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Nine Yang Sword Saint (Web Novel) - Chapter 108: Truth! Qing Shaobai Must Die!

Chapter 108: Truth! Qing Shaobai Must Die!

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“Ximen Lie, are you trying to revolt?” The first one to speak was Elder Tang Bozhao.

“Revolt?” Ximen Lie laughed out and said, “I don’t think I am the one who wants to revolt, right? It is someone else.”

Tang Bozhao was infuriated, and just as he was about to excoriate, Yang Yan raised his hand to stop him before he said coldly, “Ximen Lie, take your men and leave now. The Elder Committee will let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, you will have to carry the crime of revolting, which will leave your corpse without a place to bury.”

“Am I, Ximen Lie, someone who fears death?” Ximen Lie laughed loudly. “It doesn’t matter if I have to die. I shall take everyone down with me.”

Ximen Ju spoke indifferently, “Are you going to look on as father’s accomplishments over these dozens of years are destroyed?”

“If the Cloud Heaven City is such a filthy place, will it not be better to destroy it and rebuild it?” Ximen Lie said, “Stop all the nonsense. In 15 minutes, if you don’t hand Yanyan over, I shall kill my way into the city.”

“Haha…” Yang Yan laughed grimly and said, “I, Yang Yan, has never been threatened by anyone. The moment you invade the city shall be the moment I execute Ximen Yanyan. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. You will only be able to get her corpse. So, if you want to negotiate, withdraw your troops first. Otherwise, Ximen Yanyan will die for sure.”

“No matter. When that happens, I will kill all of you and take revenge for Yanyan.” Ximen Lie spoke with a cold voice and had this tone that was incomparably resolute and unyielding.

“Are you able to kill us all?” Yang Yan stately coldly, “I am afraid the ones that will be wiped out completely will be you.”

“I am willing to try it,” Ximen Lie replied.

Soon enough, Ximen Lie turned and faced the Black Blood Cavalry and roared out, “Brothers, are you afraid of death?!”

“Kill!” 3000 cavalry roared out in unison like thunder that was deafening. A cloud of dust began to rise from the violent tremors.

“There is no need for any more superfluous words.” Ximen Lie declared, “I am not here to negotiate. I am here for Yanyan. Light the incense…”

After Ximen Lie gave his orders, one of the cavalries took out a red incense and lit it up. Once the incense finished burning, it would be 15 minutes.

“In 15 minutes, if you do not hand Yanyan over, we will immediately declare war!” Finishing his statement, Ximen Lie slowly closed his eyes, showing that he didn’t wish to talk anymore.

Yang Yan’s cheek convulsed vigorously as he yelled out sternly, “If a prince violates the law, he too shall face the same consequences. I am enforcing the law impartially. You all actually raise your weapons against clansman, bending the law for a relative. How deranged are you? I, Yang Yan, will stand here and not take a single step back. If you want a war, I shall give you war!”

In an instant, an intense fight threatened to break out between both sides at any moment.


At this moment, Ximen Ningning waved towards Yang Dingtian and gestured for him to come over. “Xiao Tian, come over. I have something important to tell you.”

Yang Dingtian steered his horse over to Ningning’s side.

“Come closer. Bring your ear over,” Ningning whispered. Her beautiful face still had this unbelievable shock and even a trace of a blush.

Yang Dingtian was slightly surprised. Did Sister Ningning have to be so secretive? Why did he have to go so close?

Yang Dingtian leaned over as Ningning placed her mouth beside his ear and whispered, “Tang Xin wasn’t actually killed by Yanyan. It should be considered as being killed by Qin Shaobai.”

Yang Dingtian’s eyes suddenly shrank as he asked in a soft voice, “Why? Tang Xin is Ximen Ju’s fiancee and Tang Bozhao’s daughter. Even if they wanted to frame Yanyan or deal with me, killing Tang Xin was still too huge a price to pay.”

“That’s right. Qin Shaobai killing Tang Xin was because he had no other choice,” Ningning whispered. “Because Tang Xin saw something she shouldn’t have seen. Hence, she had to die.”

