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Nine Yang Sword Saint (Web Novel) - Chapter 109: Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual

Chapter 109: Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The Temple of Ten Thousand Blood was one of the most ancient influential forces of the mysterious Evil Dao. It was once the core strength of the World Extinguishing Army and also the right and left arms of the world’s no.1 evil force, Shrine of Ten Thousand Extermination.

(TL note: To make the names flow better, Temple of Ten Thousand Blood = Temple of Blood, Shrine of Ten Thousand Extermination = Shrine of Extermination)

What was the Evil Dao? Take a look at Dugu Fengwu and you should have a good idea.

But then again, could the demon woman, Dugu Fengwu, be so strong because of the Ten Thousand Blood Pool?

(TL note: Ten Thousand Blood Pool = Blood Pool)

Shortly after, Dongfang Niemie sighed and said, “Actually, the Blood Pool is a method that I shouldn’t even have mentioned.”

“Why?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Dongfang Niemie replied, “Firstly, the Temple of Blood is an ancient faction of the Evil Dao. They are sealed up and don’t allow any outsiders to enter. They will kill any intruders without mercy. Furthermore, you are a member of the Heaven Dao Union.”

“Secondly, the Blood Pool the faction’s defining treasure, and its energy is limited. 99% of the Temple’s disciples don’t even get the chance to cultivate in the Blood Pool, let alone an outsider who is from the Heaven Dao Union.”

“Thirdly, the Temple of Blood is more than 6000 miles away from here. There is the Land of Chaos, which is a neutral state that extends more than a few thousand miles across between the Heaven Dao Union and the Temple of Blood. There are crooks mixed in with the honest folks there, and there is no order in that place. With your current cultivation, the Land of Chaos is just too dangerous.”

“Fourthly, the world’s righteous factions and the Evil Dao has always been incompatible. Once you are involved with the Evil Dao, you will never be able to get rid of the association. Once the Heaven Dao Union realizes that you have some association with the Temple of Blood, then even if you jump into the Yellow River, you will be unable to cleanse yourself. The world will no longer have a place for you to stand on.”

After finishing his explanation, Dongfang Niemie said indifferently, “Hence, we have to think of other ways. We shall not think about this method anymore.”

Shortly after, Dongfang Niemie paused and said, “In fact, if there is no other choice, Master will rather that you use the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Great Art to break through. This method is much better than going to the Temple of Blood.”

After listening to the explanation, Yang Dingtian fell into silence.

Every point that master explained was important, especially the fourth point. The consequences of using that method were way too severe.

If there were other methods, then the Temple of Blood was a place that mustn’t visit. Just the thought of Dugu Fengwu was terrifying enough. She was an incomparably ruthless devil woman who killed hundreds of people like she was slaughtering livestock.

If he truly went to the Temple of Blood, ten lives might not even be sufficient for him to get out alive.

“We have to let Yang Dingtian break through to a three star Mystic Martial Warrior. If it is exceeding one rank and nine classes, then there is still a possibility of winning. If it is to exceed two ranks, then I only have one proposal.” Ximen Lie said, “Let Young Lord Yang Dingtian immediately escape. Besides, they wouldn’t dare to really kill Yanyan.”

Madam Ximen nodded and agreed. “Everyone give your ideas and see if there are any ways that can let Yang Dingtian breakthrough to a three star Mystic Martial Warrior in nine days. If there is any method, share it no matter how strange or evil it is.”

Finishing her statement, everyone present sank into their thoughts.

Ximen Lie thought for a long time but ultimately shook his head.

There was a flash in Ningning’s eyes, which caused her face to blush slightly. Madam Ximen immediately looked at her and asked, “Ningning, did you think of a method?”

Ximen Lie looked at Ximen Ningning with expectations, hoping she could propose a method.

After some slight hesitation, Ningning shook and dropped her head down to reply, “I don’t have any methods.”

Madam Ximen let out a helpless sigh while everyone present fell into silence.

“Lie, you have affairs to attend to and don’t have to stay here. We can think of a method slowly. You should go settle your work first. And bring Xiao Tian along to walk around Black Blood Castle,” Madam Ximen said to Ximen Lie.

“Understood!” Ximen Lie responded.

Despite Yang Dingtian being puzzled by Madam Ximen’s suggestion, he still followed Ximen Lie outside.

After Ximen Lie and Yang Dingtian were far away, Madam Ximen then asked, “Ning’er, if you have any methods, then say it. Ximen Lie has already left.”

