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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 808: What acting is this?!

Chapter 808: What acting is this?!

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After Yin Xiachun returned from overseas, she had emotional entanglements with Yin Dongyu again.

Because of her hospitalization from pneumonia, the man was absent from the engagement with Lin Hena. Enraged, the woman stormed to the hospital she was in with the intention to pin the blame on her but was blocked at the entrance to the ward by Su Qi.

The two people had a dispute.

It was also a tear-jerking scene in the movie.

When Lin Hena furiously interrogated Su Qi, “Are you just going to watch the woman you love go into the arms of another man? Do you really love her? I see that your so-called ‘love’ is merely lip-service! Don’t you feel indignant sending your beloved woman away?” Su Qi calmly answered, “I love her, so I’m giving her the greatest freedom of all.”

For this scene, Jun Mo specially pulled Yun Shishi to rehearse for many times.

It was so much the latter could almost recite the script of this scene at heart.

Because of all her efforts, during the filming, Jun Mo was in a very good condition. She was full of emotions, her lines revealed deep emotions, and each of her facial expressions was very on point.

Especially for the close-ups, the tension in her eyes was enough to give people goosebumps.

Meanwhile, while Lu Jingtian was in the condition, the tension in her expression paled in comparison to her co-actress.

This one line in particular: “Suqi, you’re such a coward for pushing your beloved woman to someone else!” made her burst into peals of laughter several times.

Lin Fengtian was so furious that he lashed out at her.

She almost cried from his scolding. Her eyes were red as she ran back to her waiting room. She finally adjusted her condition, but in the end, during the filming, the director got furious because her emotions were not on point and lashed out at her. Again, there was a series of bad takes.

She really wanted to cry, but no tears came forth.

Rage overtook the director as he pointed at her and scolded her before everyone on set. “Lu Jingtian, I’m tired of scolding you! D*mn it! What acting is that?! Do you think that your acting is really good? You don’t even see what you’re acting! Go back and look in the mirror to see what makeup you have on. It’s so thick; are you acting a delinquent?! Don’t read the script first when you return. Go read more on an actor’s self-cultivation. You still want to be popular, bah! Indulging in fantasy! It’s quicker for you to go buy a pillow and dream! Do you think you’ll be popular after being slightly prettier from your cosmetic surgery from South Korea? Your acting is so lousy. Believe it or not, I’ll cut your scenes until you’re a mere passerby!”

He was the infamous demon scissorhands.

Everyone present, hearing how he reprimanded her, wanted to laugh but did not dare to do so and could only suppress it.

Especially her co-actress to the scene, Jun Mo was practically choking from holding in her laughter.


Yun Shishi, however, was unable to hold it in and snickered.

The assistant quickly endured her laughter and tugged on her clothes’ hem. “Shishi, don’t laugh!”

Sure enough, Lu Jingtian, who had already suffered a stomach of grievances from the director’s scolding, took a glance at Yun Shishi. Her eyes were frighteningly insidious.

Seeing her get distracted, he got so angry he launched into another scolding. “Where are you looking at?! You’re not serious during acting, and now you got distracted while being scolded?”

She trembled under his scolding. She wanted to cry, but since she still wanted her face, she endured it and did not release even a whimper.

This Lin Fengtian was simply too harsh with his scolding!

Her father was a Huanyu higher-up. Was he unafraid that she would go back to complain?

As if he could read her thoughts, he sneered. “Don’t think that, just because you have a little background, I won’t dare to do anything to you! Be clear of your identity; once you’re in the production team, you’re no longer the high and mighty missy, so don’t show that disgusting missy manner here!”

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