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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel)


For a million worth of contract, she became a surrogate mother.

He was the chief executive of the Empire and she was of lowly birth. With her adoptive father’s business falling into crisis, she agrees to his contract.

She gave birth to twins: the older brother is healthy, while the younger brother didn’t breathe out. Fulfilling the contract with a huge monetary sum as the reward, she disappeared from his eyes.

Six years later – he was still the cold high-profile president, but when she is accidentally imprisoned in the cage of his golden birds he pressured her harder and harder: “Woman, do not think you can escape my hands!”

The old-fashioned man: “Mu Yazhe, you’d better leave her alone, this is the child’s mother!” The man becomes frightened, questioning the reason this child’s features bears such resemblance to…

1498 • 2019-03-29 00:46:16


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1165: Potent Potential2020-02-28
Chapter 1164: Covered in Wounds2020-02-28
Chapter 1163: Officially welcoming you to the group…2020-02-27
Chapter 1162: An Eye-opener to Him2020-02-27
Chapter 1161: Hurricane’s Core Figure2020-02-27
Chapter 1160: Hurricane’s Chief Commander, Gong Jie2020-02-26
Chapter 1159: Signs of Poisoning2020-02-26
Chapter 1158: Claiming Kinship2020-02-26
Chapter 1157: She does not want to die!2020-02-25
Chapter 1156: Did you torture her into this state?2020-02-25
Chapter 1155: What? Are you rebelling against me?2020-02-25
Chapter 1154: As soon as he spoke, a gunshot sounded.2020-02-24
Chapter 1153: Where is mommy?2020-02-24
Chapter 1152: Discovering Hidden Ambitions2020-02-24
Chapter 1151: Are you Mu Yichen?!2020-02-23
Chapter 1150: Did you really think that I could not fire this gun?2020-02-23
Chapter 1149: Snatching the gun in retaliation!2020-02-23
Chapter 1148: I will bring you to see your mommy!2020-02-22
Chapter 1147: Finally see through her façade!2020-02-22
Chapter 1146: I am worried about my twin!2020-02-22
Chapter 1145: Who could be so heavy-handed?2020-02-21
Chapter 1144: It is my responsibility to protect you!2020-02-21
Chapter 1143: The Mu Group will only become a wasteland in your hands.2020-02-21
Chapter 1142: You have some use to me.2020-02-20
Chapter 1141: Missing Person2020-02-20
Chapter 1140: She will only become your burden.2020-02-20
Chapter 1139: Make a clean break with her!2020-02-19
Chapter 1138: This woman is too dangerous!2020-02-19
Chapter 1137: Crucial Hint2020-02-19
Chapter 1136: She has been moved.2020-02-18
Chapter 1135: Deceit2020-02-18
Chapter 1134: Swapping Identities2020-02-18
Chapter 1133: Keep a good watch over her; understand?2020-02-17
Chapter 1132: How about you perish with me?2020-02-17
Chapter 1131: Want to See Her Servile Look2020-02-17
Chapter 1130: You stole what is rightfully mine.2020-02-16
Chapter 1129: I can kill you now.2020-02-16
Chapter 1128: Tough Woman2020-02-16
Chapter 1127: An Idea2020-02-15
Chapter 1126: Many Spies in the Mu Residence2020-02-15
Chapter 1125: Mixing up the Right and the Wrong2020-02-15
Chapter 1124: Do not touch me!2020-02-14
Chapter 1123: Brought Back to the Mu Family2020-02-14
Chapter 1122: Protect Her with His Life2020-02-14
Chapter 1121: Grandpa!2020-02-13
Chapter 1120: Do not make things difficult.2020-02-13
Chapter 1119: Untitled2020-02-13
Chapter 1118: Overestimating One’s Capabilities2020-02-12
Chapter 1117: Imposter!2020-02-12
Chapter 1116: Give me the child.2020-02-12
Chapter 1115: Military Mobilization2020-02-11
Chapter 1114: Horrifying Combat Power2020-02-11
Chapter 1113: Bring the child back right away.2020-02-11
Chapter 1112: When will you get rid of them?2020-02-10
Chapter 1111: Do not mind playing with them…2020-02-10
Chapter 1110: Armed Forces2020-02-10
Chapter 1109: Premeditated Assassination2020-02-09
Chapter 1108: Brush with Death2020-02-09
Chapter 1107: The Sudden Incident2020-02-09
Chapter 1106: I am very busy.2020-02-08
Chapter 1105: I am not accepting your apology.2020-02-08
Chapter 1104: ‘The Lucky Couple’2020-02-08
Chapter 1103: I just want to hug you.2020-02-07
Chapter 1102: No longer care about you…2020-02-07
Chapter 1101: Who says that I am marrying her?2020-02-07
Chapter 1100: Keep me company.2020-02-07
Chapter 1099: Are you two cohabiting?2020-02-07
Chapter 1098: There should be a limit to her willfulness!2020-02-07
Chapter 1097: Exposed2020-02-06
Chapter 1096: It is perfectly justifiable for a husband to support his wife.2020-02-06
Chapter 1095: Is somebody jealous?2020-02-06
Chapter 1094: So Easily Satisfied2020-02-06
Chapter 1093: Extravagantly Corrupted2020-02-05
Chapter 1092: Speedy Improvement2020-02-05
Chapter 1091: In a Daze2020-02-04
Chapter 1090: A Man Full of Vitality2020-02-04
Chapter 1089: Taking in Her Aroma2020-02-04
Chapter 1088: Happy with Her Taking the Initiative2020-02-04
Chapter 1087: Taking the Initiative2020-02-04
Chapter 1086: Completely Crazy and Ridiculous2020-02-04
Chapter 1085: Is it worth it for a woman?2020-02-02
Chapter 1084: Crude Interest2020-02-02
Chapter 1083: Rape them…2020-02-02
Chapter 1082: Ambush (2)2020-02-01
Chapter 1081: Ambush (1)2020-02-01
Chapter 1080: Playing the Supporting Character2020-02-01
Chapter 1079: Did your IQ get eaten by dogs?2020-01-31
Chapter 1078: Raging Jealousy2020-01-31
Chapter 1077: Helping an Outsider2020-01-31
Chapter 1076: A Stroke of Good Luck2020-01-30
Chapter 1075: Did daddy bully you?2020-01-30
Chapter 1074: Help me cool the porridge.2020-01-30
Chapter 1073: One hundred of me will need a hundred of you.2020-01-29
Chapter 1072: I was wrong.2020-01-29
Chapter 1071: Love is a restraint.2020-01-29
Chapter 1070: Portrait of a Beauty2020-01-28
Chapter 1069: Not Owning up to Mistakes2020-01-28
Chapter 1068: The person Master Mu wants…2020-01-28
Chapter 1067: Condemnation2020-01-27
Chapter 1066: Pleading for Mercy (1)2020-01-27