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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 806: An Orphan Abandoned by the World

Chapter 806: An Orphan Abandoned by the World

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Yun Shishi could sense that Gu Xingze was avoiding her on purpose.

She could not tell what was on his mind exactly, though.

Being in the same production team, where both rubbed shoulders with each other regularly, his aloof attitude certainly made her distraught her.

Perhaps, I am a source of great distress to him.

She thought about it for a while before her lips curled into a half-jest and turned to leave with resignation.

Inside the resting room, the man had his back against the door as pain and desolation flashed across his frigid face when he heard her walk away.

He was unwilling to snub her in such a deliberate way as well.

However, he knew very well that, if he did not curb his feelings for her, it might get out of control.

He was not being cowardly for refraining to fight for her. He knew that he might be unqualified to compete in the first place.

After all, the man in her heart was not him, was it?

His liking would only become a burden and a source of pain to her.

The only wise thing to do on his part was to maintain a distance from her.

This was his first time having feelings for a woman, yet it regrettably seemed destined to be one-sided.

He slowly sat down and let his body sink into the couch. Picking up a bottle of mineral water, he twisted the cap open and took a few sips. Suddenly, he lifted the bottle in his hand and smashed it at the mirror across the room.


Hairline cracks began to appear on the huge mirror panel.

The table was a mess by then.

When his assistant, Ruo Bing, entered the room, the place was in disarray. All the makeup kits and equipment were scattered all over the floor, while a bottle of mineral water lay horizontal on the table with water still trickling down from its unblocked neck.

She alarmingly surveyed the area and quickly discovered the superstar huddling in a corner like a ball.

The man had his face hidden in the shadows, with his fringe covering his face. She could not see his expression, but he looked down and out.

She was taken aback by this scene. Never before had she come across the superstar looking so frail and lost.

He was like an orphan abandoned by the world.

She walked over and carefully placed her hand on his shoulder. There was no response from him, and he continued to sit quietly in the corner without moving; even his breathing felt weak and thin.

“Xingze, what happened to you…” Looking concerned, his assistant asked softly.

He did not speak and merely turned his body sideways.

Ruo Bing’s hand slipped from his shoulder.

She looked up and took in the clutter on the makeup table. Shaking her head slightly, she said softly, “Xingze, I’m going to clean up the place… Er, you can talk to me if there’s anything that is troubling you.”

He remained pensively silent.

She started to clear up the mess; lining the bottles of makeup neatly on the table and wiping the floor dry.

Suddenly, the clicking sound of a Zippo lighter was heard from behind.

She swung around with a start, only to see him lighting a cigarette.

This was a big shock to her!

When did he start smoking?

He never had this habit in the past!

After she regained her composure, she hastily walked up to him, snatched the cigarette stick wedged between his fingers, and snuffed it out on the ground.

He looked up slightly; his eyes gleamed coldly and full of hostility underneath the fringe.

She was taken aback by his hostility, but she stood her ground. “Xingze, when have you started smoking?”

He looked up at her and finally opened his mouth. “Give it back to me.”

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