Ximen Ningning was instantly surprised. She looked at Madam Ximen and replied softly, “Mother, I, I really don’t have any method.”

“You have been by my side since you were young. You cannot fool me.” Madam Ximen spoke with a gentle voice, “Your eyes and expression earlier told me that you have a method. But you found it hard to share. Don’t worry, we are already in such a predicament. There is nothing that cannot be spoken about. What else is there that is more important than saving Yanyan and restoring Yang Dingtian’s reputation? I mentioned it earlier. No matter how evil or strange the method is.”

After hearing Madam Ximen’s words, Ningning couldn’t help but look at her. Before she even spoke, her face instantly blushed.

“But, but this method is really very strange.” Ningning spoke in a shy voice, “This method is sorcery that only the demon fox race has. It is called the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual. It requires a special formation where the male and female are to mate within it, using special medicines, mnemonic chants, and mystic qi flow patterns. It allows the female to pour her mystic qi through the genitals into the male’s body to achieve the effect of a breakthrough.”

Finishing her explanation, Ningning’s face nearly drooped all the way to her chest, and her voice was so soft that it was inaudible.

After Madam Ximen finished listening, she couldn’t help but blush as well, her mature and gorgeous face looking even more charming and alluring. She knew that this was extremely abnormal, but she didn’t expect it to be so strange. She knew that Ningning’s mystic qi wasn’t suited for offense, even though it was very deep. She did have the intention for Ningning to transfer her mystic qi to Yang Dingtian, but she knew how valuable mystic qi was and how precious a woman’s chastity was as well. Hence, she couldn’t make herself say it. It might be to save Yanyan, but Ximen Ningning was also her daughter, who she treated like her own blood.

“Mother, I am actually willing to go through this evil ritual and give my mystic qi to Xiao Tian.” Ningning suddenly lowered her voice and said, “In fact, I am willing to give my body to Xiao Tian, but… it is impossible now. Because the mystic qi in my body has poison, I cannot transfer it to Xiao Tian anymore. So, even if we have this Ying Yang Devour Mystic Ritual, it is useless.”

Madam Ximen’s brows knitted as she asked, “Then, to let Xiao Tian break through to three star Mystic Martial Warrior, the woman that has to mate with him roughly requires what class of cultivation?”

“At least Martial Ancestor class.” Ningning said, “Because using the Yin Yang Ritual to transfer mystic qi would only have a 1% efficiency rate. Originally, I could have done it, and I was also the best candidate, but…”

Madam Ximen spoke with a soft voice, “It is truly difficult to find such a woman, and it will be even more difficult for that woman to willingly offer her body to Xiao Tian!”


After walking around in Black Blood Castle for a period of time, Yang Dingtian returned to his room and regulated his breathing to recover. The courtyard he was in right now had nothing but silence, as though everyone had left. Even the servant who was cleaning and the warrior who was standing guard had all left.

At this moment, the door of the room was gently pushed open. A figure walked in. It was Lü’er.

“Young Master, Madam asked for you to come over.”

Yang Dingtian was slightly surprised. He then nodded and stood up from the bed.

Lü’er stepped forward to lend some support, but Yang Dingtian smiled and said, “There is no need to. I am completely fine now.”

He was indeed recovered, although he suffered injuries in the fight against Tang Li. However, his injuries weren’t severe. It was more like a loss of stamina. After regulating his breath for one day and one night, along with the medicinal elixirs from Ningning, he was almost fully recovered.

Yang Dingtian got up. Lü’er immediately helped him to clean up his face, rinse his mouth, and change into a fresh set of clothes. After everything was done, Lü’er said, “Young Master, please come with me.”

With Lü’er leading the way, Yang Dingtian followed behind. This was actually the first time he beheld Black Blood Castle.

The Black Blood Castle was less than a hundred miles away from Cloud Heaven City. The narrow passage below the mountain was an unavoidable path in order to enter or exit Cloud Heaven City. The previous few times Yang Dingtian entered Cloud Heaven City was through flying mounts, so he didn’t exactly go through Black Blood Castle.

It was named a castle, but it was, in fact, a large stronghold, which was hundreds of hectares wide. In the radius of more than a dozen miles, there were four other small cities that were under its protection.

