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Chapter 115: Offended

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Lu Jingtian panicked when she realized that her lofty status was being threatened. She quickly turned to Mu Yazhe and asked smilingly, “Brother Mu, why are you ignoring me?”

Mu Yazhe finally lowered his gaze to look at her for the first time.

“Director Lin is here as a judge today. Let’s go for coffee after this audition.”

Lu Jingtian clung onto his arm, her coyness with him appeared intimate to the onlookers. She deliberately increased her voice’s volume to show off her close relationship with the most desirable and influential man in the capital.

Earlier in the waiting room during the audition, a newbie was being rude to her. She would use this chance to make a silent proclamation of her eminent status!

Amid the crowd, Yun Na was fidgeting nervously.

What is that woman’s relationship with that rich and influential man?

She could not recognize the handsome Mu Yazhe naturally, but she did identify the mayor respectfully following the man from behind. The tall and handsome man had a remarkable relationship with that woman?

She shuddered at the thought.

Earlier in the waiting room, she had been difficult with that woman. Would she, Lu Jingtian, seek revenge in return?

Mu Yazhe knew well the vain intention behind Lu Jingtian’s action, so he did not expose her. “Your grandpa asked me to come and take a look at you.”

Yun Shishi’s heart skipped a beat.

He is here for her, huh…

His words satisfied Lu Jingtian’s vanity. She pretended to be upset with him. “Hmph! Grandpa must have sent you to dissuade me from acting again. I love acting, though! Brother Mu, this is my dream!”

His lips revealed a slightly elegant arc, yet he kept quiet.

She continued, “Brother Mu, you invested in this film, right? Jingtian really wants to be the female lead in this movie…”

He strode off with her close to his side. The row of men behind him followed suit, and the masses dispersed next, just like an imperial procession following the king on duty.

“Let’s go, Shishi. And your friend here beside you… Let me give you two a lift,” Lin Fengtian told them.

The group walked to the exit. When Xiao Xue caught sight of a black shining Rolls-Royce Phantom, she excitedly danced around the vehicle a few times like a little kid.

Oh, god! This is a rich man! This model is an imported vintage car!

Lin Fengtian was slightly stunned by her reaction. This little girl!

“Brother Lin!” Xiao Xue called out. With her manicured fingertips displaying orchid motif, she pointed to the grand car and asked, “Can I take a few selfies here with this car?!”

“Sure,” he agreed readily.

She immediately took out her hand phone and snapped a few selfies with the car. Her alluring and showy expressions made her looked sleazy…

“Enough! Let’s get into the car first!” he urged the two.

“Er, alright!” Xiao Xue excitedly got into the back seat, leaving Yun Shishi gawking at her best friend’s antics.

The group stepped into the car one after another. None of them noticed the pair of eyes following them from behind.

That pair of eyes was full of ill intention.

That d*mn girl called Shishi almost cost him his life. He almost unintentionally stepped on the toes of those mighty shots. Without mentioning the men from Disheng Financial Group, Lin Xiaozheng alone was enough to squash him flat!

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