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Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1027 - Jun… Do You Really Not Want Me Anymore?

Chapter 1027: Jun… Do You Really Not Want Me Anymore?

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Since when did Young Master Jun accept this sort of treatment? If you are rude to me, then I naturally will return you the same ‘favor’! This young master may be slightly guilty towards Miao Xiao Miao, but your Miao Family is gravely indebted to me for my kindness! If not for this young master, your Miao Family would already be completely out of luck and have your name erased from the Misty Illusory Manor! And to think that you’re threatening me…

Miao Dao’s face instantly turned even colder! He stared deadly at Young Master Jun , his gaze as sharp as a knife, as he spoke darkly. “Lad, don’t assume that you are the Free and Natural Physique, so you can behave in this unbridled manner! Acting arrogantly because everyone favours you! You must know that for the past ten thousand years, there has been no appearance of the Free and Natural Physique, but the Xuan Xuan Continent is still the Xuan Xuan Continent, and the Misty Illusory Manor… is still the Misty Illusory Manor! This world will not change because of one person. Do you think that you are very almighty?!”

“Well said! That is extremely correct!” Jun Mo Xie looked at him coldly. He even crossed his legs and said, “Precisely because the Free and Natural Physique is no big deal, without the Free and Natural Physique, the sun continues to shine in the day, the moon continues to shine at night, so this young master kindly and magnanimously asks you to kill one! If there are really many of them… when you kill one, isn’t it even more meaningless!”

There was no absolute in the world; the world would not change for the sake of one single person. But this ‘one single person’ definitely referred to majority of ordinary common people. Because other minority groups of people were not included in this restriction. And the world would really change for the sake of the people in this minority!

The killing intent in Miao Dao’s eyes flashed intensely!

Miao Jian thought to himself. Oh no, the Manor Lord’s instructions were for the both of us to bring this lad with the Free and Natural Physique back, but he definitely did not say for us to kill him! Big Bro’s threatening tactic did not work, and now he is caught in a position where it is difficult for him to proceed or retreat… If Big Bro really gets overwhelmed by rage and really kills this boy without any care… both of us will really be in deep trouble…

But both of them never expected this Mo Jun Ye to have such a stubborn, uncomplying temper for his young age!… This sort of untamed nature was also rather suitable for this owner of the Free and Natural Physique…

“Mo Jun Ye, you are not afraid of death, but don’t tell me you are not going to care about the lives of your seven Masters?” Miao Jian asked. “You must know that… whatever actions and behaviour of yours, Cao Guo Feng and the rest have to bear half of the responsibility of teaching it to you! Are you really willing to watch all their efforts and hard work of thousands of years turn into nothing because of your moment of recklessness?”

Jun Mo Xiao persisted with the stare-down with Miao Dao. The look in his eyes was sharp and incisive. Not even batting a single eyelid, completely unfazed by what Miao Jian said.

Miao Dao returned the glare for a long time and was finally startled! This boy’s determination was too extraordinary! Not falling into a disadvantageous position even under the scrutiny of a Saint Venerable! Just this level of cultivation of the state of mind surpassed all of the younger generation! Even the Saint Emperors who were only slightly weaker were also incapable of doing this!

Even though I was afraid that I may hurt him and never released all of my mental pressure, but because of this boy’s provocation I accidentally vented a little bit of it. How could any ordinary person be able to endure this sort of tremendous imposition combined with my chilling killing intent?

Had it been someone else, even if it was an expert with significant cultivation, his mind would have been filled by hallucinations by now and be on the verge of having a mental breakdown! But the look in this little scoundrel’s eyes is still clear! Impressive!

Miao Dao finally shifted his gaze and scoffed coldly. “Good lad! As expected of the owner of the legendary Free and Natural Physique, you sure have guts! No wonder Xiao Miao was so angered…” Although his words and tone was still as cold as before, but it was full of genuine praise. But when he mentioned Xiao Miao, his tone was suddenly full of rage.

