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On the Way Home I Got a Bride and Twin Daughters, Who Were Dragons (Web Novel) - Chapter 68 – Bird Lovers (6)

Chapter 68 – Bird Lovers (6)

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The Kaiser Maru was gradually approaching, like the stable hand miss was saying.

Its physique was three times bigger than an ordinary Chunchu, its eyes had bloodlust and it wasn’t adorable at all.

It stood with the imposing air of a monarch and made us experience fear.

“Miss! It’s coming over here!”

“H-huh, what?”

Saeki and Shouhei, who felt daunted by its overwhelming presence, asked the miss in a panic.

“Kaiser Maru is the leader of this ranch’s Chunchu! He’s has reigned over the throne for 10 years! He’s never lost a battle for the throne! I didn’t expect him to come back! He usually wouldn’t come back for about a month or so!”

Isn’t it because you named him Kaiser Maru!?

Did it return because it heard the Chunchu’s cries?


We must have affected Nana because her cries became even louder.

“Let’s look for a way to escape for the time being.”

I held Nana and took Shouhei’s hand.

“It’s okay, he’s certainly a thug, but he’s a full-fledged leader. He wouldn’t act violently for no reason. Also, the Chunchu can’t go over the fence. They don’t have enough jumping strength.”

Then, it’s okay?

For now, let’s try to take care of Nana who keeps crying.

I let go of Shouhei’s hand and lifted Nana up with both hands.

“Nana? It’s okay. You must have been surprised, huh.”



I was looking up at a cute crying face.

Nana’s white horns were definitely glowing.

“What’s this……?”



I heard Shouhei’s voice and turned to face him.

“That! That!”

Shouhei pointed to the Chunchu with a blue face.

I followed his finger with my eyes.


When my line of sight approached the fence.

“Wah! Eh!?”

“How?? The fence was supposed to be too tall for Chunchu to cross over!? There’s never been a case of Chunchu crossing it before!”

A lot of Chunchu jumped over the fence one after another and ran around Shouhei and me.

“H-hey! What is this?”


“Kazamachi! Shouhei!”


The Chunchu continued to run circles around us.

Shouhei clung to me by grabbing my waist. I supported Shouhei’s shoulder with my right hand while holding Nana.

Saeki and Koji were calling our names with worry from the other side of the Chunchu.

“Calm down you guys! What happened? Is it kaiser Maru?”

The confused stablehand forcibly held down a small Chunchu.

“Chun!? Chuuu!”

The Chunchu wriggled, slipped through her hands and starts running again.

“Ah! The Chunchu’s eyes aren’t normal! It’s the first time I’ve seen them like that!”

The stablehand was shouting with teary eyes.


When I turned towards Aoi, she was running over from the bench with Jaja.

“Don’t come!”





The Chunchu’s were clearly strange.

They continued running around us with bewildered eyes.

“Hey, you guys.”

I unintentionally called out to the Chunchu’s.

It was because he looked unusual, he stuck out his tongue and was breathing roughly.


What is it this time!

This time it was Koji who suddenly raised his voice.

“W-what is that!”

Saeki was pointing across the lake.

I look in the direction that Saeki was pointing, while gently pressing Nana, who wouldn’t stop crying, into my chest.


A black shadow was peeking over the lake and coming from over the gentle sloped mountain range.

“Are they all … birds …?”

Yes, a flock of birds flew from the mountains to the top of the lake.

From crows, swallows, swans to hawks.

A variety of birds gathered coming towards this direction.

If you looked at the surroundings, similar flocks of birds were flying towards us from all directions.

For some reasion, I looked at Nana.

The white and small horns were clearly emitting light and flickering in sync with Nana’s cry.

I looked at the expression of the Chunchu again.

Everyone continued to run in circles confusedly.

Something clicked.

“Ah, Aoi!”

“Yes! What is it?”

Outside the circle of Chunchu, Mikuma who caught up with Aoi and was next to her was looking at us with anxiety.

“Maybe! Just maybe! Nana is gathering the birds!”


I know.

I don’t even know what I’m saying!

“That’s not possible! I’ve never heard of Sky Dragons that can manipulate birds!”

“Mikuma, do you know anything about it!?”

I asked Mikuma who had been studying a lot about dragons recently, she might know something!

“Um, wait a minute! I think I’ve heard of something like that!”


Aoi looked at her with a startled face.

“Kaiser Maru! Stoppu! Jasuto A momentu!”

Why in English!

The confused stablehand leaped out in front of Kaiser Maru’s path who landed on the shore.

Kaiser Maru’s speed accelerated right away because his feet were on the ground.

“Miss! It’s dangerous!”

I yelled out towards her.


“Nana, who was surprised by my voice, opened her eyes wide and cried again.”

The light that was emitting from her white horns was stronger.




Along with that emission of light, the Chunchu’s started moving.

Shouhei and I skillfully made our way through, and ran towards Kaiser Maru and the miss.

Similarly, the birds filling up the sky began to suddenly descend towards Kaiser Maru.


Kaiser Maru shook its giant body, spreads its short wings and let out a war cry.

“That guy is planning to confront them!”

Saeki clenched her fist and was breathing roughly with excitement.

The sun was setting at the calm ranch, and the deciding match for the strongest western Japan birds was taking place.

What is going on?

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