“What did she see?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Ningning’s face blushed as her voice shook as she said, “Yesterday, early in the morning, Qin Shaobai was in a remote valley, committing incest and adultery with his mother, Yang Shishi, and was unintentionally noticed by Tang Xin…”

Yang Dingtian’s body shook, and he looked at Ningning in disbelief. He knew that Qin Shaobai was depraved and evil, but he didn’t expect it to be to such a degree.

This was even worse than being an animal. He was absolutely worse than a beast.

When Ningning saw Yang Dingtian look at her with an expression of disbelief, she immediately blushed and got angry. “Why are you looking at me for?”

“This, this is too insane.” Yang Dingtian asked, “Is this what that bird told you earlier?”

“Yeah…” Ningning nodded and said, “It was noticed by a pair of mating squirrels, which told the bird.”

“Afterwards?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Ningning then narrated the whole incident in detail.

When Qin Shaobai and Yang Shishi were doing such indecent acts, they were unintentionally noticed by Tang Xin. Hence, Qin Shaobai made a prompt decision and immediately raped Tang Xin, forcing her to consume a type of poison. Afterwards, they threatened Tang Xin to never spread word of this indecent act between him and Yang Shishi.

Tang Xin was afraid of death. Hence, she promised! But Qin Shaobai then used the poison to force her to go spread a rumor in Cloud Heaven City, that Yang Dingtian became powerful because he used the Yin Yang Great Ritual to mate with Madam Ximen and consumed her mystic qi in order to achieve such a stunning breakthrough.

Thus, it caused the incident where Tang Xin cursed at Yanyan, causing her to rant about wanting to kill Tang Xin. This created a motive for Yanyan to murder her. Soon enough, the rumors of Yang Dingtian and Madam Ximen committing incest had traveled throughout the Cloud Heaven City.

This morning, Yanyan was afraid that Tang Xin might come to curse at her again. Thus, she left Cloud Heaven City very early. But when Qin Shaobai found out, he immediately brought along Tang Xin and waited in ambush. Once Yanyan appeared, he forced Yang Xin to go out to kill Yanyan.

At this point, Tang Xin’s poison took effect and caused her to become crazy but also to experience a drastic increase in cultivation. Hence, Yanyan wasn’t a match for her, and she had no choice but to fight back desperately. Qin Shaobai was controlling Tang Xin from far away and picked the best timing for Tang Xin to die from poison, causing her to fall towards Yanyan’s sword, which was stabbed into Tang Xin’s chest.

Just like this, Qin Shaobai flawlessly framed Yanyan for killing Tang Xin!

Because he was afraid his scandal with Yang Shihi might be exposed, he didn’t have any intention of letting Tang Xin live. But to concoct such a vicious plot in such a short amount of time, it was unimaginable how malicious this person was!

Qin Shaobai’s vicious plot lined up perfectly, killing three birds with one stone.

By killing Tang Xin, not only did he keep his scandal a secret, but he even successfully framed Yanyan and dealt a huge blow to Yang Dingtian’s reputation.

It was a known fact that Yang Dingtian’s prestige was like the sun in the sky while Qin Shaobai’s status was heavily threatened by it.

Yang Dingtian’s feat of breaking through over ten classes in five days was outrageous by itself. As such, after Qin Shaobai spread such a rumor, it was easy for people to believe it.

Furthermore, this rumor had another use. In case the scandal of him and Yang Shishi was exposed, he could say that it was Yang Dingtian who was the mastermind trying to cover up his own scandal by accusing Qin Shaobai.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ningning was a prodigy in the beast language and those squirrels coincidentally observing them, then this truth might have been buried forever.

After understanding the truth, Yang Dingtian took in a deep cold breath.

He already knew that Qin Shaobai was an individual like a viper. He had experienced some of it back in the elimination battle, but he didn’t have a deep understanding back then.

Today, he finally knew what was called a viper, something with such schemes and viciousness. Wasn’t Qin Shaobai just like a viper?

