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Omnipotent Sage (Web Novel)


OS, 通天大圣


Action Adventure Martial Arts Xianxia

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Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers!

Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-called ambitions from his past life to change the world were cast aside.

However, when a forbidden bloodline awakens in his body and his eternal eyes begin to shine once again, he discovers that his iron fists give him the power to force others to follow the truth and to reforge justice!

This is a cultivation legend about a modern man that was thrust into an amazing martial arts world.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 897: Achieved Eternity (Ending)2019-08-29
Chapter 896: The Ultimate Tribulation (III)2019-08-29
Chapter 895: The Ultimate Tribulation (II)2019-08-28
Chapter 894: The Ultimate Tribulation (I)2019-08-28
Chapter 893: Jade Emperor’s Death & Becoming a Celestial Immortal2019-08-27
Chapter 892: The Truth (II)2019-08-27
Chapter 891: The Truth (I)2019-08-25
Chapter 890: Face to Face with the Celestial Immortal2019-08-25
Chapter 889: The Discovery2019-08-24
Chapter 888: The Celestial Immortal Remains2019-08-24
Chapter 887 The Moon Temple!2019-08-24
Chapter 886 Inside the Treasure-snatching Rock and the Six Kingdoms2019-08-24
Chapter 885: The Plan Comes to Nothing, Deciphering the News2019-08-23
Chapter 884: The Start of Things to Come and the Azure Heavens Battle2019-08-23
Chapter 883: Beating Back Fate, the Azure Heavens Attack2019-08-21
Chapter 882: Intense Atmosphere & The Axe of Fate2019-08-21
Chapter 881: Insight From the Tribulation2019-08-21
Chapter 880: Challenge the Earthly Immortal Tribulation2019-08-21
Chapter 879 Burning the Good Fortune2019-08-20
Chapter 878 The Revenge2019-08-20
Chapter 877: The Source of the Dharma Ending2019-08-18
Chapter 876: The Beginning of the Five Decrepit Phenomena and the Omen of the Dharma Ending2019-08-18
Chapter 875 The Seven Wonderful Techniques and Deva“s Five Decrepit Phenomena2019-08-18
Chapter 874 The Crimson Thunder2019-08-18
Chapter 873: The Chaotic Poisonous Sea2019-08-17
Chapter 872: The Underworld Sage’s Doubts2019-08-17
Chapter 871: The Dark Mountains2019-08-17
Chapter 870: The Battle of Emperor An2019-08-17
Chapter 869: Everyone Has Their Own Scheme2019-08-14
Chapter 868: Sky-walking Emperor, Father and Son2019-08-14
Chapter 867: Omnipotent Sage2019-08-14
Chapter 866: Own Way2019-08-14
Chapter 865: I Need Your Help2019-08-12
Chapter 864: The Fourth Layer & the Truth about His Previous Life2019-08-12
Chapter 863: Success & Escape (Ⅱ)2019-08-11
Chapter 862: Fighting the Second Crown Prince of Jade Emperor (Ⅰ)2019-08-11
Chapter 861: Kong Ti2019-08-11
Chapter 860: The Willpower of the Celestial Immortal & the Five-colored Divine Light2019-08-11
Chapter 859: The Treasure-snatching Rock2019-08-10
Chapter 858: I’m Also a Rookie2019-08-10
Chapter 857: The Jade Emperor’s Way to Success2019-08-10
Chapter 856: The Contract and the Two-Man Team2019-08-10
Chapter 855: Starting to Face the Rock Cliff Sect2019-08-08
Chapter 854: The Killing Tribulations and Seizing Control of Fate2019-08-08
Chapter 853: Jade Emperor Crown Prince Dark Garbha-mandala Canopy2019-08-08