Jun Mo Xie was startled. Could it be that something major had really happened to Miao Xiao Miao?

“Don’t threaten me! I won’t accept it! I will definitely go to the Miao Residence, but it is not because of your so-called threats!” Jun Mo Xie slowly stood up and said coldly. “What happened to Miss Miao Xiao Miao is indeed because of me. Even if you don’t mention it, I will still make my way over! If it is my responsibility, I will never run away from it! But if you threaten me… hehehe…”

Jun Mo Xie chuckled coldly. “Even if corpses pile up as high as mountains, and blood runs like rivers, I won’t go! If you’re capable enough, you can just bring a dead man over to finish your task!”

This was how Young Master Jun’s temper always was. Jun Mo Xie could use any sort of method to achieve his own goals, but if his choice of method had triggered off some consequences, he would absolutely not run away from it! Things that he had done, whatever the consequences were, he would definitely carry the responsibility for it

But if someone threatens me during this period of time, then sincerest apologies, no matter who you are, what reason you have, and what circumstances you have, if this Young Master says he is not interested, then I’m not interested! Even if my bones are shattered, I won’t be interested! From my previous life to this life, I had never conceded on this!

When faced with two Saint Venerable whose strength surpassed himself vastly, against such an imposing oppression, it remained the same! In fact, even if he was facing the Nine Nether First Young Master right now, what he should or should not do would not change!

There were no exception in this entire world! No one! No power can change this!

This was the pride that belonged uniquely to Jun Mo Xie!

Jun Mo Xie stood uprightly. The cold gaze in his eyes let the two Saint Venerable know that this lad had made up his mind not to cave in to their threats. They were really caught in a difficult position now. They completely did not expect this lad’s temper to be this stubborn and unbudging! And they just couldn’t beat him or kill him… This really made their blood pressure rise!

“Mo Ye, since the Manor Lord is looking for you, just make the trip. I believe that it is nothing major, the trivial relationship matters can be easily resolved if you talk it out…” Cao Guo Feng couldn’t help but feel anxious noticing that the atmosphere had tensed up, quickly trying to convince Jun Mo Xie. The other party is two Saint Venerables; if they really act on their urge, then it’ll be useless even if I sacrifice my old life ah…

“No!” Jun Mo Xie raised his chin and looked at Miao Dao unyieldingly. “Whether I want to go or not is one matter! But I absolutely refuse to do anything under someone’s threat! If you want me to go, then retract your sentence earlier! Then there will be room for discussion!”

He raised his brows slightly and continued coldly. “Otherwise, even if you are powerful and can forcefully bring me back, it’ll only be a person who doesn’t talk. Or perhaps, when we reach there, there may be one more dead person.”

Jun Mo Xie’s words had hit the nail on the head of what the two Miao Brothers were thinking. They were just planning to capture him when he was off guard and depart immediately. But they were stunned by his reminder.

If he doesn’t even say a single thing when he goes there… then what use would there be? And the matter would be a bigger problem if he is dead! But… how can talking be forced? Especially… for the sake of Miao Xiao Miao’s love sickness…

Miao Dao’s expression instantly darkened. He suddenly stomped on the ground and said with a black face. “Fine! You win! This old man takes back his words just now! Is it alright now?!” He glared angrily at Jun Mo Xie. Just you wait and watch how this daddy deals with you little brat! You make this old man lose his face today; I’ll definitely make you regret it greatly in the future!

With the mindset of ‘a gentleman’s revenge will not be late after ten years’, it didn’t feel as difficult to say that as he took back his words.

“That’s much better. Had you said so earlier, would we need to waste so much saliva?” How could Jun Mo Xie not know what this old man was planning in his head. But he was going to leave this place soon, so naturally he couldn’t care less. Even if I don’t leave, with my capabilities alone, what sort of abilities do you old fellow have to do anything about this Young Master? He gave a satisfied grin. “Then what are we waiting for? Shouldn’t we hurry? Didn’t you say that the Manor Lord was looking for me to discuss about something?” He urged.

