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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 812: Gu Xingze’s Rage

Chapter 812: Gu Xingze’s Rage

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Gu Xingze?

What was the meaning of this?

Why did he stop her?

“Gu Xingze, what are you doing?!”

“Are you done making a scene?”

His lips curled impatiently as his handsome face turned frosty. “This is a set – not your playground!”

He held her wrist so hard it seemed he wanted to snap it apart. His grip was so vice-like her wrist abruptly turned white from blood deficiency. No matter how much she struggled, it was to no avail.

Struggling for a while and not managing to break free, she angrily demanded, “Unhand me!”

He obediently let go of her wrist at once. Caught off guard, she fell to the ground inelegantly.

She wore seven-centimeter high heels today, so after this fall, pain shot through her ankle; it seemed to have gotten twisted.

Feeling aggrieved and resentful for a moment, she looked up at him with dissatisfaction.

The man merely bowed his head to meet her eyes; his face was frosty and his eyes were piercingly indifferent.

She was cowed by his gaze and was tongue-tied for a moment.

Amid her shock, Lu Jingtian rushed forward to help her up.

“Gu Xingze, why are you even helping her?!”

Song Enya was so incensed she forgot her image and hollered at him.

He emotionlessly replied, “I have no patience for you, so don’t be stubborn in front of me; it’s very vexing.”

Daunted by his cold gaze, she kept her mum.

Lu Jingtian opened her mouth to speak, but he swept a glance on her and coldly ordered, “Shut up!”

“…” Even she dared not say a word anymore.

“Gu Xingze, you… you’re too much…” Song Enya’s eyes were flushed. It was obvious that she was about to cry from anger.

“Have you had enough? Didn’t you hear me asking you to shut up?”

All of a sudden, he raised his voice. “Who let this outsider in?!”


She was startled and wanted to rebuke him, but with a tug at her arm, Lu Jingtian sensibly dissuaded her from doing so.

The security personnel rushed over and, upon seeing Song Enya, eyed the superstar with apprehension, mumbling “It-It’s me…”

“From tomorrow on, you don’t have to come anymore,” said the superstar with a cold face.

The security was stunned but nodded helplessly.

Gu Xingze continued. “Throw her out! In the future, outsiders are not allowed to enter.”

She stared at him in disbelief. Before she could say anything, she was thrown out of the set by the security personnel who had heard the commotion.

Jun Mo protected Yun Shishi from the front up until Song Enya was chased out of the set. Only at this point did she turn to face her with concern. “Shishi, are you all right?”

“I’m fine; what can be wrong?” She raised a brow but was unbothered.

“Aren’t you mad? She said such things to you!”

“Crazy people with crazy words; why stoop to their level?”

Lu Jingtian shot her a glance and snorted. She then returned to her seat.

Gu Xingze suddenly walked over and tightly held her arm.

Surprised, she raised her eyes and saw that his face was strangely sullen.

“Xingze, you…”

He dragged her with him.

She was baffled by what he was after. Only until he pulled her to a secluded corner did he release her hand.

“Xingze, what… what’s wrong with you?” she carefully asked. Stepping closer to him, she suddenly found herself confined at a corner by the man’s outstretched arms.

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