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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel)


For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother.

He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father’s business falling into crisis, she agrees to his contract.

She gave birth to twins: the older brother is healthy, while the younger brother didn’t breathe out. Fulfilling the contract with a huge monetary sum as the reward, she disappeared from his eyes.

Six years later – he was still the cold high-profile president, but when she is accidentally imprisoned in the cage of his golden birds he pressured her harder and harder: “Woman, do not think you can escape my hands!”

The old-fashioned man: “Mu Yazhe, you’d better leave her alone, this is the child’s mother!” The man becomes frightened, questioning the reason this child’s features bears such resemblance to…

2771 • 2019-03-29 00:46:16


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1990: Hang in there and do not let go!2020-10-21
Chapter 1989: Let us just perish together, then!2020-10-20
Chapter 1988: Narrowly Escaping a Harrowing Death2020-10-20
Chapter 1987: You will be safe with me around.2020-10-20
Chapter 1986: You get your just deserts!2020-10-20
Chapter 1985: I want you to pay for his death!2020-10-19
Chapter 1984: Caught in a Fight2020-10-19
Chapter 1983: Return the child to me!2020-10-18
Chapter 1982: A Person Standing Behind2020-10-18
Chapter 1981: Letting Her Imagination Roam2020-10-18
Chapter 1980: There are plenty of things we can do together.2020-10-17
Chapter 1979: It turns out to be just wistful thinking on his part.2020-10-17
Chapter 1978: I will be waiting for you on the rooftop.2020-10-17
Chapter 1977: A Bumper Harvest for ‘The Green Apple’2020-10-16
Chapter 1976: Honor and Glory2020-10-16
Chapter 1975: Best Newcomer Award2020-10-16
Chapter 1974: A Sarcastic Repartee2020-10-15
Chapter 1973: A Sense of Superiority from Acting in a Youth Movie2020-10-15
Chapter 1972: Highly Anticipated2020-10-15
Chapter 1971: Give her a basin of makeup remover, and you will find an old, rural woman.2020-10-14
Chapter 1970: The Opening Ceremony of the Film Festival2020-10-14
Chapter 1969: Downcast2020-10-14
Chapter 1968: Forlorn2020-10-13
Chapter 1967: Coaxing Her2020-10-13
Chapter 1966: A middle-aged uncle?!2020-10-13
Chapter 1965: Bumping into Hua Jin2020-10-12
Chapter 1964: Brother Mu would rather spend time with me.2020-10-12
Chapter 1963: Perishing the Unobtainable2020-10-12
Chapter 1962: Cannot go back…2020-10-11
Chapter 1961: Stop! Do not leave!2020-10-11
Chapter 1960: Who are you putting on this show for?2020-10-11
Chapter 1959: Leaving After One Glance2020-10-10
Chapter 1958: Her Suspicion2020-10-10
Chapter 1957: He will tear his father apart.2020-10-10
Chapter 1956: Liar! He is a big, fat liar!2020-10-09
Chapter 1955: Boss may be unable to show up.2020-10-09
Chapter 1954: Do not create trouble for me!2020-10-09
Chapter 1953: I am not obliged to do so.2020-10-08
Chapter 1952: Enya is in trouble. (3)2020-10-08
Chapter 1951: Enya is in trouble. (2)2020-10-08
Chapter 1950: Enya is in trouble. (1)2020-10-07
Chapter 1949: I want to put her into use.2020-10-07
Chapter 1948: I love him more than my life.2020-10-07
Chapter 1947: Song Enya turns eerie.2020-10-06
Chapter 1946: Serenity2020-10-06
Chapter 1945: Bans All Around2020-10-06
Chapter 1944: Mommy, do not let us wait too long.2020-10-05
Chapter 1943: Love is blind.2020-10-05
Chapter 1942: An Unfamiliar Feeling2020-10-05
Chapter 1941: Father hates the Mu family more than I do.2020-10-04
Chapter 1940: Mistaken as a Couple2020-10-04
Chapter 19392020-10-04
Chapter 1938: As long as I am with her…2020-10-03
Chapter 1937: Her Fate with Youyou2020-10-03
Chapter 1936: The Making of a CEO2020-10-03
Chapter 1935: Siblings’ Outing2020-10-02
Chapter 1934: How well-said!2020-10-02
Chapter 1933: Secretly Captured on Camera (2)2020-10-02
Chapter 1932: Secretly Captured on Camera (1)2020-10-01
Chapter 1931: Inhumane…2020-10-01
Chapter 1930: Boss Mu has been abused.2020-10-01
Chapter 1929: Spoiling Her2020-09-30
Chapter 1928: Sister-in-law is a bully.2020-09-30
Chapter 1927: The Proud and Haughty Boss Mu2020-09-30
Chapter 1926: Unromantic at All2020-09-29
Chapter 1925: A Husband Supporting His Wife2020-09-29
Chapter 1924: I want to walk the red carpet with our arms linked.2020-09-29
Chapter 1923: Get the boss to bring you to see more of the world.2020-09-28
Chapter 1922: Who is your partner for the red carpet?2020-09-28
Chapter 1921: Aiming for the Film Festival2020-09-28
Chapter 1920: Wife-protecting Maniac2020-09-27
Chapter 1919: Bare-faced Goddess (2)2020-09-27
Chapter 1918: Bare-faced Goddess (1)2020-09-27
Chapter 1917: Wish for a Princess2020-09-26
Chapter 1916: Beast2020-09-26
Chapter 1915: I will not do anymore kissing scenes.2020-09-26
Chapter 1914: Are you the actress, Yun Shishi?2020-09-25
Chapter 1913: Daddy is such a miser!2020-09-25
Chapter 1912: Heart Full of Sweetness2020-09-25
Chapter 1911: I do not want to see you.2020-09-24
Chapter 1910: You are not allowed to touch her. (2)2020-09-24
Chapter 1909: You are not allowed to touch her. (1)2020-09-24
Chapter 1908: Indignation2020-09-23
Chapter 1907: World’s Number One2020-09-23
Chapter 1906: I want her to live a life worse than death!2020-09-23
Chapter 1905: A Mysterious Woman2020-09-22
Chapter 1904: Hoodwinked2020-09-22
Chapter 1903: Yun Na’s Crimes2020-09-22
Chapter 1902: Closing the Case2020-09-21
Chapter 1901: Cleaning up the mess…2020-09-21
Chapter 1900: Through Blades of Fire2020-09-21
Chapter 1899: Strongman2020-09-20
Chapter 1898: The Law of the Jungle2020-09-20
Chapter 1897: I am scared…2020-09-20
Chapter 1896: All have changed.2020-09-19
Chapter 1895: Hands Stained of Sin2020-09-19
Chapter 1894: Nightmarish Memories2020-09-19
Chapter 1893: Youyou’s Multiple-personality Disorder2020-09-18
Chapter 1892: Yun Yecheng is listed as a suspect.2020-09-18
Chapter 1891: Li Qin is dead.2020-09-18
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