The entire city was made up of stacked-up giant boulders. It was extremely firm and imposing and had a height of about a hundred meters. It was equipped with powerful crossbows and barrels that could spurt magma. It had toxic formations, energy formations, and hundreds of giant catapults.

In the city, apart from the 3000 elite Black Blood Cavalry, there were thousands of enlistees. Every inch of the castle was armed to the teeth, which would put fear in any influential force in the world. Because this was Cloud Heaven City’s final stronghold, it could be said that once Black Blood Castle was defeated, then it would be equivalent to defeating 80% of Cloud Heaven City.

Therefore, Black Blood Castle was the largest military force of Cloud Heaven City, which was superior to Cloud Heaven City itself. Furthermore, the commander of the Black Blood Cavalry was a man who served only the City Lord and was above all others in Cloud Heaven City. After a huge dispute between Ximen Lie and Cloud Heaven City, it was equivalent to Black Blood Castle clutching Cloud Heaven City by the throat. As a result, Yang Yan and the others were probably very concerned and anxious.

It was night time right now, and Yang Dingtian’s courtyard was a small garden, which had the best conditions in the entire Black Blood Castle. After exiting this garden, the castle looked icy-cold and tough. Everywhere else was pavements, walls, and buildings made of giant boulders.

Lü’er led Yang Dingtian into a building made of black rocks. After he entered, he saw that it was a simple and ordinary house with plain furniture and nothing else. Yang Dingtian couldn’t help but feel surprised as to why Madam Ximen would ask him to come here.

He saw Lü’er patting on the wall.

The stone wall gently turned and revealed a small opening where there were stairs leading down underground.

“Young Master, please follow me,” Lü’er said.

Yang Dingtian pondered for a moment before he followed her in. Once he entered the stairwell, the walls automatically closed, restoring the small house to its original state.

The two of them continued to descend, going through hundreds of bends and walking many meters deep underground. Similar to Cloud Heaven City, this place should be Black Blood Castle’s underground prison.

After walking for three minutes, they were finally at the end, and there was a stone door obstructing their way.

“Young Master, please enter by yourself. You just have to pat the door lightly,” Lü’er informed him. She immediately turned and went back towards the surface.

Yang Dingtian frowned slightly. He wondered why Madam Ximen asked him to come to this place, which had this strange feeling everywhere. But he was sure that no one in Black Blood Castle, be it Ningning or Madam Ximen, would harm him.

Yang Dingtian walked in front of the stone door and gently patted on it.

“Rumble…” The thick stone door opened, and beams of light shot out.

Yang Dingtian was instantly surprised as he uttered something.

Within, the ground was filled with blood-red magma, which flowed and gave off horrific heat. A snow-white bed made of cold jade was fixed to a platform that floated on the magma. The cold jade bed had various kinds of demon cores on it, which glowed with blurry and enchanting light, forming a strange light formation. There was weird smoke wafting around the bedside. As soon as Yang Dingtian took a sniff, his mind instantly fell into a daze while the blood vessels in his body heated up.

Of course, the thing that surprised Yang Dingtian was the fact that there was a woman on the bed.

On the snow-white, cold jade bed, there was a woman with fair skin facing Yang Dingtian with her back.

Her beautiful hair was like clouds. Her skin was like snow. Her waist was like a snake’s, and her round butt was like the moon.

It was a completely naked woman, a mature woman, a woman who had looks that made it impossible to determine her age. It was an unbelievably alluring beauty who had enchanting curves that captivated the soul.

Yang Dingtian instantly felt his mouth go dry because of this woman and also because of the aroma in this place. His body tensed up as he spoke with a hoarse throat, “Will you… please turn around.”

As the woman heard his voice, she stood up slowly and turned around lightly.

In this instant, Yang Dingtian’s heart nearly stopped. He knew why Madam Ximen asked Lü’er to bring him here… it was for the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual. No wonder Madam Ximen suddenly asked Ximen Lie and him to leave at that time. It was actually to discuss this matter with Ningning.

The woman turned around to face Yang Dingtian with her naked and attractive body. There was nothing more beautiful that could cause a person’s blood vessels to swell up.

With firm and snow-white breasts, ample and full thighs, there was nothing that wasn’t perfect about this body. Every inch of the body oozed with feminity, like the dripping juice of a peach.

There was something more captivating, which was her beautiful eyes that looked like water and mist. They looked like they were filled with a story and charm.

However, her face was covered with a veil.

“Could you please remove your veil?” Yang Dingtian asked.

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