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Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1021 - Struck by Lightning!

Chapter 1021: Struck by Lightning!

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He first used several methods to erode Zhan Xiao Xiao’s confidence layer by layer, drove his anger up with words, and forced him to attack when he was not fully prepared. Then, when he was still concerned with the other things, he was forced off the ground by the raging fire, rising into the air. After that, he conjured a water dragon to force him back. Then, he steamed the water into mist to cover the entire area, forming a screen to cause Zhan Xiao Xiao to temporarily lose his sight!

Finally, the real trap, the Power of Earth exploded forth, burying Zhan Xiao Xiao deep into the ground. Using this time, he quickly finished the huge array he was making, in preparation to beat the drenched dog senseless!

The Mysterious Sky Disorientating Formation was as its name implied, a beguiling type formation. It was capable of causing anyone who fell into it to completely lose their sense of direction, not even knowing which way was up and down. And no matter how they walked, they would not be able to come out of the formation. Whichever way they turned, they would only be roaming endlessly in a loop. In even simpler words, everything the person saw inside the formation would simply be illusions created based on eye diversionary tricks.

Although this was only a beguiling formation, it was a mysterious technique that came from the Hongjun Pagoda. How could it be ordinary? The unique thing about this formation was that unlike normal formations, it did not rely on geographical formations and other treasures to set up. Instead, one only needed to channel the essence Qi of Heaven and Earth into it to maintain the formation.

The greatest benefit of this formation was that as long as the ability of the formation master was great enough, the formation could be maintained endlessly. However, Jun Mo Xie’s abilities were still very limited. With his current abilities, he could only maintain the formation for three days and three nights at best. If not for his lack of strength, just this formation alone would be enough to trap Zhan Xiao Xiao until the latter died…

Of course, this formation was still completely enough to deal with Zhan Xiao Xiao. But if it were used against someone even more powerful, it would be useless.

Because the higher one’s Xuan Qi cultivation was, the more intuitive they were to Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi and could manipulate it much easier.

If the person trapped could move more Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi than the amount inside the formation, the formation would not have much effect.

For example, if he wanted to use this formation against the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, Jun Mo Xie was quite sure that the latter would be able to jump out from it in an instant…

But although Zhan Xiao Xiao’s strength was much higher than Young Master Jun, it was not enough to break out of the formation and he could only remain inside helplessly for three days!

With Young Master Jun’s mediocre strength, he could only trap his opponent for three days. However, the ultimate goal of this fight was to kill the enemy. After setting down the Mysterious Sky Disorientating Formation and ensuring that his opponent could not escape, he immediately began setting up another Nine Firmament Lightning Attraction Formation and fused it together with the Mysterious Sky Disorientating Formation.

This second formation was actually the really killing stroke. As long as Zhan Xiao Xiao created a large enough commotion inside the formation, it would immediately stir up the unique Power of Heaven and Earth in the formation, and with that interaction, a chain reaction would begin, and large amounts of lightning would fall from the sky to deal with this guy…

In other words, the effect of this second formation was a “man-made” lightning tribulation!

Although that would cause the Power of Heaven and Earth in the Mysterious Sky Disorientating Formation to deplete quicker, dissipating it even faster, but it could still deal a great amount of damage to the enemy!

Of course, Jun Mo Xie did not overreach, trying to set up ultimate killing formations like the Ten Thousand Tribulations Killing Formation that would guarantee the death of anyone who stepped in… Firstly, there wasn’t sufficient time, and secondly, his cultivation was far from being enough to set up such formations…

The thick white mist rumbled and spread out, covering more and more area. Gradually, the entire woods were completely covered…

At this time, the ground suddenly shook heavily, and a large crack slowly appeared on the ground!

Jun Mo Xie’s eyes flashed, completely unfazed as he stood in the air. With a wave of his hand, the Blood of Yellow Flame appeared in his grip…

At this time, Zhan Xiao Xiao had finally managed to find a small breakthrough, because he could clearly feel that his feet had touched the ground!

This kind of relieving feeling of having his foot back on the ground was so amazing that this Saint Venerable almost cried aloud. But at this time, his nose and mouth were already blocked with frozen ice. His Xuan Qi was stuck in his throat, and the most important thing to do for now was to catch his breath. In order to do that, he needed to shatter the ice around his body…

With his feet on the ground, he borrowed the energy around him; his Xuan Qi sped up, sinking into his dantian. After gathering all his strength, a loud bang burst out from him as the ice and earth around him were blasted away! Although he was still below ground level, he had already blasted off a small space for himself!

