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Nine Yang Sword Saint (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Onwards to Temple of Blood

Chapter 111: Onwards to Temple of Blood

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Master, where is this Poison Hands Devil, Ouyang Lun, residing now?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“This person has plenty of enemies in the world, and no one knows where is he staying.” Dongfang Niemie said, “But, I just happen to know. Moreover, I once saved his life.”

“Poison Hands Devil is so formidable, and there are still people trying to kill him?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“That person didn’t kill him. He was merely tortured to a state in which he was begging for life or death but couldn’t get either.” Dongfang Niemie said, “He cut open Ouyang Lun’s entire body and sealed molten magma inside. Once the magma solidified, it would always be inside the flesh. Furthermore, Ouyang Lun’s blood vessels were cut opened and filled with the Blazing Violent Snake’s blood before his blood vessels were sealed back up. You will never be able to imagine that a person could be tortured like this. It is even more insane than the world’s most miserable and cruel tortures. A single glance at him is enough for you to have a nightmare for an entire life.”

Yang Dingtian shuddered with fear as he listened. Poison Hands Devil was such a horrible person but was still tortured so miserably.

“Master, who was this person? Why are his methods so evil and vicious?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“That person was the Temple of Blood’s Dugu Xiao,” Dongfang Niemie replied indifferently.

Yang Dingtian’s body shivered. If Dugu Xiao was so evil and vicious, no wonder his daughter Dugu Fengwu was the same.

“Ouyang Lun was originally a dashing man, but when I saw him, he didn’t have any more human features as his body was swelling disproportionately. He was crawling away like a black maggot, and because of the blazing venom that was violently torturing him, he wanted to crawl to the Netherworld Swamp to relieve some pain. But, he was still more than five hundred kilometers away from the Netherworld Swamp at that time and couldn’t even crawl. I was the one who saved his life and gave him an elixir. I then brought him to the center of the Netherworld Swamp where he became like a mudfish and stayed in the mud pool,” Dongfang Niemie explained.

“Then, he is living in the center of the Netherworld Swamp?” Yang Dingtian asked, “How far is that place from Cloud Heaven City?”

The Netherworld Swamp. Yang Dingtian knew of this place.

It was a swamp that extended for five hundred kilometers and was filled with mud pools and water holes where dangers lurked in every direction. There was a swamp poison that covered the top of the swamp where no sunlight could be seen even during the day. It was dark like in the middle of the night and was basically a forbidden place for life. No humans ever went there. Not even animals and demonic beasts would stay there. Only a lunatic like Poison Hands Devil would be able to reside there.

This place was over 1500 kilometers from Cloud Heaven City and was at the end of the neutral Land of Chaos. After crossing the Netherworld Swamp, one would be in the Evil Dao’s territories.

Hence, this Netherworld Swamp also formed a natural boundary. No one would travel even half a step into this dangerous place.

If Yang Dingtian wanted to go to the Temple of Blood, he would have to cross this Netherworld Swamp no matter what.

“Child, have you decided to still go to the Temple of Blood?”


Yang Dingtian went to look for Madam Ximen.

“Madam, I require a drop of blood from Master Uncle Ximen,” Yang Dingtian requested.

Madam Ximen shook a little before she nodded and agreed. “Okay, I shall go retrieve it now.”

Despite the fact that she was surprised as to why Yang Dingtian would need Ximen Wuya’s blood, she still agreed without asking any questions. Immediately after, she asked someone to escort her to Cloud Heaven City in order to take a drop of Ximen Wuya’s blood.

Afterwards, Yang Dingtian came to Ningning’s room.

“Sister Ningning, let me see your Deep Sea Mystic Poison,” asked Yang Dingtian.

“What is there to see? Ningning’s face was flushed red as she said, “I have to take off my pants you know?”

Yang Dingtian spoke in a serious manner, “Let me see it.”

Seeing how serious Yang Dingtian was, Ningning rolled her eyes at him and replied, “Alright, but just look. Don’t make any noises.”

Soon enough, Ningning struggled to stand up and used both her hands to turn her delicate body around before she took off the silk trousers. She even took off her panties.

In this instant, Yang Dingtian saw a sexy view that was unusual and special.

Half of Ningning’s enchanting and perky, white butt was green in color.

Then, Ningning struggled to turn around while her lower body was completely naked. Even the most private region didn’t have any form of concealment.

“Ahh…” A surprised noise still made it out.

Because half of the hair in Ningning’s nether region was a bewitching green while the other half was normal.

It was extremely sexy and bewitching at the same time.

But that wasn’t important. The important thing was that the Deep Sea Mystic Poison that was previously only at Ningning’s thigh had now extended all the way to her nether region and covered half of it in green.

This Deep Sea Mystic Poison was rising slowly.

Once it rose to the qi vessel area, the consequences would be inconceivable.

“Why didn’t you tell me that the Deep Sea Mystic Poison was still spreading upwards?” Yang Dingtian asked in a furious tone.

Ningning replied in a tender voice, “Sorry, it is sister’s fault.”

“How long before it reaches the qi vessels?” Yang Dingtian inquired.

“Roughly, more than a dozen days…,” Ningning replied.

Originally, Yang Dingtian had some hesitation regarding going to the Temple of Blood, but he had no more reservations now. He had to go.

He didn’t just have to save Yanyan. He had to save Ximen Ningning too.

“Ningning, give me some of your blood with the Deep Sea Mystic Poison,” Yang Dingtian requested.

“Okay,” Ningning took out a white jade pipette and was about to prick her thighs to take some blood.

“Don’t take the blood from there.” Yang Dingtian quickly explained, “I am going to give the blood to some other man.”

