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Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1022 - Terrible Humiliation!

Chapter 1022: Terrible Humiliation!

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Zhan Xiao Xiao’s current image was no different than a person that’d slapped on a huge amount of gel on his hair after perming it, and then sprayed several bottles of powerful hairspray on it! The skill of this hairstyle was something that even the greatest hairstylist on earth would bow down to!

Even the greatest master hairstylist could only work with scissors and razor. But this fellow’s hair was styled using lightning, and by pitting his life against the forces of heaven!

But lightning was not something that cared or appreciated hairstyles. Without any pause, it continued striking down on Zhan Xiao Xiao. Zhan Xiao Xiao hovered there with a dumb look on his face for a moment before he suddenly remembered to quickly descend. Even though this old fellow’s strength was great enough to endure the lightning strikes while only suffering external injuries without dying…

But even if he could endure it, he would still be injured. Furthermore, to clash head on against a lightning tribulation… wasn’t that the move of idiots? Zhan Xiao Xiao hurriedly gathered his strength and rushed down madly!

Only after he descended more than half the distance did the lightning bolts stop pursuing him. And then, the thunder finally arrived, filling the sky with deafening explosive sounds. The intensity of the booms was definitely not weaker than a fierce battlefield with millions of soldiers!

The pathetic Saint Venerable expert Zhan Xiao Xiao’s clothes had all been turned into ragged shreds due to the lightning storm. His body was charred, and his hair had long ago been turned into messy shambles like a wild bird’s nest. With a gust of wind, all of it disintegrated into ashes and flew away…

When he opened his mouth, a plume of black smoke was spat out…

However, to be able to retain his life under that frenzied barrage of lightning already meant that Zhan Xiao Xiao’s luck was not bad… If he was a bit slower in his reactions, he would most likely have already turned into a charred corpse…

What kind of f*cking lightning tribulation is this ah?! To actually be similar in strength to the lightning tribulation he’d faced when he was passing through the Saint Venerable heavenly tribulation… He nearly had his soul fried to nothingness…

Zhan Xiao Xiao landed and stood there in a dumbfounded manner. The Xuan Qi in his body had already been depleted by half… In just this short few moments, he’d already brushed by death twice… As the lingering fear surged through his heart, all the hairs on his body stood on their ends…

F*ck, he was clearly only here to kill a Golden Xuan kid…

How did he fall into such a huge disaster!

Was there still any justice in this world?!

Just at this time, he felt a strange shift in the air, and he immediately ducked fiercely. With a shua sound, a dazzling sword flew right across where his head had been a moment ago, practically whizzing past the skin on his head. A chilling feeling sank deep into Zhan Xiao Xiao’s heart…

Before he had the chance to stand up, the sword flew right back again, stabbing towards his throat!

Zhan Xiao Xiao remained in his horse stance position, and suddenly leapt up explosively like a toad. The sword flashed past once again and immediately began hacking madly towards him from all directions! In a moment of carelessness, the sword slashed across his arm. A white line appeared across the originally sturdy skin which was impervious to all manner of weapons. Following that, the skin split open and fresh blood spurted out…

His strength right now had already been weakened by over half. And from the looks of it, this sword was one of the best divine weapons in the world! At this moment, the strength of his body was no longer capable of withstanding it!

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s clothes had already been turned to shreds long ago. And with this wild hacking by the sword, they were torn into ribbons, flying away with the wind…

Following that, Saint Venerable Zhan’s fun grew even greater!

At this point, Zhan Xiao Xiao was completely naked, without even the slightest shred of cloth to cover himself!

With every movement, he would feel something else shifting along under him, swaying in the cold wind…

After having lived for several thousand years, when had he encountered such an awkward situation before?

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s old face had nearly turned into the color of a purple eggplant…

His heart was filled with anger, shame, rage, and fear intertwined…

Zhan Xiao Xiao roared with rage. “If you have the guts, come out here and fight to the death with this grandaddy! Employing only sneaky attacks, what kind of ability is this?”

Only now did Zhan Xiao Xiao discover that nobody was holding the sword at all. Which meant to say, that the mysterious expert he was facing was using the Sword Control Technique to deal with him! And to be able to use that technique to such a level, the strength of that person was at least equivalent to himself!

Why would such a powerful expert use such despicable methods to deal with him, even going as far as to toy with him…

Zhan Xiao Xiao was so angry that he almost choked on his breath. This… was too humiliating!

All of a sudden, a mocking voice rang out behind him. “Wow, as expected of a Saint Venerable expert; your butt is actually this white! And what an excellent dance as well… if you went out to perform this dance, you will surely gain the applause of everyone!”

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s face instantly turned red, and he unconsciously used one hand to block his object…

The voice rang out once again. “We are all men here, and there’s no woman; what’s there to hide and be so shy about? Besides, when you were performing that graceful dance just now, everything had already been revealed. Isn’t it a little too late to start hiding it now? Old b*stard, your thing is also not small ah, this should be a matter to be proud about!”