The two great Saint Venerable, Miao Dao and Miao Jian were speechless. You are the brat that refused to go just now… and now the one rushing off is you… Are you crazy? And the Manor Lord was looking for you to discuss about something? Where did you get that from? Are you worthy?! Pei!!

Although Jun Mo Xie was being uncooperative, he was very worried. After all, if Miao Xiao Miao had met with some major incident because of the matter today, then he would never be able to be at ease for his entire life!

In terms of the anxiousness in their hearts, he was even more anxious than these two before him!

“Come with me!” Miao Jian grabbed his elbow and in the next instant, Jun Mo Xie realized that he was already midair. When Cao Guo Feng and the rest gave pursuit, the trio had already left them in the dust…

Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but feel shocked. The strength of these two aren’t for show! Just this speed alone is no small matter. Even Zhan Xiao Xiao seems far from it. Truly impressive. Looks like the foundations of the Miao Family is rather thick…

It turned out that Miao Xiao Miao was so despaired and heart-broken that she could no longer support herself and fell unconscious after walking not far away! Little Beansprout carried her back and rushed all the way back to the Miao Residence and instantly triggered off a huge earthquake!

The entire Miao Family was secretly preparing for Miao Jing Yun’s five hundredth birthday. Everyone in the Miao Family, regardless of their status and position in the family, was all gathered in the Residence to make preparations. Seeing the precious darling of the Miao Family being carried back by someone, barely conscious, they were all horrified!

And Miao Jing Yun was furious!

To think that someone dared to hurt his precious treasure on the eve of his birthday? Wasn’t that purely trying to insult the Miao Family? This person had too much guts!

They had just brought Miao Xiao Miao into her room and settled her down when Miao Jing Yun and the rest all rushed right in to check her pulse. Everyone wore frowns on their faces.

Miao Xiao Miao’s injuries were not light. Because a knot had developed in her heart and injured her Primordial Spirit! Especially when she had yet to truly develop it yet… such a blunder had occurred. It was truly severe and would cause endless future troubles!

The moment the Primordial Spirit was hurt, all the vital organs were damaged! It only took a short moment for Miao Xiao Miao to fall into a deep state of unconsciousness! This sort of coma was partially due to the damages of her organs, but also a result of Miao Xiao Miao’s subjective consciousness!

When all her hopes had been crushed, all the beautiful fantasies turned into bubbles, Miao Xiao Miao was completely unwilling to wake up…

If she wasn’t woken up in time, she would remain like this forever…

This sort of situation was similar to the illness of Jun Mo Xie’s mother, Dongfang Wen Xin, who was asleep for ten years. If the person herself didn’t wish to wake up, even the best doctors cannot do anything about it…

Everyone in the Miao Family was at a loss for what to do. All of them had lost a significant amount of hair from rubbing their heads. Madam Miao cried loudly and almost fainted…

After wrecking their heads, they finally remembered that there was an eyewitness beside them: Little Beansprout. They quickly summoned her over to find out what had happened!

Naturally, Little Beansprout didn’t dare to conceal any part of the truth. Plus, this little lass was full of vengeance towards this Great Prodigy Mo with the Free and Natural Physique, so she had a truthful account of the entire matter. Although she did not add anything, just that begrudging tone of hers was enough to make everyone enraged!

This Mo Jun Ye really f*cking doesn’t know how to appreciate other people’s kindness!

Someone instantly brought up capturing that brat with the Free and Natural Physique and lighting him on fire…

Madam Miao looked at her daughter’s pale face. She was still in a coma, but she was still begging repeatedly. “Jun Ye… do you really not want me anymore? Are you really unwilling to want me?”

These mournful cries made Madam Miao feel as if her heart was being cut out!

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