When regular people were exposed committing adultery, they would normally panic and become muddle-headed. They would either kill to silence the witness or kneel to beg.

Only Qin Shaobai would be able to think of such a flawless and vicious plot within such a short amount of time, a plot that could kill three birds with one stone. Not only did he clear himself, he even struck a fatal blow at Yang Dingtian.

Right now, Qin Shaobai was standing behind Yang Yan and had yet to say anything. His face still had this harmless animal-like smile. When he noticed Yang Dingtian looking towards him, he even smiled and nodded.

This viper Qin Shaobai must not be left alone. He had to die. If he didn’t die, the entire Cloud Heaven City would never be able to have any peace.

Yang Dingtian was about to venture out to cultivate soon, and if he allowed this viper Qin Shaobai to stay in Cloud Heaven City, Ningning, Yanyan, and Madam Ximen would be in danger. This viper was so licentious and so lecherous that he would make people shiver.

But in this conspiracy, what roles did Yang Yang, Tang Bozhao, and Ximen Ju have? Ximen Ju was the first person to arrive at the scene of Yanyan’s murder.

Yang Dingtian could definitely expose the truth right now in front of everyone, exposing the scandal between Qin Shaobai and Yang Shishi.

But Qin Shaobai had already completely blocked that option. If Yang Dingtian was to say that Yang Shishi and Qin Shaobai were committing incest and adultery, others would only say he was trying to cover up his own scandal with Madam Ximen. It would seem like Yang Dingtian was just trying to take revenge.

Hence, the truth didn’t matter now. The most important matter was to kill Qin Shaobai.

No matter what the cost, he had to kill Qin Shaobai! He had to find a way to eliminate Qin Shaobai!


Time passed bit by bit, and everyone was staring at that stick of burning incense. Ximen Lie declared that if they didn’t release Ximen Yanyan before the incense finished burning, it would be war.

Ximen Lie’s eyes were now shut, and his huge sword was leaning against him as he waited for the final moment to come.

“Howl…” A gust of wind blew past, and that stick of incense was now completely burned and extinguished.

Yang Yan insisted on not handing Yanyan over. Everyone’s eyes were on Ximen Lie.

Ximen Lie, whose eyes had been shut all this time, gradually opened them. He nodded and said, “Alright, let’s start the killing!”

Ximen Lie pulled down the mask on his helmet and slowly drew the huge sword on his back. He lifted it and pointed it at the city gates and yelled out, “Draw your swords!”

“Clang!” Three thousand Black Blood Cavalry vigorously drew their long swords and pointed them towards the city. This instantaneously materialized forest of swords flickered under the sun, giving off a blinding radiance.

“Kill!” Ximen Lie gave a determined shout as he took the lead and gradually increased his speed as he rushed towards the city gates.

Yang Yan’s expression changed drastically as he yelled out, “City guard warriors, get ready. Cloud Heaven City’s disciples, get ready. Prepare for war and dispose of our clan’s bad blood.”

As soon as Yang Yan shouted out.

“Clang…” Thousands of warriors in the city drew their weapons and prepared for war.

“Where is the Blazing Cavalry?” Qin Shaobai spoke indifferently.

Over ten miles away, a fiery-red cavalry suddenly emerged from the jungle and pressed towards the back of the Black Blood Cavalry, executing a two-pronged attack. There were a thousand cavalry warriors who were all fully armed and clad in bright red armor, just like blazing flames.

The Blazing Army was newly put together by the Elder Committee as they were afraid there might be a rebellion after something happened to Ximen Wuya. They were precisely created for opposing the Black Blood Cavalry. But establishing an elite cavalry army was very difficult and would take years to assemble an elite cavalry of a thousand warriors. But now, in just slightly over a month, how was it possible for it to be ready? This was obviously a military force that the Northwest Qin Clan secretly provided for Qin Shaobai to seize authority.

Yang Yan spoke to Ximen Lie, “You want a war? So be it. Let’s see who will be the one to be eliminated first!”