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s old face burned scarlet as he crouched down on the ground and covered his front and back with his hands. Cursing in a low voice, he growled. “What kind of a hero are you to humiliate your opponent like this! If you have the abilities, give me a set of clothes and let this daddy get dressed before fighting you!”

From the way he saw it, since both sides were similar level experts, they should naturally all be people of status. Even if they wanted to fight, they would at least do so under fair circumstances to not sully their status. If his opponent was in his situation and asked him for a set of clothes, he would definitely give his opponent something to wear first… After all, if he won in such circumstances, it would not be honorable…

However, what he hadn’t expected was that he would’ve bumped into this kind of fellow…

The mocking voice rang out again. “What a funny joke, do I owe you anything? You want me to give you a set of clothes, and I should comply? You were the one who willingly stripped off your clothes and went streaking around… who can you blame?”

Zhan Xiao Xiao was so angry that his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head. He was in an extremely pathetic and awkward state right now and would feel embarrassed no matter what. Surely he couldn’t go and fight like this? Left without a choice, he said in a low voice, “Today, it’s considered this old man’s loss… Y-you… quickly bring me a set of clothes…”

“This place is so desolate and in the middle of nowhere. Where will I go to find you clothes? Aren’t you demanding too much of people?” Jun Mo Xie looked at Zhan Xiao Xiao’s wretched appearance and nearly burst out in laughter.

Zhan Xiao Xiao thought for a moment and felt that those words were indeed logical. Who would bring an extra set of clothes around with them for a simple mission? It’s not like they were travelling to a faraway place for sightseeing… Moreover, his opponent had been so close, only one step away from home. If he still brought out an additional set of clothes to pursue an enemy, that fellow would be a retard…

“Then… you take off a piece of your clothing for me!” Zhan Xiao Xiao said anxiously. He was so embarrassed that he’d completely forgotten the position between the two sides. He’d even forgotten that the entire reason he was in this situation right now was entirely a result of his opponent’s design!

“Ai, do you even have a brain? The weather is so hot, and this old man is only wearing this single piece of robe, without anything inside as well… If this old man really gave you my clothes, won’t I be in the same situation as you? Since you can’t be in this situation, why wish it upon others?” Jun Mo Xie controlled his laughter and said in an unhurried manner.

Zhan Xiao Xiao instantly understood that the other party was simply toying with him. Not mentioning that he didn’t have any clothes; even if he did, he would not give it to him!

When his thoughts travelled thus, all his suppressed anger surged up in an instant, and he instead did not feel embarrassed anymore. In any case, there were only the two of them here now. As long as he could kill that despicable fellow, who would know about his pathetic state?

Having made his decision in his mind, Zhan Xiao Xiao removed his hands and stood up slowly. “Since you’re not appreciating of this old man’s grace, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” With a loud roar, he roused his Xuan Qi and began to chant dangerously, emphasizing each syllable. “One, Palm, Earth, Penetrating, Palace!”

A strange light instantly burst out of his right hand, swirling half a round before coagulating before his chest. With a wu sound, the winds roared, densely filling the entire area with countless palm shadows which formed together into a huge palm mountain!

Everywhere the palm wind passed by, the thick white mist would be swept up as if it were in a violent gale. On the ground, sand and stones flew everywhere, and a sharp howling as if hundreds of thousands of ghosts accompanied it!

The powerful condensed palm smashed towards Jun Mo Xie like a mad tempest!

This palm had demonstrated the true power of the Earth Penetrating Hand! Although his Xuan Qi had been depleted by more than half, the power of this palm was still shocking!

Jun Mo Xie was also greatly startled this time!

He’d originally assumed that Zhan Xiao Xiao was a spent force and was only putting on a forceful front, which was why he revealed himself to the opponent. Who would have the latter could still unleash such a powerful strike! With his current strength, he naturally did not have the ability to receive such an attack!

But if he couldn’t receive the attack, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have any other ways to deal with it!

With a slight smile, Jun Mo Xie jumped up with a sou sound, directly flying upwards. Zhan Xiao Xiao’s eyes flashed with killing intent, and his face remained resolute. Without hesitation, he changed the direction of the palm, smashing upwards towards the figure in the sky, chasing after it relentlessly! He had clearly been forced by Young Master Jun to an extreme level, until he was willing to perish together with his enemy!

Two figures soared into the sky like a pair of sharp swords. The only difference was that one was dressed completely in black, and the other was stark naked!

But right now, Zhan Xiao Xiao no longer cared about all this!

Even if he would end up as the laughing stock of the entire world, he was still determined to teach this person who humiliated him so deeply a fierce lesson! If he could beat the wretched fellow to death, that would naturally be the best. Even if he couldn’t, he must perish with him!

A person who had thoroughly sunk into madness would always explode with the most shocking battle strength! Right now, Zhan Xiao Xiao’s battle strength was no weaker than his peak strength.

But what he hadn’t thought of was that his opponent actually had plenty of places to dodge to; why would he fly so high into the sky, risking collision with the lightning tribulation?!

At this point, Zhan Xiao Xiao completely did not bother to consider so much anymore. He only knew that he must pursue that hateful opponent and smash him into a pile of meat paste in order to quench the hatred in his heart!

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