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Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1026 - Saint Venerable Calling to Account!

Chapter 1026: Saint Venerable Calling to Account!

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This vibrant bloodstain did not change in color in the sunlight!

Jun Mo Xie used his fingers to gently smear some of it and brought it to his eyes. His heart wrenched…

Heart’s blood!

To think that it is heart’s blood!

Under such an extremely despairing impact, Miao Xiao Miao, this foolish maiden… had vomited her heart’s blood!

This… is the purest essence of life in the human body ah!

Even the strongest expert with deep cultivation was unable to bear this sort of depletion! Miao Xiao Miao, despite her unordinary cultivation, was ultimately a weak female. So how could she bear this sort of heartache?

Jun Mo Xie chased a couple of steps in the direction Miao Xiao Miao had ran in. Looking at the ground carefully, he saw a tail of fresh blood along the stone path, almost as if… a girl’s heart was gradually shattering on this path, completely turning into smithereens…

Jun Mo Xie slowly straightened his body and let out a deep sigh. He looked at this path with a gloomy look in his eyes, his thoughts in a whirl…

Miao Xiao Miao was gentle and sweet-tempered and fell in love with him. Jun Mo Xie was well aware of this. Besides, Miao Xiao Miao was a girl with excellent status, held in high regard by everyone. But she was absolutely submissive to himself, this fellow who had nothing else that was worthy of mentioning aside from his divine physique… to the point that she thought of all possible ways to make him happy, fearing that he might be upset…

Just these mere feelings alone were extremely difficult to find. This sort of dedication had already surpassed the ways of the secular world…

In terms of appearance, she was above Guan Qing Han, Dugu Xiao Yi, and was not that inferior to Mei Xue Yan. She could be said to be a country toppling beauty, a stunning beauty; in terms of talent, be it music, chess, literature, art or any sort of area of expertise, she was definitely one of the top…

How could Jun Mo Xie really be unmoved by such a beauty? In fact, in this world, there were not many men who would remain unmoved when faced with such a gorgeous beauty throwing herself at him, so devotedly in love with him… But being tempted was one matter, accepting it was another! If he had recklessly promised her and gave her hopes for the sake of his own masculine desires and vanity… if he was unable to fulfill it… then this excellent young girl would be ruined by his own moment of recklessness!

Jun Mo Xie absolutely could not accept this!

Had Miao Xiao Miao been any ordinary girl in the Xuan Xuan Continent, Jun Mo Xie was full of confidence that he could settle this matter completely, allowing himself to give a satisfactory account in return to these deep feelings! He had even more confidence to provide Miao Xiao Miao the happiness she expected, only in more and not less!

But Miao Xiao Miao was the number one daughter of the Miao Family of the Misty Illusory Manor!

The beloved granddaughter of the Manor Lord of the Misty Illusory Manor!

The immense powers of the Misty Illusory Manor that Jun Mo Xie had witnessed these few days had startled him! The combined strength of the entire Misty Illusory Manor was indeed above the three Holy Lands. Just the mere thought of it alone made Jun Mo Xie’s heart beat faster. He may not be fearful of it, but he had every intention to be cautious!

Of course, all these were not the main reason. The biggest reason was that… the Misty Illusory Manor was a unique space that existed independently outside of the Xuan Xuan Continent. Even though there was not much difference from the secular world, it was still isolated from the Xuan Xuan Continent!

If he exits this time, without the agreement of the Misty Illusory Manor, he could forget about coming back in! If he intended to forcefully tear an opening in the space and enter the Misty Illusory Manor… then he would have to be at the level of the Nine Nether First Young Master when he first established and created the Misty Illusory Manor to have a chance…

As conceited as Jun Mo Xie was, thinking about attaining that level of strength was something that was still far from his reach!

Was Miao Xiao Miao supposed to wait until then?! Then wasn’t he just making her waste her youth to wait for an uncertain possibility?

So when Miao Xiao Miao was expressing her feelings, Jun Mo Xie had already realised that if both of them were to end up together, what Miao Xiao Miao needed to bear… that heavy burden… was definitely not something she could carry!

It was highly probable that they would turn into enemies in a wink of an eye!

He would never be able to live with ease in his heart for the rest of his life. And Miao Xiao Miao would be subjected to pain and anguish and grow old alone!

She may even die because of this…

“I wish… that you will be able to find a happiness that belongs to you… and forget about me forever! And I, this transient guest in you life, shall leave this place for eternity the day after tomorrow and never take a single step back into the Misty Illusory Manor in this life or even the next!”

Jun Mo Xie muttered listlessly under his breath, staring at the brilliant bloodstain on his fingertip. The gentle wind blew, causing his white robe to flap about in the wind. His hair fluttered in the breeze, occasionally hitting his face. Jun Mo Xie felt that this was the despair, sorrow, and misery that was going on in Miao Xiao Miao’s heart…

Bai Qi Feng had quickly gathered Cao Guo Feng and the rest, and all seven old men sat around together and sighed.

Looking at how upset Jun Mo Xie was, the seven of them asked him a few sentences. Young Master Jun wasn’t in a good mood currently, so he did not respond. Just at this moment, they heard the door slamming open with a loud boom , as if someone had just kicked it down.

The seven of them stood up simultaneously and looked over.

These seven people were completely on their guard, and seeing that someone else had come looking for trouble, they were not going to be polite. They all activated their powerful Xuan Qi and stood by in formation. But upon seeing whom the visitors were, these seven old men were like deflated balloons—all of them withered!

