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Nine Yang Sword Saint (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: Poison Hands Devil Corpse

Chapter 110: Poison Hands Devil Corpse

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Could you… please remove your veil,” Yang Dingtian asked.

The woman shivered slightly and hesitated for a moment before taking off her veil.

It was an absolutely alluring but unfamiliar face.

Her looks weren’t inferior to Madam Ximen’s but was obviously more enchanting and had the classic oval face. She could be considered to have a mythical fox spirit face. She might be over 30 years old, but her face still looked like a beauty at the age of 20. The charm and appeal from her body gave a distinct feeling of her mature and alluring features.

At this moment, the stone door behind Yang Dingtian slowly closed.

“Who are you?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“A sinner,” the woman replied with a delicate and moving voice.

“What are you trying to do now?” Yang Dingtian asked again.

“Repent for my sins,” she replied.

“Using the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual and transferring your mystic qi to me is a way of repenting for your sins?” Yang Dingtian questioned.

“Yes.” The woman looked up with her beautiful eyes and said, “Despite doing so, it still wouldn’t be able to redeem one ten-thousandth of my sins.”

“What crime have you committed?” Yang Dingtian inquired.

The woman fell into silence and replied, “I helped foreign enemies in and stole Cloud Heaven City’s most important city-defining treasure, ruining the future of Cloud Heaven City.”

“City defining treasure?” Yang Dingtian asked, “Is it that ninth grade manual?”

“Yes,” The woman replied.

Yang Dingtian breathing instantly became rough and heavy as he spoke, “You said you destroyed the future of Cloud Heaven City. Did you mean ruining Yanyan’s meridians?”

“Yes,” said the woman.

Yang Dingtian’s heart had a surge of flames, which he desperately tried to restrain before he gradually said, “Tell me the details of the story.”

The woman shook her head and said, “I cannot tell you. It contains too many disputes that involve Yanyan. You are Yanyan’s husband, and I do not have the authority to tell you. Only Yanyan can explain it to you personally.”

“Back then, did you commit this sin deliberately? Or was it unintentional?” Yang Dingtian inquired.

The woman’s beautiful eyes turned red as two drops of tears trickled down as she spoke, “I didn’t know it would have such a consequence, and I didn’t do it intentionally. But, but it did result from my selfish motives…”

“So you want to atone for your sin? Using your body and cultivation in exchange?” Yang Dingtian spoke slowly, “Is this worth it? This is, after all, your chastity and your entire life’s cultivation.”

“I already have no one I love, and my chastity is already of no use.” The woman spoke in a gentle voice, “I detest my cultivation and wish that it disperses entirely. Both these things can be offered to you, and I will not regret it, nor will I have any sense of loss.”

“Afterwards, what are you planning to do?” Yang Dingtian asked, “Do you want me to release you?”

“No.” The woman said, “I will not leave for my entire life. I shall remain in the underground forever. I do not have the face to see anyone. I have done wrong to every single person on the surface.”

She didn’t commit the crime intentionally, and she was kind. Hence, she was willing to offer up her body.

Yang Dingtian had this rush of pity in his heart as he asked, “Who are you? What is your name?”

“You can call me Sister Qing’er…,” the woman replied.

“How many classes can you help me break through?” he asked.

“Two classes, or even three. But at most, it will be three classes,” she replied.

Three classes. Which meant that he would be a two star Mystic Martial Warrior.

Yang Dingtian fell into silence again. Should he accept it?

In the past, he refused Yanyan’s proposal to use the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual because of his own pride and dignity.

But now, it was to save Yanyan. As for the other method, which was going to the Temple of Blood, that was something that wouldn’t work.

Yang Dingtian was desperately trying to resist as the fragrance that was vaporized by the magma entered his body, causing his lust to grow stronger, causing his mind to become blurry, causing his willpower to weaken.

At this moment, the woman walked off the bed barefooted and walked towards Yang Dingtian on a stone bridge. A warm aromatic and an indistinct feminine fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

“Remember, you are not doing it for yourself. You aren’t even doing it to become stronger. You are doing it so that you can save Yanyan.” The woman moved closer, extending her small tongue to lick Yang Dingtian’s earlobes as she spoke softly, “This should not damage your pride.”

Then, the woman’s petite hand gently took off Yang Dingtian’s clothes.

Yang Dingtian was desperately struggling unceasingly in his mind.

“No, this is unfair to you.” Yang Dingtian vigorously pushed away from the woman abruptly.

“It is very fair…” The woman’s voice trembled as she spoke, “I, I want to vent out too…”

Afterwards, the woman’s snake-like naked body wrapped around him, using her passionate body to rub against Yang Dingtian’s body. She used her bright red lips to kiss Yang Dingtian’s cheek.

Yang Dingtian’s face twitched. He wasn’t enjoying the experience. It was more like torture.

“Huu…” All of a sudden, the woman’s small mouth spat out a pink-colored mist that entered Yang Dingtian’s nose.

In this instant, Yang Dingtian’s consciousness was suddenly in a daze as though he fell into a completely different world.

The world was surrounded by patches of pink beauty as endless lust burned in his body. The seductive woman in front of him began to change into different faces. For a moment, it was Yanyan. Then, it became Ningning. Afterwards, it became Dongfang Bingling. It even turned into Yang Dingtian’s girlfriend on Earth.

Soon enough, the woman’s small lips came over and gave Yang Dingtian a deep french kiss.