Right now, looking at the military strength of both sides, Yang Yan’s side had the obvious advantage, but once the war began, it was needless to say that both sides would suffer huge losses.

At this moment, Qin Shaobai suddenly spoke, “Please wait. Senior Yang Dingtian, can you come out to speak for a moment.”

“Speak,” Yang Dingtian yelled out.

“Can you bear to see Cloud Heaven City destroyed in a single day?” Qin Shaobai sneered as he said, “It doesn’t matter whether is it you or me who takes the Cloud Heaven City Lord position. This city belongs to either you or me. Aren’t you in agony to see it destroyed?”

“Continue,” Yang Dingtian urged Qin Shaobai to continue.

He wanted to see what kind of venom this viper wanted to spit out.

“Senior Yang, why is your reaction so intense to actually use the last resort of violence? Normal people will think whether you are doing this for Ximen Yanyan or to cover up your scandal with Madam Ximen? Many of them will be thinking if those rumors could be true? Did you actually use the Yin Yang Evil Ritual to take the yin to nourish your yang in order to breakthrough over ten classes?” Qin Shaobai smiled as he spoke, but what he spat out was am incomparably toxic venom.

What did it mean to be unable to retaliate against false accusations? This was it!

“Qin Shaobai, you and your malicious slander!” Madam Ximen’s eyes blacked out for a moment as she fell from the horse due to the sudden rush of blood and qi.

Yang Dingtian didn’t try to deny it and went up to help Madam Ximen’s delicate body up before he looked at Qin Shaobai and said, “Get to the point!”

“I have a way that can let Cloud Heaven City avoid a mutual slaughter and can prove Senior Yang’s innocence. You can even rescue Ximen Yanyan. I wonder if Senior Yang would like to hear it?” Qin Shaobai laughed.


Qin Shaobai spoke clearly in front of all the people in Cloud Heaven City, “On the 23rd of every month, in order to commemorate the Heaven Dao Union’s first triumph over the Evil Dao and thus saving the world, it has been declared as the Day of Trials. Trials are separated into Civil Trials and Martial Trials. Civil Trials use human testimony and material evidence to determine Ximen Yanyan’s crimes. On the other hand, the Martial Trial will be a trial by combat.”

Qin Shaobai looked at Yang Dingtian and continued, “So… Senior Yang, how about using a trial by combat to settle this conflict? You shall represent Ximen Yanyan. I shall represent Tang Xin’s family, and we will conduct a duel at the end of the month. The winner shall live, and the loser shall die! Senior Yang, if you can win, I will die and Ximen Yanyan shall be found not guilty. If you lose, you shall die and Ximen Yanyan shall be found guilty! How about it?”

After this statement was made, everyone let out gasps of surprise.

Qin Shaobai laughed. “Isn’t this a method to get the best of both sides? We can avoid an internal conflict in Cloud Heaven City, and you can prove your innocence. I am just more than ten classes superior to you. You are able to breakthrough nineteen classes in just five days, and there are still nine days before the Day of Trials. If you rely on your exceptional innate talents to break through, then it shouldn’t be a problem to break through ten classes in nine days, right? As long as you can defeat me and kill me, not only will you rescue Ximen Yanyan, but you can also prove your generational talent. How about it?”

After Qin Shaobai finished his statement, Ximen Li, Ximen Ningning and Madam Ximen all commented at the same time, “Shameless without limits!”

Qin Shaobai’s proposal might seem reasonable, but it actually a distortion of facts.

Yang Dingtian relied on the Yin Yang Festival that only came once every three centuries in order to break through nineteen classes in five days. Right now, for him to break through ten classes within nine days was like a pipe dream.

At this moment, Qin Shaobai finally revealed the viper’s tail.

The reason for setting this scheme wasn’t to target Ximen Yanyan but to target Yang Dingtian.

There was only one objective, which was to kill Yang Dingtian!

On this point, he had the same thoughts as Yang Dingtian.

