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One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime (Web Novel)


That night, I listened to the hymns till dawn, not for serenity, but to seek a sliver of your soul;

That month, I flipped through all the scriptures, not for enlightenment, but to touch the pages where your fingers once lingered;

That year, I knelt on the grounds, my head embracing the dusts, not to pay obeisance to the Gods, but to feel the warmth you left behind;

That life, I wandered through ten thousand great mountains, not in search for an afterlife, but to cross paths with you –

Gao Fei, do you believe that I lived through this night, this day, this year, and this lifetime, only to hold your hand and accompany you in this journey of life?

187 • 2019-09-01 23:02:45


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 132019-09-01
Chapter 122019-09-01
Chapter 112019-09-01
Chapter 10 AFTER STORY: This Love Transcends Time and Space2019-09-01
Chapter 92019-09-01
Chapter 82019-09-01
Chapter 72019-09-01
Chapter 62019-09-01
Chapter 52019-09-01
Chapter 42019-09-01
Chapter 32019-09-01
Chapter 22019-09-01
Chapter 12019-09-01