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Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1023 - Perish!

Chapter 1023: Perish!

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Just at this time, the shadow in front suddenly vanished! It was like it had never even existed before…

Zhan Xiao Xiao was still looking around angrily for the despicable bastard that had the gall to toy with him when a streak of heavenly lightning suddenly struck down with terrifying momentum!

So he lured me up here to make use of the lightning to strike me! How detestable!

But in that instant, he only had the thought to turn around immediately. Over ten bolts of lightning had already slammed onto Zhan Xiao Xiao’s head, which he blocked with all his might!

He was originally already left with half of his strength. Exploding with his full battle ability for that moment was just him forcing himself. At this moment, for him to receive such violent and powerful attack was clearly too difficult for him to bear! With a painful screech, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fell from the sky, completely charred black!

A dazzling sword light flashed once again, appearing from a strange angle and stabbing towards Zhan Xiao Xiao’s chest!

With a light pu sound, the sword instantly pierced part way through his flesh!

Zhan Xiao Xiao was still a powerful Saint Venerable expert at the end of the day, and his body was even tougher than steel. Even with the Blood of Yellow Flame’s peerless sharpness, it was only able to pierce part way through his flesh!

Zhan Xiao Xiao roared and ruthlessly slammed a palm towards the sword’s hilt. The Blood of Yellow Flame screeched with a loud sword keen, it instantly shot away backwards!

As the sword was drawn out, a stream of fresh blood spurted out of the wound caused by it. Zhan Xiao Xiao roared savagely again and spat out a large mouthful of blood! Although the sword had not managed to pierce through into his body, the domineering sword Qi had already been released into his body and was creating havoc in his meridians!

Zhan Xiao Xiao hurriedly gathered his Xuan Qi, wanting to expel this sword Qi from his body. At this moment, a human figure suddenly materialized before him. A pair of cold eyes stared deeply at him, while a pair of hands struck down with the force of a thunder, heavily smashing against Zhan Xiao Xiao’s bare chest!

This strike landed true and sound!

Zhan Xiao Xiao roared again with rage and kicked out against Jun Mo Xie’s body while his right hand slapped fiercely onto his chest! Unfortunately, with his current heavy injuries and exhaustion, he was only able to display less than 20% of his full strength! But even so, it was already enough to cause Jun Mo Xie to feel as if he had suffered a full blast from an explosion and his internal organs were all heavily jolted!

With a bang sound, Jun Mo Xie’s body flew backwards like a kite with its strings cut.

But Zhan Xiao Xiao was not any better off. Due to this sudden interference, he failed to suppress the sword Qi in his body. In that instant, he felt as if millions of tiny blades were slashing wildly in his body. Unable to bear it, he cried out a few times as he spat out numerous mouthfuls of blood and his body fell downwards weakly…

Two figures fell from the sky, a distance apart from each other!

At this time, the persistent mist in the air finally began to dissipate with a speed visible to the naked eye…

After two heavy lightning storms, the Power of Heaven and Earth supporting the Mysterious Sky Disorientating Formation had already been depleted completely. As the formation lost its effect, the mountain they were on began to reveal itself!

After smashing forcefully into the ground, Zhan Xiao Xiao finally discovered that the mist was finally gone. Crawling up painfully, he stumbled to his feet and looked at Jun Mo Xie, opposite him, who had also crawled up with great effort. His eyes widened with shock, and he pointed. “You! So you… AHH… this old man is angered to death! So you only have a Saint Emperor cultivation?! And it’s not even at the Fourth level! How could this… WA!”

As he said that, another mouthful of blood flew out forcefully and his body swayed weakly…

On the other side, Jun Mo Xie wiped away the blood on his lips and smiled lightly with a mocking gleam in his eyes. “Old bastard, you only found out now? I thought that you would realize much earlier. Looks like I’ve overestimated your intelligence… it’s my fault, I’ve misunderstood you…”

If I could realize it earlier, would I still be in this state?! Zhan Xiao Xiao was so angry and embarrassed that he almost wanted to take his own life on the spot!

So it turned out that his opponent had only been acting all along! In truth, he was nothing but a paper tiger! From the very beginning until now, it was just a Saint Emperor with some deceptive tricks…

But because he was too focused on the strange abilities of his opponent, he ended up being led by the nose the entire way. Not only had he missed the best opportunity to attack, he’d fallen completely into his opponent’s trap, first being buried alive, then struck by lightning twice…

Even more unbearable was that he had actually been reduced to fight completely naked against such an enemy. This point alone was the greatest humiliation of his life!

Zhan Xiao Xiao gritted his teeth so hard that they made loud grating sounds. His eyes were also open wide like a pair of bronze bells!

In this instant, he even felt like swallowing Jun Mo Xie’s heart whole!

But unfortunately, he knew that he didn’t have that ability!

The series of heavy setbacks had caused his Xuan Qi to fall to a level where he was like a lamp on its last drop of oil. Furthermore, this never before seen burst of strange sword Qi was still wreaking havoc in his meridians…

With a weng sound, a somewhat dim swordlight flashed, and the Blood of Yellow Flame flew back unsteadily, hovering before Jun Mo Xie like a child that had been wronged by some bullies on the school playground.

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s all out strike against it was a culmination of all his essence Xuan Qi. It’d almost shattered the Blood of Yellow Flame entirely! To be able to fly back in such a state was already very impressive…

“You’ve worked hard… In a while, I will help you recover.” Jun Mo Xie consoled in a gentle voice. “I’ll strengthen your body even more later and even feed you a sumptuous feast… Be good, go back in and rest first.”

The Blood of Yellow Flame vibrated lightly and shot back into the Hongjun Pagoda.

