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「Omae Gotoki ga Maou ni Kateru to Omou na」 to Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou Sareta no de, Outo de Kimama ni Kurashitai (Light Novel)


Flum Apricot never even wanted to leave her village. She would’ve been content to live out her entire life there in peace. But unfortunately, after being prophesied by the God of Creation Origin to join the Hero’s party and defeat the Demon Lord, she’s known nothing but misery. How is someone with stats of zero like her supposed to be of any use? Her only ability is ‘Reversal’, and not even she knows what that’s supposed to mean. The party’s sage, Jean Inteige, is also convinced that she has no right to be there, and he knows just how to get rid of her. Through the depths of despair, when the curse finally ‘reverses’ itself, what will be left of Flum? And what kind of life will she make for herself?

2248 • 2019-07-29 02:07:22


The chapterAddition Time
Volume 2, Afterword2019-07-29
Volume 2, EXTRA - Flum And Milkit In A Slightly Different, Peaceful World2019-07-29
Volume 2, Side Story - Eterna As Always2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 015 - Inconvenient Truths2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 014 - DAWN2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 013 - Feelings, A Single Dropful2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 012 - Counterattack2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 011 - Break The Night2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 010 - MORE2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 009 - An Empty, Incomplete Peace2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 008 - Powerlessness Will Always Haunt Us2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 007 - There's No Truth To Be Found2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 006 - A Red Wind Howls2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 005 - The Squirming Spiral2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 004 - What Goes Around Comes Around2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 003 - The Slave Girl Has Nowhere To Run2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 002 - The Spider Spins His Web2019-07-29
Volume 2, Chapter 001 - The Dastard Laughs2019-07-29
Volume 2, Interlude - Of Black And White2019-07-29
Volume 1, Afterword2019-07-29
Volume 1, EXTRA - A Slightly Different Flum And Milkit (2XXX CE Arc)2019-07-29
Volume 1, Side Story - Everyday Life For Three2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 015 - My Sweet Home2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 014 - Private Property Priced To Move (Housemate Included)2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 013 - Melting Hearts2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 012 - What Are We Supposed To Believe Now?2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 011 - My Time There Wasn't Pointless After All2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 010 - Into The Depths Of Despair2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 009 - Finally, We Meet Again2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 008 - The Paradoxical Girl Purely Shining in the Hallowed Darkness ????2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 007 - We Aim for 'Normalcy' From The Depths of Hell2019-07-29
Volume 1, Interlude 2 - Ruinous Good News2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 006 - The Beginning Ends, A New Fate Starts2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 005 - The Palm of Your Hand is Too Small for a Dance Hall2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 004 - A Quest Like This is Nothing2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 003 - There are good people, too. We'll make it somehow.2019-07-29
Volume 1, Interlude 1 - That Tiny Missing Cog2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 002 - From The Curse, The Girl's Blessing2019-07-29
Volume 1, Chapter 001 - The End of the Girl Who Only Wanted a Normal Life2019-07-29
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