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Our Glamorous Time (Web Novel)


Lin Qian once thought the man she wanted would be handsome and formidable, able to “create clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another turn” in the business world, causing her to look up to him in admiration. There would be nothing he could not accomplish.

But when she finally met the one that fit this, she realized how much she liked his impassiveness, his quietness, his persistence, and his loyalty. She liked him to the point that she was willing to be with him, to stand side by side with him in this callous business world that is full of bloodshed. To be reckless in these years of our life, irrespective of the future.


An encounter, ordinary and dull like flowing water, produced the most dramatic and best years for him and her.

326 • 2019-04-12 21:41:55


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 82: (Bonus Chapter) Because Of You2019-04-13
Chapter 81: Grand Finale2019-04-13
Chapter 80: Glamorous, My Love2019-04-13
Chapter 79: Fighting Using Elimination2019-04-13
Chapter 78: Western Style2019-04-13
Chapter 77: Into the Bones2019-04-13
Chapter 76: Nobody is a Worthy Opponent2019-04-13
Chapter 75: Blinded by Greed2019-04-13
Chapter 74: A Father-Son Talk2019-04-13
Chapter 73: There Are Tigers In The Mountain2019-04-13
Chapter 72: Who Is the Falling One2019-04-13
Chapter 71: A False Thing Becomes True2019-04-13
Chapter 70: Taste of One’s Own Medicine2019-04-13
Chapter 69: Fish in Troubled Waters2019-04-13
Chapter 68: Some Were Happy2019-04-13
Chapter 67: After Turning Around2019-04-13
Chapter 66: Deciding Point2019-04-13
Chapter 65: Heart Higher than the Heavens2019-04-13
Chapter 64: Hello, Brother2019-04-13
Chapter 63: The Unawareness of The Danger Behind2019-04-13
Chapter 62: City Starlights2019-04-13
Chapter 61: Like Morning Dew2019-04-13
Chapter 60: I March Forward when You Retreat2019-04-13
Chapter 59: Legitimacy Belongs to the Victor2019-04-13
Chapter 58: The Passing of Time2019-04-13
Chapter 57: Heart to Heart2019-04-13
Chapter 56: Exhaust All Means To Achieve the Ultimate Goal2019-04-13
Chapter 55: Tricks Up His Sleeve2019-04-13
Chapter 54: Heartbroken2019-04-13
Chapter 53: The Glamourous Time2019-04-13
Chapter 52: Tonight is the night2019-04-13
Chapter 51: Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before2019-04-13
Chapter 50: The Yearning Frenzy2019-04-13
Chapter 49: How could you not be overjoyed2019-04-13
Chapter 48: Yearning2019-04-13
Chapter 47: A Temporary Separation2019-04-13
Chapter 46: Cast Aside The Bow Once The Birds Are Gone2019-04-13
Chapter 45: Intimate Interactions2019-04-13
Chapter 44: No Strangers Allowed2019-04-13
Chapter 43: In The Wilderness2019-04-13
Chapter 42: Stifling Intelligence2019-04-13
Chapter 41: An Intimate Relationship2019-04-13
Chapter 40: The Last Thing Pending2019-04-13
Chapter 39: See the Sea across the Mountains2019-04-13
Chapter 38: Romantic Attachment2019-04-13
Chapter 37: Not Waiting for the Expired2019-04-13
Chapter 36: Lovesickness2019-04-13
Chapter 35: Blue Belt Lad2019-04-13
Chapter 34: Feelings of Youth2019-04-13
Chapter 33: Walker of the City2019-04-13
Chapter 32: Truths and Falsities2019-04-13
Chapter 31: Confrontation2019-04-13
Chapter 30: Day and Night2019-04-13
Chapter 29: Brilliant Lights and Vibrant Colors2019-04-13
Chapter 28: A Lovely Surprise2019-04-13
Chapter 27: Dew Turns Into Frost Since Tonight2019-04-13
Chapter 26: Never Regret Decisions Made2019-04-13
Chapter 25: You Advance, I Retreat2019-04-13
Chapter 24: You’re What I Want2019-04-13
Chapter 23: Master Sun’s The Art of War2019-04-13
Chapter 22: Within Reach2019-04-13
Chapter 21: Keep Your Hope Up2019-04-13
Chapter 20: Twists and Turns2019-04-13
Chapter 19: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining2019-04-13
Chapter 18: Letting the Enemy Off to Catch Him Later2019-04-13
Chapter 17: A Lonely Winter Night2019-04-13
Chapter 16: Settled2019-04-13
Chapter 15: Boss’s True Colors2019-04-13
Chapter 14: A Warm Winter Night2019-04-13
Chapter 13: She’s Just Getting Started2019-04-13
Chapter 12: Standing Firm2019-04-13
Chapter 11: Possible Bankruptcy2019-04-13
Chapter 10: His Burden2019-04-13
Chapter 9: One Morning2019-04-13
Chapter 8: Intentions Revealed2019-04-13
Chapter 7: Hello Boss2019-04-13
Chapter 6: Former Boss2019-04-13
Chapter 5: Midnight Companion2019-04-13
Chapter 4: This Girl Is Cunning2019-04-13
Chapter 3: Oversea Advice2019-04-13
Chapter 2: The Major2019-04-13
Chapter 1: First Encounter2019-04-13
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