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Number One Zombie Wife (Web Novel)


Transmigrated into his own novel, Mu Yifan was very conflicted!

Transmigrated into his own novel and become a zombie, Mu Yifan was even more conflicted!

Transmigrated into his own novel and become the zombie king that killed the male lead, and the male lead reborn to one month before the apocalypse to take revenge, Mu Yifan has lost his calm!

Therefore, he decided to become heartless, he has to get rid of the male lead before he reborn.


Hold on, what kind of rhythm is this?

Isn’t he writing a Science Fiction novel?

How did it become Danmei?

1536 • 2020-01-21 11:15:34


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 376: Reality (The END)2020-01-21
Chapter 375: Reality (15)2020-01-21
Chapter 374: Reality (14)2020-01-21
Chapter 373: Reality (13)2020-01-21
Chapter 372: Reality (12)2020-01-21
Chapter 371: Reality (11)2020-01-21
Chapter 370: Reality (10)2020-01-21
Chapter 369: Reality (9)2020-01-21
Chapter 368: Reality (8)2020-01-21
Chapter 367: Reality (7)2020-01-21
Chapter 366: Reality (6)2020-01-21
Chapter 365: Reality (5)2020-01-21
Chapter 364: Reality (4)2020-01-21
Chapter 363: Reality (3)2020-01-21
Chapter 362: Reality (2)2020-01-21
Chapter 361: Reality (1)2020-01-21
Chapter 360: Father, Dad, I hope you will be happy in another world.2020-01-21
Chapter 359: He's really dead2020-01-21
Chapter 358: Why did you leave me like this?2020-01-21
Chapter 357: Days in Buvina2020-01-21
Chapter 356: Is it strange that I am nervous2020-01-21
Chapter 355: Am I really going to die?2020-01-21
Chapter 354: Late stage cancer2020-01-21
Chapter 353: I’m here for everything2020-01-21
Chapter 352: Are we getting married?2020-01-21
Chapter 351: Happy days2020-01-21
Chapter 350: “It's so evil, old, turn it off."2020-01-21
Chapter 349: What would you do, dad?2020-01-21
Chapter 348: Is this how we kiss?2020-01-21
Chapter 347: I just felt someone kissing me2020-01-21
Chapter 346: You're a Zombie King?2020-01-21
Chapter 345: You dull-head2020-01-21
Chapter 344: Ya Wei’s end2020-01-21
Chapter 343: I'll cook at home and wait for you2020-01-21
Chapter 342: You're asking me about my privacy2020-01-21
Chapter 341: The power of the masses2020-01-21
Chapter 340: Zhan Bei Tian, you bastard2020-01-21
Chapter 339: Their opinions2020-01-21
Chapter 338: You are really Nan Tian2020-01-21
Chapter 337: the Flattening case of the Zanglong Mountain2020-01-21
Chapter 336: I’m the author!!!2020-01-21
Chapter 335: The Devouring power2020-01-21
Chapter 334: Realization speech power2020-01-21
Chapter 333: The Space storm2020-01-21
Chapter 332: Is the boss crazy?2020-01-21
Chapter 331: You're not to blame2020-01-21
Chapter 330: Zhuang Zi Yue, a fermented pig2020-01-21
Chapter 329: No wonder he couldn't open it2020-01-21
Chapter 328: He must be your cousin.2020-01-21
Chapter 327: What's your plan now?2020-01-21
Chapter 326: You're going to die2020-01-21
Chapter 325: He said you would die2020-01-21
Chapter 324: The choice2020-01-21
Chapter 323: To beat a zombie is to fun!2020-01-21
Chapter 322: Wang Bing is innocent2020-01-21
Chapter 321: Who wanted to kill him?2020-01-21
Chapter 320: Let me get rid of Mu Yi Fan2020-01-21
Chapter 319: You did pick a good man2020-01-21
Chapter 318: Live with zombies?2020-01-21
Chapter 317: Another power2020-01-21
Chapter 316: We don’t believe you!2020-01-21
Chapter 315: You dare to use illusions on me?2020-01-21
Chapter 314: You actually sneaked out?2020-01-21
Chapter 313: A mother’s sacrifice2020-01-21
Chapter 312: So similar2020-01-21
Chapter 311: There can only be one Zombie King2020-01-21
Chapter 310: His heart is soft2020-01-21
Chapter 309: Tian Nan?2020-01-21
Chapter 308: Zombies are not so abominable.2020-01-21
Chapter 307: What do I have to do?2020-01-21
Chapter 306: Young Master Mu is a zombie2020-01-21
Chapter 305: We can also fight back2020-01-21
Chapter 304: Do you want us to die here?2020-01-21
Chapter 303: Uncle and Dad don't recognize me?2020-01-21
Chapter 302: I will avenge Liu Yu2020-01-21
Chapter 301: The zombies are coming2020-01-21
Chapter 300: It's the zombies!2020-01-21
Chapter 299: There's a wave of zombies coming here2020-01-21
Chapter 298: Are they competing?2020-01-21
Chapter 297: I want to protect Great Grandpa2020-01-21
Chapter 296: Don't be so mean2020-01-21
Chapter 295: It’s already better than better2020-01-21
Chapter 294: Will protect him for the rest of his life2020-01-21
Chapter 293: A pending zombie wave2020-01-21
Chapter 292: As it turned out, what he said is true2020-01-21
Chapter 291: Do you believe Mu-Mu is a zombie?2020-01-21
Chapter 290: Exposing Mu Yi Fan’s identity2020-01-21
Chapter 289: Mr. Mu’s nails are really sharp2020-01-21
Chapter 288: Sooner or later they will accept me!2020-01-21
Chapter 287: It's from my man2020-01-21
Chapter 286: You can't be soft, can you?2020-01-21
Chapter 285: My nails are so black2020-01-21
Chapter 284: Zanglong Mountain2020-01-21
Chapter 283: What else do you have to say?2020-01-21
Chapter 282: Mu-Mu, is his2020-01-21
Chapter 281: You have so many questions2020-01-21
Chapter 280: I just think Dad is a little weird2020-01-21
Chapter 279: Raise your hands, or I'll shoot2020-01-21
Chapter 278: The Zombie King2020-01-21
Chapter 277: It's the bodies2020-01-21
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