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On the Way Home I Got a Bride and Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons (Web Novel) - Chapter 67 – Bird Lovers (5)

Chapter 67 – Bird Lovers (5)

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Cute chubby brown things were happily frolicking in the water.


“Yaaa! What is that!”

Mikuma, who was trembling with her hand on her cheek, and Saeki, who couldn’t hide her excitement, raised their voices reflexively.

“Nii-chan! Look at that!”

Shouhei, who was unusually simpleminded, pointed to a speck at the waterside.

“Ni ni ni ni ni …”

Next to him, Koji was gritting his teeth vexingly.

What are you getting jealous for?

“Wow, Kunpei-san! It’s a baby bird!”

Aoi, who was pushing the baby stroller next to me, looked to where Shouehi was pointing and was surprised.

This is the innermost part of the ranch.

A place of relaxation for more than 400 Chunchu.

It was known as, Bird Lake.

Chunchu’s of varying sizes were playing in that large lake as they pleased.

Brown, gracefully swimming in the lake.

Brown, splashing their friends with water by the waterside.

Brown, single-mindedly pecking at the food boxes on the shore.

Brown, brown, brown.

I was overwhelmed by the flock of Chunchu’s that filled my field of view.


In my mind, I thought that there would be at most 50 of them.

However, reality always surpasses imagination.

Aren’t they multiplying abnormally?

“Over there was something that was written about, Petting Park.”

There was a space surrounded by wooden fences at the place where Saeki was pointing to.

In the middle, there was a woman of the cow tribe that seemed to be busy and was carrying a hemp bag.

“Shall we go take a look?”

I tried my best to pretend to be calm and suggested to everyone.

Isn’t it possible to pet them?

Petting those brown and fluffy things?

“Brother, you really do like cute things.”

I couldn’t hide it.

Yes! I love it!

We rushed determinedly towards Petting Park.

When we approached the fence, the woman of the cow tribe lowered her head slightly with a smile.

“Welcome. It’s just these young children right now”

It was a blonde beauty.

Wow, what a chest. Did you put missiles in there?

“Where is Kunpei-kun looking at?”

“I’m sure it’s the Chunchu…”

Mikuma physically corrected the gaze that was unconsciously going towards her chest.

To be exact, she gripped the sides of my head from behind and turned it with unimaginable power. It hurts.

It hurts and it’s scary.

“Even though I also have them… but it’s small.”

“Excuse me miss! I want to touch the Chunchus!”

I drowned out Aoi’s muttering with a loud voice. It’s okay, Nana is still fast asleep in my arms!

Hurry and change the topic!

“… Shall we all have a discussion about this later?”

That kind of Aoi’s mutterings is scary.

It’s scary, I’m scared.

“Okey-dokey! Don’t hold back, these kids were just born the day before yesterday. I can’t keep up with them all myself.”

I’m also worried about the cow tribe girl’s dialect, but what I should be focused on now is the small brown things that were swarming by our feet.

“Waaaaah! What is this, what is this!”

Saeki suddenly broke down.

“That child, can I touch them?”

“Of course, Chunchu chicks take kindly to people. Rather, if you don’t touch them, they’ll feel lonely and cry in the corner.”

Saeki who got permission, crouched down, taking care not to touch the ground with her buttocks.

When she slowly stretched out her right hand, the little brown birds who noticed her hand quickly rushed over.

“Oh, ooooh…”

Saeki leaked a voice of wonder and excitement.

As you can see, five Chunchu chicks were rubbing their bodies against her outstretched hand.

The Chunchu who was squinting comfortably looked exceedingly adorable.

“Me too, me too”

Shouhei sat down next to Saeki, stretched out both hands and held one of the chicks.


The Chunchu chirped delightfully and writhed its body.

“How cute.”

“Right! Right!? It’s so cute!”


Koji screamed with an unsatisfied expression when he saw his sister and Shouhei.

“Au, ah. Daa”

“Ah, Jaja woke up.”

Jaja, who had woken, looked up at Aoi and raised both hands making an appeal as if saying, “What is it? Jaja is awake, so show me.”

“Aoi, who was standing next to me, reached into the baby stroller.”

“Good morning, Jaja. Look at those birds.”

