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Chapter 809: Provocation

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“Be clear; you’re an actress and not a missy, understand?! It’s on your father’s account that I let you join the production team, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t kick you out just because your father’s face is big! If you can’t act well, I’ll kick you out! Based on your performance, I can easily pick someone out from the extras and that person can act better than you. What acting is this?!”

Hearing how Lin Fengtian reprimanded Lu Jingtian, Yun Shishi was finally convinced.

This director having a hot temper was not just a rumor, and he truly dared to say whatever he wanted.

Such directors were rare nowadays.

Even Jun Mo, from the sidelines, was scared witless hearing it.

His scolding power was simply something. Witnessing it with one’s own eyes was admirable.

Among the group of directors now, only he would probably have the guts to scold an actor with background.

He abruptly announced a break while filming was underway, and the next scene was set to start at 7 PM.

It was a scene in the rain.

Right after the director left, the young missy ran to the washroom with her mouth covered.

As soon as she left, the group of actors burst into laughter.

Even Yang Mi could not help but cover her mouth and reservedly laugh up her sleeve.

Mu Xi eventually could not bear it in and chuckled as well. “Oh, dear. This director really surprises me; his scolding really makes people tremble in fear!”

“I’ve never seen such a demonic side of the director before.”

“That’s you; I’ve seen it plenty of times. He has exercised much restraint now. In the past, to be part of his production crew, everyone needed to take out 200% of professionalism, or else they were bound to get scolded.”

Her assistant laughed.

Jun Mo cautioned her. “Shishi, the next scene is likely yours and Xingze; do you want to rehearse for a bit? Don’t laugh at others now, but when it’s your turn later, and you don’t perform well, he’ll scold you all the same.”

“True. Don’t be so smug now; if you don’t act well, he will also scold you. In front of him, there’s no so-called ‘special care’. If you don’t act well, you’ll be like Lu Jingtian earlier and be reprimanded harshly.”

Her face revealed a trace of fear. “I’m panicking now after hearing your words. You’d better rehearse the lines with me!”

Jun Mo rubbed her fringe and said, “Alright, little fool.”

Mu Xi looked on with awe from the side and sighed. “Jun Mo, your boyfriend charm is really strong; I’m almost gay for you.”

She raised a brow. “What do you mean?”

“You’re so handsome yet still so gentle; I’m almost falling in love with you.”

She blushed, feeling a little shy.

Yun Shishi scolded her assistant. “You’re so bad. You clearly know that our Jun Mo is easily shy, yet you still tease her. Ha ha!”

In the afternoon, an uninvited guest came to the production team.

After rehearsing with her friend, as per her routine, Yun Shishi went out to buy a few boxes of drinks to distribute to the staff. When she returned to the set, she saw a familiar face.

Song Enya…

She was taken aback.

Why was she here?

The lady sat beside Lu Jingtian and comfortingly soothed the latter’s back, who seemed to have cried for a long while. The two looked as if they had a close relation.

Were they friends?

Was she visiting the set?

Sure enough, birds of a feather flocked together.

This saying made a bit of sense, indeed.

Seeing her looking in a direction, Jun Mo looked over, too, and recognized Song Enya at a glance.

She was a little surprised to see that the woman’s gaze was on Yun Shishi.

“Shishi, do you know Song Enya?”

“I know her but not familiar,” Yun Shishi answered simply. Clearly, she did not want to mention more.

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