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One Useless Rebirth (Web Novel) - Chapter 226: Boom Boom Boom (4)

Chapter 226: Boom Boom Boom (4)

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Translator: Sissy That Walk

“Great, let’s give him some ‘appetizer’ to start with, consider it as a birthday present to Bai.” said Fan Da while he played with the tea cup in hand, “we can send him the ‘main course’ in September on Qiuhe’s birthday, a birthday gift to my grandson.”

Hu Zhao nodded, “Yes, I’m on it now.”

Both the contract of “Wolf Venom” and V&G were signed several days later, Xing Shaofeng once again demonstrated his ability, he helped Di Qiuhe secured a spokesman contract instead of a campaign model.

“They did want to start with a campaign model, I talked about your potential and your report cards, somehow they decided to give you this contract as a spokesman in China. It’s a one-year contract though, but wait till the shooting of “Wolf Venom”, I’m confident I can get you a longer contract after that.” said Xing Shaofeng with a smile, he added, “The commercial shooting for the spokesman is scheduled in the end July, He Bai is the photographer, just to give you guys a reminder about the time.”

He Bai thumbed through the contract in hand, he nodded with satisfaction, “Great job, Xing Shaofeng, I owe you one.”

“Hmm, are you sure you owe me just one?” Xing Shaofeng’s tone changes, he bantered, “Do you know how hard I worked for that Weibo you guys posted? The netizens went wild and left meaningful comments, me and my team worked our ass off for that. When are you guys planning on making it public, do let me know in advance so I can make some preparations.”

He Bai blushed, he glared Di Qiuhe who used their “mutual property”— Weibo and replied, “End of the year, wait till all the awards ceremonies finish.”

Di Qiuhe’s jaw dropped, he threw the contract in his hand away.

“What is said cannot be unsaid!” he hugged He Bai, eyes all sparkling, lips all raising, “Really? Really? You are not against the idea of making it public any more? Then when are we getting married? How about now? I want to hold your hands in public right now, I cannot wait… …”

He Bai covered his mouth, he turned around and smiled at Xing Shaofeng embarrassingly, “What do you think, if you have a better idea, we can postpone it, I don’t want make it earlier than the awards ceremonies, in case it affects Di Qiuhe and ‘Cheng’s Army’ on winning any award.”

Di Qiuhe struggled, “No, please, no! Don’t postpone it, don’t!”

“Behave yourself!” He Bai was too shy to make eye contact with Xing Shaofeng now. While Xing Shaofeng coughed twice to suppress the laughter, and he left the room.

To return to Di Bian.

Di Bian asked Lawyer Wang with disbelief, “Qin Li is married? With who? Is there any misunderstanding here? She has been helping me and Huangdu lately, I don’t think she is married with anyone!”

“Mr. Di, it is true unfortunately.” Lawyer Wang frowned and sighed, “I found this by chance too, she is married indeed, her husband’s name is Zeng Peizhong.”

Hearing that, Di Bian’s face changed he asked harshly, “Who? Say the name again?”

“Zeng Peizhong.” Lawyer Wang was scared by Di Bian and he took a step back subconsciously, and he added, “I also found our new stockholder was related to Zeng Peizhong, what’s more… …”

Di Bian was transfixed with rage, he clenched his fists, “And what else?”

Lawyer Wang continued, “Qin Li told you she was flying to see a lawyer for her daughter, actually she bought a ticket to D District where Zeng Peizhong reside at the moment.”

Di Bian’s trust on Qin Li was now crumbling, he slumped into his chair, he went through so many emotions, at last a touch of hatred flashed across his eyes, “Qin Li! You filthy bitxx! Using Huangdu to pave way for Zeng Peizhong, yeah?! You will get your karma soon.”

Lawyer Wang comforted him, “Mr. Di, perhaps that was an impulsive decision Qin Li made, she has a son with you, I’m sure she wants the best for you and Huangdu as well.”

“A son with me?” Di Bian sneered, “You don’t know that Xiasong had been in touch with Zeng Peizhong, I have no idea that’s my son or not.”

“Mr. Di… …”

“Enough.” Di Bian interrupted him and closed his eyes, “Keep this to yourself, I want to be alone now.”

Lawyer Wang sighed and left the office. He took a glimpse at a corner when he left the hall way, gee, he wished he did a right thing by telling Di Bian what he had found out.

Di Xiasong was hiding in the corner, he heard their talk, “Xiasong had been in touch with Zeng Peizhong, I have no idea that’s my son or not” kept ringing in his mind and he was scared.

‘Di Bian had already knew about Zeng Peizhong? Di Bian now found out mom’s plan, mom lost his trust completely, what about me? Will I get my share of Huangdu?’

‘No! Chunhua is still in jail, grandpa is dying, I cannot watch mom fail! I need my share of Huangdu! I need to settle this before mom comes back!’

Di Xiasong thought a lot, then he recalled what he had heard from the servants in Di Bian’s mansion, he came up with a horrible plan.

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