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Ninth in The World (Web Novel)


In the endless Universe is eight primordial laws. Each of the eight laws have been fused with a supreme expert, but unbeknownst to everyone, there is a ninth law in the universe. It tears open the Primordial Chaos and is beyond reach.

Di Jiu—whose name is a homophone for ‘ninth’—is the ungifted son of a powerful Di family clan in the Ji Nation as he lacks martial roots. Unwilling to resign to his fate, he practices medicine, hoping to one day cure himself.

1793 • 2020-11-21 22:59:10


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 909: It’s You…2020-12-02
Chapter 908: That Is Because You’re Not Strong Enough2020-12-02
Chapter 907: The Gigantic Tripod’s Destruction2020-12-01
Chapter 906: A Wife’s Night Talk2020-12-01
Chapter 905: The Soul-Sealing Adamantine2020-11-30
Chapter 904: Nong Xiuqi Is Awake2020-11-30
Chapter 903: Extermination2020-11-29
Chapter 902: No Right to Break the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array2020-11-29
Chapter 901: Killing Xing Xi2020-11-28
Chapter 900: A Grudge Against the Green Lotus2020-11-28
Chapter 899: Di Jiu’s Worry2020-11-27
Chapter 898: The Ruthlessness of the Bei Family2020-11-27
Chapter 897: The Passageway that Di Jiu Had Constructed2020-11-26
Chapter 896: The Way to Leave the Dao Abyss2020-11-26
Chapter 895: Yi Ji’s Cultivation Technique2020-11-25
Chapter 894: You Still Dare Call Yourself a Saint2020-11-25
Chapter 893: Yimo’s Return2020-11-24
Chapter 892: Sacred Lord2020-11-24
Chapter 891: The Upright Fatty2020-11-23
Chapter 890: You’re Very Strong2020-11-23
Chapter 889: Killing One First2020-11-22
Chapter 888: The Rules of the Dao Abyss2020-11-22
Chapter 888: The Rules of the Dao Abyss2020-11-22
Chapter 887: This Saber Move Again2020-11-22
Chapter 886: The Disappointing Connate Treasure2020-11-22
Chapter 885: I Want Two Soul-Gathering Immortal Lotuses2020-11-22
Chapter 884: Everyone Will Have Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit2020-11-22
Chapter 883: The Dao Trade2020-11-22
Chapter 882: Up To The Top2020-11-22
Chapter 881: Di Jiu’s Dao Integration2020-11-22
Chapter 880: A Person Uses the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit to Brew Wine2020-11-22
Chapter 879: Stop If You’re Tired2020-11-22
Chapter 878: Daoist, Take Care! I’ll Leave First.2020-11-22
Chapter 877: Mountain Gaze’s Peak2020-11-22
Chapter 876: You Should Not Attain Dao Integration Here2020-11-22
Chapter 875: The Dao Abyss Where Experts Gather2020-11-22
Chapter 874: The Mountain Gaze Dao Abyss2020-11-22
Chapter 873: Entering the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone2020-11-22
Chapter 872: The Great Ultimate Realm Is Sealed2020-11-22
Chapter 871: Complete Extermination2020-11-22
Chapter 870: The Bei Family of the Supreme Bei Celestial Ocean2020-11-22
Chapter 869: Establishing A Sect2020-11-22
Chapter 868: A Fine Line Between Victory and Defeat2020-11-22
Chapter 867: The Battle of Laws2020-11-22
Chapter 866: Dark Law2020-11-22
Chapter 865: Rallying to One’s Call2020-11-22
Chapter 864: The Starry Sky Saber Sect2020-11-22
Chapter 863: A Realm as Foundation2020-11-22
Chapter 862: I Know Who That Is2020-11-22
Chapter 861: Yin Yueshu’s Cry for Help2020-11-22
Chapter 860: Asking Di Jiu for Assistance2020-11-22
Chapter 859: Dao Lord Po Xu2020-11-22
Chapter 858: The Heaven-Opening Mantra vs. the Primeval Finger2020-11-22
Chapter 857: The Enemy Came2020-11-22
Chapter 856: The Business Grew Big2020-11-22
Chapter 855: The Origin of the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone2020-11-22
Chapter 854: The Mountain Gaze Restaurant2020-11-22
Chapter 853: The Great Divine Power of the Five Degenerations2020-11-22
Chapter 852: The Great Calamity Art2020-11-22
Chapter 851: The Astonishing Dharma Treasure Fragment2020-11-22
Chapter 850: A Cultivator Dying of Old Age2020-11-22
Chapter 849: The Historical Ruins of Dao Lord Indefinite2020-11-22
Chapter 848: The Ocean Between the Two Realms2020-11-22
Chapter 847: The Dharma Treasure of Civilized Legacy2020-11-22
Chapter 846: Being Friends with Sacred Lord Green Lotus2020-11-22
Chapter 845: A Lotus Seed2020-11-22
Chapter 844: Leaving the Lost Dao World2020-11-22
Chapter 843: Exchanging the Dharma Treasure2020-11-22
Chapter 842: Meeting Shang Huijue Again2020-11-22
Chapter 841: Di Jiu’s Heaven-Opening Mantra2020-11-22
Chapter 840: Don’t Ask Someone to Act Against Their Wishes2020-11-22
Chapter 839: Solitary Void Without Yin and Yang2020-11-22
Chapter 838: The Green Lotus of Creation2020-11-22
Chapter 837: Temporarily Canceling the Battle2020-11-22
Chapter 836: Letting Go of All Reservations2020-11-22
Chapter 835: The Strange Lost Dao City2020-11-22
Chapter 834: The Six Realms in the Wheel of Life2020-11-22
Chapter 833: The Heaven-Opening Mantra2020-11-22
Chapter 832: The Heaven-Opening Writing Brush and the Book of Life and Death2020-11-22
Chapter 831: Why Be So Arrogant?2020-11-22
Chapter 830: The Lost Dao City’s City Lord2020-11-22
Chapter 829: Fighting With a Group of Dao Integration Experts2020-11-22
Chapter 828: A City of Homebodies2020-11-22
Chapter 827: A Perfected Primordial Chaos Expert2020-11-22
Chapter 826: The Statue Outside the Starry Sky Immortal City2020-11-22
Chapter 825: Terrifying Thunder2020-11-22
Chapter 824: The Consequence of Daring to Exterminate the Immortal Lake Sect2020-11-22
Chapter 823: Xiuqi’s Former Sect2020-11-22
Chapter 822: Your Dao Runes Are In Disorder2020-11-22
Chapter 821: A Terrifying Law Cluster2020-11-22
Chapter 820: Nong Xiuqi’s World2020-11-22
Chapter 819: The Lost Dao World’s Origin2020-11-22
Chapter 818: The Lost Dao World2020-11-22
Chapter 817: May I Know Where Is This?2020-11-22
Chapter 816: Soul-searching2020-11-22
Chapter 815: What Is Her Name?2020-11-22
Chapter 814: I Heard You Have a River and Mountain Kettle2020-11-22
Chapter 813: Your Name Is Zhong You?2020-11-22
Chapter 812: Do Your Parents Know?2020-11-22
Chapter 811: The Second Dao Integration Expert in the Dao World2020-11-22
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