Chapter 852: Attack2019-08-08
Chapter 851: Local Bully Wang She2019-08-06
Chapter 850: Coincidence2019-08-06
Chapter 849: The Tribulation Takers2019-08-06
Chapter 848: The Young Master of the Sword School2019-08-06
Chapter 847: The Three Greatest Forces in the Immortal Realm, Jade Emperor Sage2019-07-12
Chapter 846: Reentering the Fifth Manor2019-07-12
Chapter 845: Assassination and the Welcoming Ceremony of the Immortal Realm2019-07-11
Chapter 844: Entering the Immortal Realm2019-07-11
Chapter 843: Succeeding with One Strike and the Unusual Movements of the Immortal Realm2019-07-10
Chapter 842: An Old Chinese Parasol, The Forest of Mysteries & An Ongoing Assassination2019-07-10
Chapter 841: The Upcoming Opening of the Passageway to the Immortal Realm2019-07-09
Chapter 840: The Way of Reincarnation2019-07-09
Chapter 839: Absorbing the Dharmas and Accomplishing the Reincarnation2019-07-08
Chapter 838: The Detonation2019-07-08
Chapter 837: A Successful Rescue!2019-07-07
Chapter 836: The Opponent’s Smart Plot and the Countermeasure2019-07-07
Chapter 835: Wang She’s Unexpected Arrival and the Taoist Snake Inheritance2019-07-06
Chapter 834: Fully Prepared – The Yin and Yang Dust Formation2019-07-06
Chapter 833: The Great Fusion Technique and the Air-frozen Bead2019-07-05
Chapter 832: The Immortal Tribulation2019-07-05
Chapter 831: The Mystery of the Seven Wonderful Techniques (Ⅱ)2019-07-04
Chapter 830: The Mystery of the Seven Wonderful Techniques (Ⅰ)2019-07-04
Chapter 829: The Yin and Yang Transformation Skill & the Heaven and Earth Secret Technique2019-07-03
Chapter 828: The Octupole Yin and Yang Mirror2019-07-03
Chapter 827: The Countermeasure2019-07-02
Chapter 826: Laying the Cards on the Table2019-07-02
Chapter 825: Killing and Fleeing2019-07-01
Chapter 824: Cundi’s Fate2019-07-01
Chapter 823: Ways to Undergo the Tribulation2019-06-30
Chapter 822: Sacred Fire Bead2019-06-30
Chapter 821: Zhou Ning2019-06-29
Chapter 820: To Snatch Treasure and to Infiltrate the Seven Mysteries World2019-06-29
Chapter 819: A Fierce Fight Against an Earthly Immortal (III)2019-06-28
Chapter 818: A Fierce Fight Against an Earthly Immortal (II)2019-06-28
Chapter 817: A Fierce Fight Against an Earthly Immortal (I)2019-06-27
Chapter 816: The Human Immortal Tribulation2019-06-27
Chapter 815: Collecting the Five Kinds of Qi2019-06-26
Chapter 814: The Central Star Area2019-06-26
Chapter 813: The Dharma Ending Tribulation2019-06-25
Chapter 812: Netherworld Heaven & Reincarnation Scroll (Ⅲ)2019-06-24
Chapter 811: Spiritual Treasure (Ⅱ)2019-06-24
Chapter 810: The Deal & Abuse2019-06-23
Chapter 809: Escaping (Ⅰ)2019-06-23
Chapter 808: The Beginning of the Devil Tribulation & Fighting Wugu2019-06-22
Chapter 807: The Third Strike – Dark Blue Rage and the Broken Dust Formation2019-06-22
Chapter 806: Ending Up Worse Off2019-06-21
Chapter 805: The Vast Sea’s First Strike2019-06-21
Chapter 804: Beginning the Tribulation2019-06-20
Chapter 803: Sea-overlooking Gate Tower2019-06-20
Chapter 802: Failing Star Reef2019-06-19
Chapter 801: Innate Fire-property Divine Body2019-06-19
Chapter 800: Secret Time Skill2019-06-18
Chapter 799: Plan2019-06-18
Chapter 798: Not Time for a Showdown2019-06-17
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