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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 810: An Unwed Mother

Chapter 810: An Unwed Mother

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Song Enya looked at her too before she bowed to exchange a few words with Lu Jingtian. Yun Shishi did not know what they had said but saw Lu Jingtian lift eyes full of scorn at her.

She clung onto Jun Mo and moved to leave, but Song Enya walked over fast and blocked the way by standing in front of her.

“Yo, I was just wondering who it is; turns out that it’s the shameless mistress!” She whistled and eyed her mockingly.

Lu Jingtian, meanwhile, did not come forward, probably because they were still on set.

With Yan Bingqing as precedent, she did not dare seek trouble with her on set.

The other was different, though, and needed not to fear anything.

Yun Shishi eyed her emotionlessly but did not bother to respond and stepped to the side to walk away, instead.

Song Enya refused to let her go, however, and stepped to the side to block her way again.

“Hiding upon seeing me, are you feeling guilty? Face is as important to a man as the bark is to a tree; if you dare to be a third party, then don’t feel guilty about it! After doing such shameless act, you dare to still want your face?” Her words were extremely explicit and provocative. Clearly, she wanted to settle an old score with her.

Her voice was so loud and high-pitched almost everyone on set heard her.

However, on this huge set, other than Yang Mi, no one knew her.

As the missy of a major and aristocratic family in the upper-class society, it was only natural that the actress would know her.

Only stars, like the newly debuted Li Jiuxian, would not know this mayor’s missy.

However, upon hearing the words ‘mistress’ and ‘shameless act’ from her mouth, each one aimed at Yun Shishi, everyone could not help but look at one another.


Was Yun Shishi a third party?

Yang Mi raised a brow slightly. She, too, did not know what was happening, but she did know that the woman was out to trouble Yun Shishi.

“Surely, not? Who is this woman?”

“I also don’t know, but she’s really beautiful – even more than Lu Jingtian.”

“Doesn’t look like a star, though. From her noble air and haughty attitude, she seems to be a missy of well-off family.”

“Yes! She’s, in fact, classier and prettier than Lu Jingtian, but what does she mean by Yun Shishi being a ‘mistress’? Is she truly a third party?”

“How can it be? I don’t believe. How can Shishi be a mistress?”

The crowd could not help but whisper and talk behind their backs.

Jun Mo frowned as she listened to them. She was about to step forward, but Yun Shishi raised her hand to stop her before quickly meeting Song Enya’s provocative gaze. Her face, though, was a mask of tranquility.

“Miss Song, you’re sick, and it’s very serious. If you haven’t taken your medicine, then don’t come out and harm people.”

Hearing this, Jun Mo chuckled.

Song Enya’s eyes glinted. “You dare to say that I’m sick?! How are you qualified to speak to me in this manner?!”

“Oh, dear! Look; your princess disease is acting up severely. It must be at the terminal stage already.” She taunted confidently.

“Yun Shishi, I really didn’t expect you to be this shameless. Seducing a married man and getting between someone’s family, still, you’re unrepentant about it!” With that, Song Enya sneered. “I see how you’re famous online now. Fans praise you for being chaste and beautiful, but if they see your true colors, a third party and an unwed mother, and learn of your glorious deeds, I wonder how they will feel? I’m really looking forward to it.”

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