Regardless of the cost, Yang Dingtian wanted to kill Qin Shaobai too.

Similarly, Qin Shaobai wanted to kill Yang Dingtian regardless of the cost as well. Because he was Qin Shaobai’s greatest obstacle for seizing authority in Cloud Heaven City. His sudden rise gave Qin Shaobai immense pressure.

Ximen Lie instantly turned to look at Yang Dingtian and said, “Young Lord Yang. Do not promise him. We will start the war now and take back Young Lady Yanyan.”

Ningning said, “Xiao Tian, your sister won’t allow you to accept this challenge.”

Madam Ximen spoke softly, “Be a good child. The innocent will prove their innocence naturally while the impure will always be impure. I will not mind these despicable rumors anymore. You don’t have to bother about them either.”

Yang Dingtian looked at Qin Shaobai, who was still smiling, but that mouth was filled with venomous fangs.

“Alright, I promise you! In nine days, we will have the trial by combat! You and I will fight. The winner will live, and the loser shall die!” Yang Dingtian laughed as he spoke.

In this instant, everyone on the city gates was shocked. Yang Dingtian’s words were like a storm scraping across.

Everyone couldn’t believe it and looked at Yang Dingtian. Had he gone mad?

Qin Shaobai might look like a nine star Mystic Martial Warrior and be superior to Yang Dingtian by one rank and ten classes. However, everyone knew that he must have broken through to the Mystic Martial Master level and didn’t know just how many stars he was within that realm.

Mystic Martial Artist, Mystic Martial Warrior, Mystic Martial Master.

Qin Shaobai was at least two ranks higher than Yang Qingtian, more than ten classes!

Exceeding two ranks in a fight was impossible even if the world turned upside down, even if the universe ended.

Ningning stayed in a stunned state for a moment before she screamed, “Xiao Tian, have you gone mad?”


Inside Black Blood Castle!

“Yang Dingtian, this isn’t bravery. This is madness.” Ximen Lie, who rarely criticized Yang Dingtian, said, “Exceeding two ranks in a fight is asking for complete destruction!”

Yang Dingtian asked, “Big Brother, what is Qin Shaobai’s strength at now?”

“He should be a one star Mystic Martial Master. Two ranks, twelve classes above you,” Ximen Lie replied.

Just as Ximen Lie said, exceeding two ranks in battle was definitely hopeless, and Yang Dingtian wasn’t that arrogant. But, exceeding one rank was something that Yang Dingtian was willing to try. Because he had the Nine Yang Mystic Meridian, the world’s no.1 sword art, the Deep Sea Mystic Clothes, and the Owl Strange Blade.

If it was exceeding one rank, he was willing to take the risk.

Assuming that Qin Shaobai was a one star Mystic Martial Master, if Yang Dingtian was able to break through to become a three star Mystic Martial Warrior, he was willing to take the risk and fight! Even though it was a gap of eight classes and a fight that required him to exceed one rank. If it was like this, it meant that Yang Dingtian had to break through four classes in just nine days.

According to his current cultivation pace, Yang Dingtian would need around twenty days to break through half a class.

Breaking through four classes in nine days was something extremely shocking. Because the Yin Yang Festival that only came once every three centuries had passed.

“Master, I want to break through four classes in nine days. Is it possible? I remembered that you mentioned…,” Yang Dingtian asked in his heart.

Dongfang Niemie stayed silent for a moment before he spoke, “It is possible! The Ten Thousand Blood Pool in the Temple of Ten Thousand Blood. For the past millennium, experts of the Temple of Ten Thousand Blood would scatter their formidable mystic qi into the pool before their deaths. With your talents, your first cultivation in the Ten Thousand Blood Pool might be able to help you break through four classes!”

Temple of Ten Thousand Blood? Ten Thousand Blood Pool?

In this instant, Yang Dingtian recalled that woman who disregarded human lives, the devastatingly beautiful and exceptionally captivating Dugu Fengwu.

That no.1 devil woman who fought Dongfang Bingling to a draw!

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