Finishing his explanation, Yang Dingtian felt embarrassed. Was his sense of possession so strong?

After Ningning heard the explanation, her face blushed before she rolled her eyes at Yang Dingtian and sat down. She then took some green blood from the bottom of her foot.

After hesitating shortly, she took another pipette of blood and placed it in a cold and icy jade box before handing it over to Yang Dingtian.

“Xiao Tian, can you tell me now? What are you going to do?” Ximen Ningning asked.

“I am going to the Temple of Blood, to a breakthrough in the Blood Pool,” Yang Dingtian explained.

Ningning was shocked. Her face showed an appalled and heartbroken expression. “Xiao Tiao, you have gone mad… No, I will not let you go, I will definitely not let you go!”

Yang Dingtian didn’t reply and just looked at her quietly, expressing his absolute determination.

Ningning had a mournful look as tears dropped from her eyes.

The two of them fell into utter silence.

Ningning lifted her head and looked at Yang Dingtian. “Xiao Tian, you must go… am I right? No one can stop you right?”

Yang Dingtian nodded his head solemnly.

“But the Temple of Blood is a place of the utmost evil. Even father was fearful of that great evil, Dugu Xiao,” Ningning stated.

Yang Dingtian elaborated, “I will first look for Poison Hands Devil, Ouyang Lun. He once successfully entered the Blood Pool to cultivate, and he should have the Omni Poison Devil Snake.”

(TL note: Ten Thousand Poison Devil Snake = Omni Poison Devil Snake)

“You are so silly. That psycho Poison Hands Devil is very dangerous!” Ningning replied.

Yang Dingtian fell into silence again.

“I will go with you,” Ningning proposed.

“Not this time.” Yang Dingtian said, “I know that you have been regulating your qi during this period time, all the time, trying to suppress the threatening Deep Sea Mystic Poison. If you are to travel with me, it will endanger your life. So this time, I must go alone.”

“You must?” Ningning asked with wide eyes.

“I must!” Yang Dingtian said resolutely.

Ningning fell into silence and just lowered her head as tears fell, not saying a single thing.

Shortly after, Ningning suddenly undid her clothes and revealed her snow-white and soft breasts.

Yang Dingtian was surprised as he didn’t know what Ningning was doing.

He saw her petite hand stroke her soft breasts. She took a deep breath as though she had made a decision. Afterwards, she circulated her mystic qi, and a snow-white mist spilled out from her fingertips. Another shocking thing happened in front of Yang Dingtian.

A decorative necklace slowly took form in front of her snow-white and soft breasts. It was a snow-white chain attached to a beautiful pendant. It was a transparent gem in the shape of a teardrop. It was limpid and sparkling, so temptingly pure, and it was giving off a mysterious presence.

Ningning took off the necklace and gazed at it for a moment before she put it around Yang Dingtian’s neck.

Afterwards, the necklace slowly turned invisible and vanished into the air right in front of the surprised Yang Dingtian.

“Xiao Tian, if you encounter any dangerous situation, reach out and stroke the necklace while circulating your mystic qi. Let the teardrop-shaped necklace take form and not even Poison Hands Devil or the Temple of Blood’s Temple Master Dugu Xiao would be able to kill you.” Ningning then said softly, “But, you must only reveal it only at times of grave danger. Let no one else see it at any time. Remember, no one. Not even the people we trust. Otherwise, it will bring endless troubles. Even if the world is so wide, I am afraid there will not be anywhere left for the two of us to seek refuge.”

Yang Dingtian was instantly astonished as he took a deep breath. What was this necklace to actually have such power? In this instant, Ximen Ningning’s identity became even more mysterious in Yang Dingtian’s eyes.

“Is this a teardrop?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Ningning nodded and replied, “This is a teardrop that has solidified into a gem. Once it reveals itself, it will put the world into a perilous situation. Hence, unless it is absolutely necessary, never ever reveal it.”

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath and said, “Can I not wear it? This item must be very important to you and is best left on you.”

“No, you must wear it. If not, you will bring me along.” Ximen Ningning spoke in a gentle yet resolute voice, “When you come back safely, you can still return it to me.”

“Previously, you said to return the Deep Sea Mystic Clothes to you after I successfully hunted the demon cores, but it is still on my body,” Yang Dingtian said.

“That is different.” Ningning said, “I don’t do any fighting. Thus, that Deep Sea Mystic Clothes is of no use to me.”

Ningning then raised the tone of her voice immediately after and said, “Xiao Tian, you remember this. As long as your life is in danger, you must reveal this teardrop necklace. I know in your heart that you would rather die than use it. So I shall tell you… if you are to die, this world will still fall into chaos even if the teardrop necklace isn’t revealed, understand? When in true danger, you must use it and not let sister worry about you.”

Yang Dingtian nodded and spoke solemnly, “I understand.”


Four hours later, Madam Ximen came back with a pipette of Ximen Wuya’s blood.

Yang Dingtian then explained his intention to Madam Ximen and Ximen Lie, which the two immediately objected to after hearing it. But Yang Dingtian was very determined and after being convinced by Ximen Ningning, the two of them reluctantly allowed him to go look for Poison Hands Evil. However, they were still extremely concerned.

With Ningning’s exceptional skills, Yang Dingtian was disguised into an able-bodied man who had no resemblance to his original look. Afterwards, he donned the armor of a Black Blood Cavalry and left Black Blood Castle after blending himself into a platoon.

Under the protection from ten Black Blood Cavalry brothers who were Great Mystic Martial Masters, Yang Dingtian rode his horse towards the Netherworld Swamp and the Temple of Blood beyond.

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