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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 813: Will you choose me, instead?

Chapter 813: Will you choose me, instead?

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Startled by his abrupt action, she lifted her head to peer at him in bewilderment. He was brooding sullenly with his penetrating stare on her.

“Xingze, you…”

“Moments ago, that woman accused you of being a third party and an unwed mother.”

His thin lips parted slightly, and words tumbled from them chillingly. “How did you feel when you were being humiliated like that?”

She was taken aback by his question and could not respond for a time.

“Why so quiet? Is this your final answer?”

He glared at her, antagonized. “Yun Shishi, is this your final decision? Why do you want to cheapen yourself in this way?”

“What do you mean?”

“What can he give you? Wealth, splendor, status, or fame?! And then, what else? Endless slander, humiliation, abuse, and contempt, do you really want all that?!”

His words shocked her immensely.

Despite his frigid look and icy tone, she could nimbly catch a fleeting pain in his eyes.

Was his heart… aching for her?

She did not know what to say next.

The superstar continued. “Whatever he can give you – wealth, splendor, status, and fame – I can give you, too, but if I’m your man, I’ll never let anyone slander, humiliate, abuse, or look down on you!”

She was tongue-tied by his retort.

He softened his tone and inched his handsome face closer to hers. The anger in his eyes was replaced by a tinge of tenderness and vulnerability. He looked at her with so much pain and indulgence, wishing with all his heart that he could walk up and tightly wrap this woman standing in front of him in his arms.

Alas, he could not do that.

He closed his eyes pensively and asked hoarsely, “Shishi, if you had known me before him, would you have been with me, instead?”

If she had met him before Mu Yazhe, would she have chosen him?

She was dumbfounded by this question.

“Xingze, I’ve always treated you as my great senior—”

He cut her off. “Can I not be your senior?”

She was stunned.

“Shishi, am I just your senior in your eyes?”

He slowly opened his eyes. By now, calmness had returned in his voice and eyes. “I’ve always seen myself as someone with no worldly desires, but that has changed the moment I met you; for the first time in my life, there is something I want to fight for.”

He also did not expect his heart to be moved by a woman again; he was even prepared to stay single for the rest of his life.

It was as if he were possessed after he got to know her; his heart practically beat for her. Her every glance, every move, and every smile warmed his hardened heart.

“You haven’t given me a reply yet. Without him, would you choose me?”

He persisted with her, not wanting to give up just like that.

If she would say the word ‘yes’, he would fight for her with all his might!

She maintained her silence for a long time before she slowly reached out her hand and pushed him aside.

“Sorry, Xingze…”

Her rejection was absolute.

He looked at her emotionlessly. All of a sudden, his lips retracted at the corner as something in his eyes flickered to life and then got extinguished mercilessly.

By the time she regained her composure and looked up, he was long gone.

She took a deep breath and tried to lift her spirit as she emerged from the shadows. Meanwhile, her assistant, who had been looking all over for her, finally spotted her.

“Shishi, where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

She looked out of sorts and did not seem to hear her assistant.

Mu Xi looked at her perplexedly. “What happened to you…”

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