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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 814: Yun Shishi, what are you thinking about?

Chapter 814: Yun Shishi, what are you thinking about?

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“Shishi, where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

She looked out of sorts and did not seem to hear her assistant.



“What happened to you? Why are you looking so lifeless like Xingze?” Mu Xi retorted helplessly.

“Nothing much. I was just thinking of something.”

Her assistant pursed her lips, took out a thermos flask from her bag, and passed it to her. “Here; take it.”

She was surprised as she took the flask from her hand. “What is this?”

“Ginger tea. I’ve prepared this for you.” Her assistant then added. “Later at seven, you’ll have a rain-soaked scene. Hopefully, you can complete it in one take. Anyway, after that, remember to take a warm shower quickly and then drink ginger tea. This will help prevent you from catching a cold.”

Knowing that her artiste would have a scene in the rain today, she hastened to prepare this ginger tea for her.

Yun Shishi was full of gratitude. “Thank you.”

“Aiya! There’s nothing to thank me for. I’m your assistant, remember? My job is to ensure that everything, big and small, is nicely prepared for you!” she replied smilingly.

At seven in the evening, exactly on the dot, the truck with the water hose reached the production site, which was at the hotel’s carpark.

Lin Fengtian got everyone on standby. Finally, the log-keeper hurried to the center of the scene and got all the artistes at their respective positions.

In this scene, Yin Dongyu missed his engagement ceremony with Lin Hena to look after his sister whom he learned had gotten pneumonia. Inside the hospital ward, he thought that she was sleeping and finally revealed the feelings he had hidden from her all these years.

Yin Xiachun was not sleeping, actually, and opened her eyes out of the blue to question her brother for avoiding her when she heard his confession.

He panicked and hastily left the room, wanting to flee in his car when his sister gave chase.

This scene in the rain was the emotional climax of the show.

Ding Ning opted for a nude look to express her sickliness. After much effort, the makeup was finally completed. The stylist could not help being mesmerized by the beauty before her.

Her wan face and pale lips, under this frail and sickly look, accentuated her pair of sparkling and ethereal-looking eyes. Her presence exuded a sense of poignancy and vicissitude.

How beautiful.

The production assistant rushed to remind her, and she quickly got up to leave.

The lights and recorders were all in place at the production scene.

When she reached the spot, she saw Gu Xingze already at his seat, while the makeup artist busied herself applying last-minute touch up on his face.

His heart contracted in pain when he saw her sickly appearance; however, he soon realized that this was due to the makeup, and that assured him considerably.

“‘The Green Apple’, Scene 28, First Act, and… Action!”

She took one glance at the superstar and lost her thoughts momentarily before she hastily dashed forward in an umbrella. Lin Fengtian cut off the scene after her first few steps.

“Yun Shishi, what are you thinking about?”

She was stunned.

“Have you read the script yet? This is an important scene, so can you put in your hundred and one percent? Please, Yin Xiachun is supposed to chase after him anxiously. Where is the anxiety on your face?”

“I’m so sorry. I’ll pace myself again,” she apologized at once.

It was true that she had lost her thoughts earlier, which resulted in the fumble at the first instance.

The director told her seriously. “Shishi, you have potential and a fast learner. I hope that you won’t disappoint me again!”

Although he held her in high regard, he would not spare her if she made mistakes in her work.

To him, acting was work, and he drew the line very well between it and pleasure. It must be executed flawlessly, and no one, even this promising newcomer, was allowed to betray his

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