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One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 815: You like Yun Shishi, do you not?

Chapter 815: You like Yun Shishi, do you not?

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Mu Xi watched fearfully at the side, only hoping that this rain scene could end quickly.

“‘The Green Apple’, Scene 28, Take 2; Action!”

The filming went on with hiccups.

The main problem was that Gu Xingze could not get in the proper condition.

As for Yun Shishi, her eye expression somewhat lacked the emotion.

Sitting in front of the monitor, Lin Fengtian found this to be strange. He kept feeling that the two were not in the right conditions and seemed to be distracted.

The eyes of the superstar, in particular, were either wondering or too deep. The intense emotional struggle in Yin Dongyu’s eyes was not properly expressed at all.

On the other hand, while she got the right eye expression and her lines were properly read, her demeanor had an awkward feel to it.

It was the ineffable sort of awkwardness.

He ‘cut’ the filming and announced, “Mid-break for 15 minutes.”

Mu Xi took a blanket and quickly covered her charge’s body as she helped her back to her seat.

The superstar sat by her side, too, but did not spare her a glance; it was as if she were air.

There was no interaction at all.

Being observant, the director was vaguely aware that there was something fishy between the two. Hence, he walked over to Yun Shishi, pushed the actor away, and occupied his seat.

“Shishi, you’re not fully in condition today. What are you thinking about?”

“I… I got distracted. Sorry.”

He waved his hand. “I don’t want to hear this. Say; have you ever been in love?”

“I guess… I’m kind of?”

“Think of him as the man you love, and then bring it into the role. Envision this; the man you love clearly loves you back, but he’s afraid to love…”

He tried to bring out her emotions. “In the next take, you must portray the anguish and hysteria in Yin Xiachun.”

Having high comprehension level, she soon got what he wanted from her. “Director Lin, thank you; I understand now!”

“Okay! Try to pass it in one take!”

With that, he went to the superstar’s side.

His face turned somber instantly.

“Xingze, for this scene, you just need to follow your inner struggles.”

The actor was dumbfounded.

He drummed his fingers on the table and snorted. “Do you really think that I can’t tell? You like Yun Shishi, don’t you?”

The superstar raised his eyes, his face pale and his eyes abnormally empty.

“Your present emotional state fits this plot very well. Carefully give some thoughts about Yin Dongyu’s emotional state and then just express your inner struggle out; that’s it!”

He narrowed his eyes; how could he not tell how this actor felt for her?

Gu Xingze liked Yun Shishi.

Unfortunately, this feeling could only be buried deep in his heart.

The actor frowned slightly in contemplation.

Standing up, he patted his shoulder. “Give it some thought, and then try to pass it in one take!”

With that, he left.

Gu Xingze raised his head, but he accidentally met Yun Shishi’s eyes. She was sitting somewhere not far from him. Seeing that he was also looking at her, she immediately averted her gaze.

The break of fifteen minutes was soon over.

The two went back to the scene.

The staff raised the water hose and sprayed it in the air, creating an artificial rain scene in no time.

“‘The Green Apple’, Scene 28, Take 7; Action!”

“Yin Dongyu!”

Yun Shishi cried out in hysteria. From the start, she was exactly in condition, and the power of this shout almost made her voice hoarse.

Lin Fengtian smiled satisfactorily.

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