Zhan Xiao Xiao, who was watching blankly nearby, felt as if he’d been struck by another bolt of lightning. His mouth hanging open with disbelief, and he sputtered. “So it’s just a devilish spirit sword… it was actually that sword that was causing trouble by itself… it’s not that you really had the ability to wield the Sword Control Technique… AH AH AH… this old man is going to die of anger…!”

This was originally the most confusing part for him. The opponent was clearly not a Saint Venerable expert and was in fact not even near the level of being one. But how could such a person control his sword remotely? He’d seen very clearly with his own eyes how that sword was moving by itself. It was certainly not controlled by a hand and did not have the Xuan Qi aura of a sword that was controlled manually…

So he’d been certain that it was the Sword Control Technique! Only the highest level of the Sword Control Technique could do this! Who would have thought that after fighting for half a day, he’d only been scaring himself…

Jun Mo Xie stood up with a faint smile. “There’s no need to drag this out anymore… this place is beautiful and pristine, with a wonderful view. It’s a prime location for peak experts to duel! Come come come, I shall follow your desires and have a life and death battle with you! This time, we’ll fight fairly—life, death, victory, and defeat will be decided by the heavens!”

Zhan Xiao Xiao widened his eyes and spat out another mouthful of blood in rage, collapsing to the ground. With this mouthful of blood, he also completely lost control over his internal injuries, causing him to continuously vomit out large mouthfuls of blood…

How could there be such a shameless person in the world! I obviously do not even have the strength to move anymore, and you still have the face to tell me to have a fair battle… F*ck, why don’t you just find a dead person to fight a fair battle…

Wouldn’t your chances of victory be even greater!

The series of repeated setbacks and harsh blows had already caused Zhan Xiao Xiao’s injuries to reach a point where they could not be worse! First, he had been wounded by his opponent’s words, and then buried deep in the ground, greatly losing his strength. After that, he’d been attacked by lightning twice, thoroughly shaving away his protective Xuan Qi, even injuring his five viscera and six bowels! After that, he’d been gravely wounded by the divine sword, and the sword Qi was still cutting through his meridians in a frenzied manner even now…

And Jun Mo Xie’s full strength blow had also landed squarely on the front of his chest, completely turning his five viscera and six bowels into mush!

At this time, his body was already on the verge of complete destruction!

Following that, he found out about the true strength of his opponent. Feeling ashamed, his spirit received another heavy blow! And now, he didn’t even have the strength left to lift a single finger…

“Tell me your name! Tell me!” Zhan Xiao Xiao’s naked and charred body twitched weakly on the ground, as if he were struggling to stand up. His words were heavy and filled with unresignation. Snarling in a manner as if one who would never forget this grudge in the next three lifetimes, he panted. “Tell me your name! Even if I cannot get my vengeance in this life, this old man will still look for you in my next life! If I can’t get my revenge in the next life, I will look for you in the next one, and the one after that! This old man will pit my life against you for an eternity!”

“Unfortunately, you won’t have the chance anymore.” Jun Mo Xie’s words directly destroyed Zhan Xiao Xiao’s final bit of hope. “Because I will not allow your Holy Infant to escape! You won’t get another chance anymore! Of course, you’re welcome to try. I wouldn’t mind killing you again!”

Zhan Xiao Xiao completely lost all hope!

“Or perhaps you can tell me your name!” Jun Mo Xie stroked his chin and said. “I’m really quite curious… an expert of your cultivation should be an important figure even in the Zhan Family. Just who are you?”

“You don’t know who I am? You actually don’t know who I am?” Zhan Xiao Xiao was speechless. Although he was already on the verge of death, he still felt a sense of disbelief. “I used my famed technique just now, and you don’t know who I am?”

Jun Mo Xie was also somewhat speechless. I’m not a person from the Misty Illusory Manor; how would I know who you are? Could it be that you’re very famous? I’m not sure whether you’re famous, but I do know that your butt is white enough. That is also considered quite impressive. Although, it’s still not as fair as this Young Master’s butt!

“Hahaha… great, great! Truly great!” Zhan Yi Xiao laughed aloud. “Then, let the both of us continue to be clueless about each other’s identity!” All of a sudden, his face turned purple and his body bloated up like a balloon as he cackled hatefully. “Let’s become a pair of confused ghosts together! The road through the Yellow Springs is long; let us travel together so that none of us will be bored!”

In this instant, he’d actually thoroughly ignited his soul, giving up on trying to escape with his Holy Infant, directly choosing to self detonate! He was going to perish together with Young Master Jun!

The person before him was clearly the same as the one who killed Zhan Tian Ji previously!

Since Zhan Tian Ji’s Holy Infant was not able to escape, he would most likely not have the chance to escape either! After experiencing such a great humiliation, even if he had the chance to continue living, he would not have the face to do so anymore…

Furthermore, the opponent whom he hated so much actually did not even know him at all. In that case, he might as well destroy his body to avoid bringing endless troubles to the Zhan Family because of his corpse. Right now, the Zhan Family was already at a point where they could not withstand even the slightest bit of trouble…

“Travel the Yellow Springs together? You’re doomed to be disappointed… Have you forgotten that this Young Master had already promised my precious sword to gift it a sumptuous meal? Even if you wish to die, this Young Master has to agree first!” Jun Mo Xie charged towards Zhan Xiao Xiao, whose body had already swelled to an extreme level and was about to explode at anytime. As he approached rapidly, the Blood of Yellow Flame appeared once again, stabbing forward!

This time, the Blood of Yellow Flame stabbed smoothly all the way through to Zhan Xiao Xiao’s dantian!

Zhan Xiao Xiao’s body, which had began to rise into the air, instantly stiffened and froze.

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