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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 471: I am not qualified.

Chapter 471: I am not qualified.

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Little Yichen was in danger; don’t you know that?

You are Yichen’s father, right?

Her heart went cold at the thoughts running through her head.

“I pegged you as a responsible father,” she remarked suddenly.

The statement boggled his mind, and before he could react appropriately to it, she already coldly added another declaration. “I don’t know how much your son means to you; in any case, I’m very disappointed with you!”

He was infuriated by her words!

What’s with this ridiculous and baseless accusation?!

Was this conceited attitude a result of his overindulgence?

“Woman, did I spoil you too much?” He tried to reign in his temper, but it was a losing battle, and he was unable to stop himself from grabbing her shoulders with enough force to hurt.

Her words undoubtedly greatly offended him as he sneered. “You are not qualified to judge me as a father!”

Not qualified!?

She looked at him with a start and, after some time, let out a snort!

She was laughing at herself for being concerned when she had no right to be.

That’s right; I’m not qualified!

What he said is correct, so what rights do I have to criticize him?

Haven’t I given up my custody rights of Little Yichen six years ago?

She was an irresponsible mother to begin with. She willingly gave up the custody of her son, so how was she qualified to accuse him of being irresponsible?

She was absolutely in no position to do so!

However, each time she thought of Yichen’s doleful face, pain would grip her heart!

“I may not be qualified, but do you think you are?”

She muttered through gritted teeth, “I know I don’t have Yichen’s custody, so in name, I’m not his mother. I gave up that right to my son myself, but, Mu Yazhe, he is my flesh and blood, too! I won’t fight with you over his custody. Still, my heart aches each time I think of your absence when he was in danger! Where were you when he needed you the most?!”

Little Yichen was in danger?

What happened?

His heart skipped a beat, and he pressed on hurriedly, “What happened to him?”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to ask me that now?” she asked in return, feeling greatly distressed. “If you can’t take care of him, I’ll do that! Yes, he is young and brash, but can’t you try to communicate with him better?! Even if you have a misunderstanding, you can still try to reason with him. Is there a need to abandon your son at the theme park?!”

The more deeply she pondered, the angrier she got. She continued to interrogate him. “Are you really that heartless?! Today is his birthday, so ask yourself; what have you done exactly?!”

He was greatly disturbed by her words.

He did not care for this stupid woman telling him off, but while she spoke with great articulation, she would not say what had exactly happened to his son!

Isn’t my child at the theme park?

What actually happened?

Little Yichen, who had gone to several military boot camps, was excellent in all aspects of the field training.

That was why he was confident to leave him alone at the theme park.

He wanted to play at the amusement park, right?

He had merely let his kid stay behind at the amusement park to continue his enjoyment; what could have gone wrong with that?!

She let out a sneer. “You said I’m not qualified. Let me ask you, then; who am I to you, and what position do I have in your life?”

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