this place is not that big, we should be able to find him!”

“Split up, we can surely force him to come out!”

Just as they were about to take action, a large man suddenly let out a miserable shriek. Everyone immediately looked back and saw that large man’s abdomen has been penetrated by a hand. That hand took out that large man’s Dao Core.


The Dao Core has been shattered into pieces and let out a burst of stench filled Devil energy.

“I.. I have been crippled!” that large man let out another blood curdling scream.

Other Devil cultivators promptly rushed over. Qin Yun sneered, then urged the Overwhelming Righteous Martial Spirit within his Nether Sun to released Overwhelming Righteous Power and swept forward. A burst of air wave rushed out bringing together white, sparkling light rays.

“Ahh.. ahhh… ahhh….”

These Devil cultivators have been enveloped by Overwhelming Righteous Power, their bodies look like they are being burned and decayed, it is extremely painful. At the same time, they are releasing black air.

“You.. what kind of power are you using?” a devil cultivator’s skins have been burned and decayed to the point it looks too unbearable to watch.

Qin Yun kept sending palm attacks from distance that moved with white gale, constantly battering those Devil cultivators, making them scream in pain. Originally they had muscles all over their bodies, now they look as thin as a match, their muscles have all decayed.

“Although you guys look very disgusting now, I however feel very relieved!” Qin Yun said with faint smile.

As Devil cultivators, trying to target a person who possesses Overwhelming Righteous Power is just courting death. Even if it were a Martial Emperor Devil cultivator faced Qin Yun now, he would be forced to kneel in pain. This group of Devil cultivators who were very arrogant just earlier, are now screaming in pain. Qin Yun sat down at a corner. He is releasing king energy and accumulating on the body to consolidate his cultivation.

2 days later, Long Chuanwu and his group of people arrived again. Long Yucang had been waiting at the door of the forbidden area for the last 2 days. As soon as he saw Long Chuanwu arriving, he followed them in. After the door opened, a burst of vile stench assailed their noses. The people who entered, saw those Devil cultivators in a condition too horrible to watch and are completely shocked, some even wanted to vomit. Long Yucang is also extremely startled because if it were him who were besieged by this many Martial King Devil cultivators, he would not be able to come out unscratched. Qin Yun however, is calmly cultivating at a corner. And those Devil cultivator are all lying on the ground, their bodies are completely mangled and they are screaming in pain.

“You.. what did you do?” Long Chuanwu furiously shouted, he thought that after he came back 2 days later, he would find Qin Yun in a state where he is beyond recognition. But Qin Yun did not even suffer a bit!

“They wanted to attack me, so I beat them back, that’s how it is!” Qin Yun said.

“Private fights within prison is not allowed! Men, come and grab him!” one Long family old men shouted.

At this time, one Heavenly Dragon Sect old man walked over to check the Devil cultivators and said in alarm : “This is Overwhelming Righteous Power! No wonder this guy can easily deal with these Devil cultivators even though he is not Martial King yet!”

“Are you saying he has Overwhelming Righteous Martial Spirit?” Long Chuanwu shouted in alarm, his expression is filled with incomparable envy.

Long Yucang looked at Qin Yun in astonishment, he is filled with disbelief. To him, Qin Yun is a very treacherous guy but he actually possesses a righteous martial spirit! Each and every one of the Heavenly Dragon Sect and Long family old men are astonished, they quickly rushed over to check on those Devil cultivators’ injuries. After careful examination, they are all certain that these are injuries from Overwhelming Righteous power!

“Elder, can you take out his martial spirit and give it to me?” Long Chuanwu shouted in joy.

“Impossible! Overwhelming Righteous Martial Spirit is very special.. if people with immoral and unrighteous mind wants to fuse with it, they would in return be devoured! Even though you are not immoral or unrighteous, you must not take this risk!” that Heavenly Dragon Sect old man said.

“This guy, why can he awaken such martial spirit?” Long Chuanwu knows his own moral integrity, so he doesn’t dare to go try to take it, if he wants to forcefully fuse with it he would lose his life : “If I can’t have it, I will destroy it, I will kill him!”

“Long Chuanwu, this is not your home, don’t be arrogant here!” Long Yucang quickly arrived beside Qin Yun.

“He fought inside the prison! He must pay for it!” a Long family old man shouted, they are all very jealous and want to kill Qin Yun.

Heavenly Dragon Sect’s old man suddenly shouted : “Wait a minute! He has the Overwhelming Righteous Martial Spirit, he can lead us into the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. With him leading the way, things will be more easy for us!”

Qin Yun immediately has a bad premonition.

Long Yucang shouted : “Are you all crazy?”

“Long Yucang, you should know how important Bloody Evil Dragon Cave is to our Long family!” Heavenly Dragon Sect’s old man said with sneer : ” If we can get that thing from inside, then our dragon blood clans can have enormous benefit!”

Long Chuanwu said with evil laugh : “Right, let this guy go ahead and find a path! There are ghosts and devils all over the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. He can use Overwhelming Righteous Power, he can easily take care of those devils, ghosts and evil spirits!”

Long Yucang furiously said : “Even Half Immortals died inside that cave, don’t even talk about Martial Monarchs!”

“Enough, it is settled! We Immortal Desolate people will take charge and thoroughly explore the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave! Ha ha ha… we will set out in 3 days!” Heavenly Dragon Sect old man laughed heartily.

“If I take your inside, will my deed offset my past mistakes?” Qin Yun suddenly asked.

“If you can take us into the depths of the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave, your previous crimes will be forgiven! We will also not investigate your crimes in the future!” a Long family old man said.

“Alright, I agree!” Qin Yun replied.

“We will come find you 3 days later, you should stay here until then!” one old man said.

After they left Long Yucang kept shaking his head and walking back and forth.

“What’s wrong boss Long?” Qin Yun asked.

“Brother Yun, you don’t know how dreadful Bloody Evil Dragon Cave is!” Long Yucang sighed and said : “They are just sending you to die!”

“Where is the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave?” Qin Yun asked again.

“It is inside our Dragon King Manor, it is in deep underground. It is a secret of our Long family! I also only heard about it from my grandfather by chance!” Long Yucang said in a low voice : “Legend has it, there is a very unique and strange technique inside the cave, apparently it is a Dao Technique!”

“Dao Technique?” Qin Yun suddenly became very curious.

“This is a technique that can allow us to use Great Dao Law. It is very strong, it is as good as Divine Ability! However, this kind mysterious technique can be directly learned!” Long Yucang said : “I will go and see whether or not my grandfather’s seclusion has been concluded and can come out to block them!”

Long Yucang promptly left. Qin Yun did not expect that Dragon King Manor would have something like the Bloody Evil Dragon Cave. He sat down at a corner to cultivate, he wants to properly stabilize his current state.

Three days went by in a flash. Qin Yun has been escorted out and brought in front of a large mountain within the Dragon King Manor. There is a large cave on the mountain. There are many people standing in front of the cave. Even Xian Rujing is here.

She looked at Qin Yun and coldly groaned. She is standing together with Long Chuanwu as if she did not have any falling out with him.

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