Zhan Xiao Xiao gasped and swallowed in two large gulps of air. Although the air around him was heavy and humid, filled with a musky stench, this feeling of being able to breathe again caused Zhan Xiao Xiao to feel as if this damp and stinky air was as fresh and fragrant as the air in a garden…

If it were any longer, this Saint Venerable might really have suffocated to death. As long as one was a living person, they would definitely need to breath. A Saint Venerable was a human as well. There was nothing strange about needing to breath…

So why did Young Master Jun not continue using the Power of Earth to suffocate Zhan Xiao Xiao to death directly? There was no helping it—Jun Mo Xie’s current abilities with the Power of Earth were only to this level. Also, even if he tried to trap Zhan Xiao Xiao underground until the latter died of suffocation, when a powerful Saint Venerable was about to die, he would definitely detonate his core and self implode his body. With such a powerful explosion counteracting his Power of Earth, Jun Mo Xie would definitely receive a huge backlash. With his current strength, even if he didn’t die from the backlash, he would still be heavily injured. Since he had better plans in place, he would naturally not resort to such an extreme method!

As Zhan Xiao Xiao finally caught his breath, he instantly felt endless strength surging through his body. With a roar of rage, he unhesitatingly unleashed the technique he was known for: Earth Penetrating Hand!

A person’s real name may be wrong, but their nicknames would never be obtained wrongly!

After having lived for several thousand years, this was the first time that Zhan Xiao Xiao felt like he’d truly lived up to his name… using this technique from underground and covered in earth… what was he if not the Earth Penetrating Hand?

At this dreary moment where he was buried under the earth, Zhan Xiao Xiao strangely thought of another person. Somebody who was equally famous as him: Heaven Penetrating Palm!

He wondered when that fellow would also get the moment where he felt such an intimate attunement to his nickname. For that to happen, he would probably need to be stuck in the nine heavens… In that case, that fellow’s situation should be even worse than him…

The moment the Earth Penetrating Hand struck out, the stones broke apart and the ground shook heavily!

Zhan Xiao Xiao fought madly, smashing a path through all the way! At this point, he could no longer tell how deep he had sunk. But from his guess, it should at least be over a hundred zhang deep! At such a depth, it was difficult for even a Saint Venerable to charge out in one stroke!

If he tried to bash his way out through another direction, it would be much harder to do so against the ground that hadn’t been loosened yet. Thus, his only choice was to try to climb back from the path that he fell in previously!

Jun Mo Xie looked at the continuously shaking ground, and the white mist in the air rumbling as if something was boiling. A cold smile appeared on his face.

Quickly come up, there’s an even more sumptuous feast waiting for you up here!

Soon, with a heaven shaking roar of rage, Zhan Xiao Xiao burst out of the ground with soil and loose stones all over him. In the instant that he came out, Jun Mo Xie clearly saw this ‘Earth Penetrating Hand’ suck in a deep and emotional breath!

Following that, his body shot upwards rapidly like a rocket!

After charging for a distance, Zhan Xiao Xiao discovered that he was still inside the mist! Furthermore, the mist here had already reached an extreme level. Even with his eyesight, he couldn’t see through it at all, and it was as if he had turned blind!

His first thought was: I must get out of the range of this strange mist immediately! This is definitely a set up of the enemy. Staying here would be equivalent to being in the territory of the enemy!

Without pausing to think further, he directly rushed upwards! As long as he could dash out of this mist, and reach a high enough vantage point, he would easily be able to determine his direction and escape!

Right now, Zhan Xiao Xiao no longer had the slightest thought of killing that ‘black robed man’!

It wasn’t that he didn’t wish to do that anymore. It’s that he didn’t dare and simply couldn’t harbor such a dangerous thought anymore!

To think that such mysterious methods actually existed in this world!

He hadn’t even seen his opponent’s weapons or fists, and he’d already nearly lost his life!

This encounter was definitely the most dangerous thing he’d ever encountered in his life! If he acted rashly and wasn’t careful, he might really lose his life here!

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s arrogance had all but disappeared!

But in just a short moment, he realized that he was wrong!

The previous incident wasn’t the most dangerous in his life!

Because, this was!

Looking at the predicament he was in, Zhan Xiao Xiao truly felt like breaking down and crying aloud! His eyes were widened with disbelief, and his face was filled with shock and horror!

He truly could not believe it!

As he charged upwards for a long time, the mist finally showed signs of thinning, and he could even faintly see the outside world. However, after taking a single look, his heart dropped, and he felt that it would not have been better if he hadn’t seen anything!

Right in front of him were a few streaks of exceedingly dazzling lightning, arching across the thick clouds above him. The moment he came out, all the lightning started to converge and struck towards him!

Dear lord ah…

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s body was nearly scared stiff!

As a Saint Venerable, the power of the ‘lightning tribulation’ was something that he was exceedingly familiar with. Even a Saint Venerable was simply a slightly stronger ant in the face of a lightning tribulation!

Zhan Xiao Xiao did not stop to consider anything as he immediately gathered all his Xuan Qi above his head!

The lightning bolt struck exceedingly quickly, to a point where he barely had the time to lift his arms…


Zhan Xiao Xiao screamed wretchedly, and his entire body grew numb. The black cloth around his head was instantly vaporized. His hair band was nowhere to be found, and all his hair stood up on their ends, curled and fried, pointing directly to the heavens!

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