Two skinny and tall men with extremely cold looks on their faces strode in.

Behind the two of them, the huge door that was in one piece had already turned into a pile of wood shavings. It would definitely be excellent material if it were used to start a fire!

“Um… both Brother Miaos… I wonder what is the matter that had to trouble the both of you to grace us with your presence?” Cao Guo Feng stood up and laughed dryly. These two people were the bodyguards of the Manor Lord. Either of them had the terrifying strength of a second level Saint Venerable. One whole level above the Zhan Xiao Xiao that Jun Mo Xie had just killed. They could be said to be the greatest security and strength in ensuring the strength of the Manor Lord of the Misty Illusory Manor.

And these two people were also a pair of twins!

Miao Dao! Miao Jian!

These two brothers were combinedly known as ‘Absolute Killing Sabre and Sword’! The moment they joined forces, their strength would increase exponentially and they would be able to activate the shocking prowess of two people! Having both of them beside Miao Jing Yun was more assuring that having a thousand-man army!

In all the generations of Misty Illusory Manor’s history, the strength of the Manor Lord was never the strongest. But the personal bodyguards of the Manor Lord must have the cultivation of a Saint Venerable or above at the very least!

Just like any of the other influential families in the Misty Illusory Manor, the Patriarchs of the family may not have a high cultivation because those with the talent for cultivation must have ample time to cultivate to ensure the strength and overwhelming might of the family. In this way, they could ensure that the family continues to prosper and not decline. If a prodigy like this was made to take on the position of the head of the family, then he would definitely have to be distracted to handle the other matters, and his Xuan cultivation would be unable to advance rapidly, which was undoubtedly a huge waste…

Taking these two bodyguards of Miao Jing Yun for example. Their hierarchy in the family was that of Miao Jing Yun’s uncles. Their Xuan Cultivation had already reached a level of perfection! Since Miao Jing Yun had become the Manor Lord of Misty Illusory Manor, both of them had always stayed by his side, never leaving for a single moment for hundreds of years!

Today, these two people had departed from Miao Jing Yun’s side and suddenly appeared here. And without saying a single word, they kicked down Cao Guo Feng’s door!

This has already proved Miao Jing Yun’s attitude at this moment!

It was nothing unusual to kick down a couple of ordinary wooden doors. Even a Golden Xuan could easily do it, what’s more, a Saint Venerable! But this action had proven the rage in the hearts of these two Saint Venerables! It was beyond any form of control!

Cao Guo Feng and Bai Qi Feng exchanged glances. They both sighed in their hearts as they looked at Jun Mo Xie. Had you been more decent with other people’s precious granddaughter, you wouldn’t have attracted this disaster… How great, the matter has blown up now…

It looked like this matter had directly incurred the rage of the Manor Lord, so there were no excuses this time… Cao Guo Feng may have had the guts to vie with the Manor Lord for his disciple back then, but in the face of these two great gentlemen, he didn’t even dare to utter any words. The other party is too powerful, and more importantly, we are the ones in the wrong ah…

“Under the orders of the Manor Lord, we are here to summon Mo Jun Ye back for questioning! Uninvolved people are to back off!” Miao Dao stared at Cao Guo Feng coldly as a strict warning. Then, his cold gaze fell onto Jun Mo Xie’s face.

“Um, hahaha… Brother Miao, I wonder… the Manor Lord summoning Jun Ye this late… is there a big matter?” Bai Qi Feng stammered and asked.

“Do we need to report to you on what matter the Manor Lord has for summoning him?!” Miao Jian was even more discourteous, both his hands behind him as he looked at Jun Mo Xie and said, “Lad! Stand up! Come with us!”

“Wait!” Cao Guo Feng suddenly stepped out. “Two great guardians, even if Jun Ye is in the wrong, it is because these old men here were lacking in our teaching and guidance. The seven of us request to accept the punishment together! Please permit us to do so!”

Miao Dao and Miao Jian were completely handling the matter in an official manner, and Cao Guo Feng no longer dared to address them as ‘Brother Miao’ anymore… If they replied with: ‘Is Brother Miao… for you to address us by?’ then he would really be throwing his old face big time…

“There’s none of your business! Cao Guo Feng, you are also one of the old people of the Misty Illusory Manor. Word of advice; don’t try to interfere in every single matter blindly!” Miao Dao’s piercing gaze was still locked onto Jun Mo Xie’s face as he continued to speak icily. “For the past thousand of years, the so-called prodigies that have been killed by this old man’s hand… is not many, but it is definitely not a small number. Today, if a legendary Free and Natural Physique is added to the list, it still may not count as anything still! Lad, are you going to leave with us brothers?!”

The meaning behind his words was clear. I f you refuse to come with us obediently, I do not mind bringing a corpse back to complete my mission!

Jun Mo Xie had originally made up his mind to follow them. After all, the reason why these two people were here must be because something had happened to Miao Xiao Miao. Jun Mo Xie may have acted with good intentions, but he still felt guilty and responsible for the outcome, so going to take a look and explaining himself was something that he must do!

Even if you guys did not come here, I would go and pay my visit!

But hearing Miao Dao’s threatening way of speaking, he was instantly repulsed. Instead, he sat back down steadily, raising his head and looking at Miao Dao with a sharp, piercing look in his eyes. He mocked, “Since that is the case… then I invite you to kill the Free and Natural Physique today!”

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