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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 470: Do you not know that Little Yichen was in danger?

Chapter 470: Do you not know that Little Yichen was in danger?

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Was his gentleness toward her in the past just for show?

Did he like this woman, too?

What did she mean to him, then?

She was lost and could not understand anymore.

However, right now, the source of her unhappiness was not that; rather, it was Little Yichen, lying in the hospital bed and feeling down because of his heartlessness, while the man was elsewhere hugging another woman.

When he saw her standing there, panic fleeted across his face, which he quickly hid.

He did not know how much this stupid woman had seen or heard; even more so, he was clueless on what thoughts were running through her head as she stood there looking at him without moving!

He asked, “What are you doing here?”

They were not standing far apart. The man’s voice boomed clearly, but it seemed to have escaped her ears. As the elevator doors parted open, she turned around and stepped inside it. Pressing the button for a certain floor, she had every intention to return into the kids’ ward!

He was furious when she ignored him and walked into the elevator without replying. In a few large strides, he was close enough to the elevator to reach out his hand and forcefully prevent its doors from closing.

The elevator doors bounced hard against his hand. She was alarmed to see them open again and him stride inside. Standing before her, he pinned her with his angry eyes.

“What are you trying to do?”

She was made confused by his words. “What am I trying to do? I don’t understand what you mean.”

“I’m asking you why you are here and why you are ignoring me. What do you mean by doing that?!” he thundered, clearly antagonized by her cool response. Once the doors closed on them, he marched up to her and forced her into a corner.

She was neither angry nor fretful. With a dull and peaceful look, she countered, “Why can’t I be here? Did my presence disturb your flirtation? If so, I apologize.”

Her strange words only made him angrier. With a frosty look, he lambasted, “Flirtation? What is your mind thinking about all the time?!”


Song Enya was his niece. Why was a brotherly hug described as flirting?

If this were not a public place, he would really teach this woman a lesson!

She neutrally replied, “I’m not thinking of anything. Who she is to you, what your relationship is, and what you two are doing here, I am not keen to know.”

Her indifference was glaringly irritating to him.

What did she mean by not being keen to know?

How much did she know, and what else did she understand?

He did not know what had gotten into her. He seemed to realize something out of the blue, and with a teasing sneer, asked, “Are you jealous?”

“No. Why should I be jealous of?” she coolly denied.

His sneer froze on his face, and his face darkened at her nonchalance. It was very infuriating.

“Why are you angry, then? Am I really so untrustworthy in your eyes?”

As she looked at his face, she recalled the sadness on Yichen’s face and the terrifying incident at the theme park today.

Her thoughts flitted from the two kids nearly losing their lives back at the Ferris wheel to his earlier flirtation with that woman. Returning to reality and meeting his eyes, she found that earlier hugging scene even more jarring.

In fact, her heart was hurting.

Today is Little Yichen’s birthday, isn’t it? Is it right for you to abandon him alone at the theme park just because of a misunderstanding?

If this is a punishment, don’t you think it is too much for a child?

Little Yichen was in danger; don’t you know that?

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