Aoi picked Jaja up and pointed at those baby Chunchu who were rubbing their bodies on Aoi’s legs.

Jaja looked at them, while holding her right thumb in her mouth.

“Ah, dah!”

Jaja swung her left arm around vigourously with sparkling eyes.



“Au! Kya!”

They were communicating something only babies understood.

The child Chunchu responded to Jaja’s voice, and Jaja was delighted with their response.

What is with this scene? It’s dazzling.

“These children just came out of the stables. The leader of the flock has been gone since last week. So I’m taking them out while I can.”

“The leader of the flock?”

The flock of Chunchu’s?

“Oh, if that guy is here, the female Chunchu don’t let go of the kids. Though he may be the flock leader, he’s a thug. He doesn’t listen to us stablehands at all. Sometimes he disappears.”

Is it such a scoundrel, even though they are the leader of such adorable Chunchus?

My imagination was a rounder Chunchu wearing a big crown!

“It’s because Nii-chan’s image is strange, you know.”

Yeah. I know.

For now, let’s pass the time playing with these children.

In the end, Nana never woke up and was always in my arms.

It feels kind of unfortunate, but I’ll show you the Chunchus when we come again some other time.

Petting Park was closed, and the chicks were taken back to the stables by the stable hand misses. It seemed that we played a lot, and it had turned to dusk before we knew it.

We were tired from having fun and took a short break on the bench next to the park.

There were still a lot of Chunchu playing in the lake, and you could hear them chirping Chunchu.

“Kou-chan! That’s no good!”

Shouhei raised his voice.


Koji was ahead of the voice.

“Shouhei, did Koji do something again?”

Saeki rushes over to Shouhei.

“Ichika-nee-chan is also angry. Kou-chan went over the fence to catch Chunchu.”

“That idiot! Hey Koji! I’ll tell dad!”

Saeki rushes over and leaned over the fence.

“I’m going to take a look and come back.”



I told Aoi, who was changing Jaja’s diaper on the bench, and Mikuma, who was helping, then headed to the fence with Nana.

“Nya… nya…”

“Didn’t I already tell you to stop, you idiot! I’m really angry!”

“Kou-chan! It’s dangerous!”

Saeki and Shouehi’s voices didn’t stop him at all, Koji stooped over and quietly headed towards the sleeping Chunchu by the waterside.

“Hey Koji! If they act violently, you’ll be in danger!”

I also raised my voice.

The size of an adult Chunchu was bigger than Koji.

Their weight was nearly four times that of Koji, so he would get seriously injured just by being leaned on.

“Koji! That’s enough!”


Saeki’s serious angry voice reverberated through the ranch.

Koji was surprised by her voice and stiffened.

At the same time, several Chunchu were startled and looked towards us.

“… Chu”

“… Nyaa”

One Chunchu met eyes with Koji, who was nearby.

They were both frozen.

Koji opens his eyes wide and started sweating.

“……… Chu, Chuuuuuuuuu!!!”



The Chunchu raised a surprised voice.

Koji became flustered and ran towards the fence.

Nana opened her eyes wide open in surprise to the cries of the Chunchu.

“Waaahh, byaaaaaaah!”

“Oh! Nana, were you startled? Good girl, good girl.”

I panicked and started gently patting Nana’s back to calm her.

“Byaaaaaah! Nyaaaaaaaah!”

She must have been really startled.

She wouldn’t stop crying.




The Chunchu who were in the lake began to cry all at once.

“Wah, what’s wrong everyone!”

“They must have been scared because of that idiot! That stupid brother of mine!”

“Nya nya!”

Koji climbed the fence while panting for breath.

“What is that?”

When I looked at the Chunchu while comforting Nana, I saw something at the end of the lake.

A wide and round silhouette.

As far as I can see, it’s quite big.

It slowly slid down into the lake and swam, and eventually, you could see it clearly.

“It’s huge…”

“What is that… not cute.”


“No way…”

What we saw was an enormous Chunchu.

A huge body that far surpassed my height.

It had whte feathers on top of its head like a cockscomb.


I turned around in surprise due to the abrupt cry.

The miss from the Petting Park was there with her mouth wide open in shock.

“Kaiser Maru is back!”

Kaiser Maru?

What is that?

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