Afterwards, the woman’s petite hands took off every piece of Yang Dingtian’s clothes. Their bodies intertwined and gently caressed each other, from the bridge to the cold jade bed. They were like two snakes that were in estrus as they tightly wrapped around each other.

Immediately after, the woman began to chant some strange mnemonic while her body undulated with dense mystic qi.

Meanwhile, the floating demon cores on the bedside began to release a strange glow and revolve, forming a bizarre screen of light. The mystic qi within this light screen became intensely concentrated.

“After tonight, forget everything and forget about me. Treat all this as a dream,” the woman’s mouth stopped the mnemonic chant and whispered in Yang Dingtian’s ear. She then gradually pushed Yang Dingtian to lie down as she spread her legs to straddle him.

“No!” Yang Dingtian suddenly opened his eyes and bit on his tongue. With the intense pain and fresh blood flowing, his mind instantly sobered up.

Ferociously pushing the woman aside, Yang Dingtian sat up from the bed, picked up a few pieces of clothing, and immediately turned to leave.

“Why?” The woman’s voice trembled from behind.

“I cannot do it like this. No matter what reason it is for, I will not do it like this,” Yang Dingtian declared.

“Don’t tell me, you are not going to save Yanyan?” the woman asked.

“I will find other methods.” Yang Dingtian said, “Even if I use the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual to break through this time, it will leave a shadow in my heart forever. I will then be unable to reach the pinnacle in this lifetime. I will never be able to defeat Dongfang Bingling.”

“Then what about Yanyan?!” the woman shouted.

“I will do my best. I will risk everything just to save her, even my life. If I am unable to do so, then it will be our fate.” Yang Dingtian said slowly, “Nothing will be able to make me go against my own principles and dignity.”

After finishing his statement, Yang Dingtian turned around to leave. He patted lightly on the stone door, causing the thick stone door to open. After he walked out, the stone door closed.

The woman instantly collapsed on the cold jade bed and looked at Yang Dingtian’s back as he left while her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

“Furthermore, you aren’t that so-called Qing’er…”


“Master, I want to go to the Temple of Blood.” Yang Dingtian asked straightforwardly, “In this world, is there any outsider who successfully entered the Temple of Blood and cultivated in the Blood Pool?”

Dongfang Niemie remained silent, which showed his answer. The Temple of Blood was a place of evil, and the Temple Master, Dugu Xiao, was a great devil that caused fear whenever his name was uttered. He didn’t want Yang Dingtian to go throw his life away.

“Master, I have already tried my best earlier. I wanted to try the Yin Yang Devour Mystic Ritual, but I couldn’t do it. I knew that once I did something like that, my future would be ruined. My pride and my confidence would be lost completely.” Yang Dingtian said, “Hence, I am asking you. Is there any outsider in this world that successfully entered the Blood Pool?”

“Yes,” Dongfang Niemie answered.

Yang Dingtian was instantly surprised as he asked, “Who was it?”

“Poison Hands Devil Corpse, Ouyang Lun.” Dongfang Niemie said, “This person is neither good or evil but has a notorious name and is a gifted evil doctor. His understanding of mystic qi and mystic meridians is abnormally bizarre, and his cultivation is very high. In order to strengthen himself, he would do anything for his research. Plundering corpses, killing his wife, dissecting a human alive, and many more. Of course, this person is especially proficient in the poison dao. Almost no one else can rival him, and people have long forgotten his real name. Everyone can only remember his nickname, which is Poison Hands Devil Corpse.”

(TL note: Poison Hands Devil Corpse = Poison Hands Devil)

Yang Dingtian listened as his body emitted a cold qi. This person seemed like a very dreadful and dangerous individual.

“When did he enter the Temple of Blood and cultivate in the Blood Pool?” Yang Dingtian inquired.

“Around thirteen years ago.” Dongfang Niemie said, “No one knew what method he used to make the Temple Master actually agree to let him enter the Blood Pool to cultivate. But in short, he succeeded.”

A world-renowned expert that was proficient in poison… Yang Dingtian immediately recalled the Deep Sea Mystic Poison in Sister Ningning’s legs, which had to be sucked out with the Ten Thousand Poison Devil Snake. If this man was titled as the expert that was renowned for using poison, it was highly possible that he had a Ten Thousand Poison Devil Snake.

“Master, where is this Poison Hands Devil at?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Are you thinking of asking for his help?” Dongfang Niemie stated, “That is impossible. The Poison Hands Devil is cruel and has a reclusive character. He is ruthless and evil and is eager to see people die miserably. He has never offered to save anyone before. He will only offer his assistance if he encounters some strange poison. But after he saved that person, he would then kill them. It is entirely impossible to ask him for help.”

It was true. It was impossible to hope for such a person to help, be it for the request of a Ten Thousand Poison Devil Snake or the method to enter the Blood Pool to cultivate. Not unless the sun rose from the west.

“Master, what is this person’s weakness? It must be a fatal weakness and the kind that would make him obediently submit as soon as we poke at it,” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Poison, a fight with poison!” Dongfang Niemie said, “This person is insanely passionate about all bizarre poisons in the world. Once he sees a poison that he cannot neutralize or a poison that he has never seen before, he will find a way to obtain it no matter the cost he must pay.”

Yang Dingtian smiled and said, “That’s great! We have two kinds of bizarre poison that he certainly has never seen or heard of before! If we are to fight him with poison, we will surely win.”

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