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Overlord, Love Me Tender (Web Novel) - Chapter 387: Playing rouge, to molest Long Yun Zhan?

Chapter 387: Playing rouge, to molest Long Yun Zhan?

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Long Yun Zhan used one hand to wipe his sweat drenched fine black hair, holding up a bunch of hair with his hands, the rest of his hair fell on that shiny naked shoulder.

The man’s well-built, strong muscles were sculpted distinctly.

Sweat droplets followed that fair skin, as it dripped down.

When Long Yun Zhan saw Ye Qing Luo who was standing outside his door, his entire body stiffened, as he froze on the spot.

Ye Qing Luo had not expected that right after Logn Yun Zhan advanced, she was able to see such a scrumptious sight.

Hence, the image was fixed on this scenario.

Their eyes exchanged glances, she looking at him and he was looking at her.

After quite a while, Long Yun Zhan’s good looking face turned so red as though he had been scorched by fire, as his arms wrapped around his chest and dashed into the wooden house like a rabbit.

The strength of the door shutting had shook several times.

The “Bam” sound made Ye Qing Luo slightly dazed.

What scenario was that, why did it looked as though…. she was playing rogue, trying to molest Long Yun Zhan?

After some time later, Ye Qing Luo stood till her legs were turning numb, but there still wasn’t any sound coming from the wooden house.

Ye Qing Luo frowned slightly, as she directly walked over and just as she was about to push the door open, she heard Long Yun Zhan’s anxious voice from inside, “Don’t come in!”

Ye Qing Luo’s hand froze, as the frown on her face grew tighter.

Only she treated as though she didn’t hear his voice as she directly pushed open the wooden door, and walked right inside.

She saw Long Yun Zhan sitting on the bed, with his back facing her, that blue coloured long robe tightly wrapped around his body.

Hearing her footsteps closing him, that broad back, suddenly trembled.

Ye Qing Luo’s corners of her lips twitched.

Didn’t this scene resembled an innocent young man had been taken liberty of?

She strode over but before she got near the bed, Long Yun Zhan shuddered as he moved inwards on the wooden bed, “Don’t come over!”

Ye Qing Luo rolled her eyes as she walked over in a bad mood.

Just as Long Yun Zhan was about to escape, she stretched out her hand and held onto his collar.

The lady’s five slender fingers were fair, jade-like, without any dirt on it.

But the strength was shockingly overwhelming, no matter how Long Yun Zhan struggled, he wasn’t able to wiggle free.

“You’re not a girl, what’re you trying to hide and conceal for? This old mother has seen more men that the rice that you’ve eaten, this old mother isn’t even blushing, what’re you embarrassed over!”

Seeing Long Yun Zhan’s flushed red face, Ye Qing Luo was even more speechless.

In the twenty first century, she had gone to the beaches abroad and seen plenty of totally nude men around, not to mention just naked shouldered men.

Although Long Yun Zhan’s figure was a plus point, and was a scrumptious sight.

But her eyes were not gleaming, so what could she do to him?

Besides, in terms of figure, Di Mo Xuan’s figure was much more awesome!

He only needed one word from her and Di Mo Xuan would directly strip down~

She wondered what Long Yun Zhan was embarrassed about.

As though he had been shocked by Ye Qing Luo’s unconstrained words, Long Yun Zhan’s azure blue eyes widened, his flushed red face lost its usual aloof look.

“You… you’ve seen plenty…..”

He was unable to say it out, as it was stuffed in his mouth, as he kept repeating over the same word.

Ye Qing Luo covered his mouth shut, “Yes, I’ve seen plenty, and basically, I’ve seen all kinds of men before, even the ***** I’ve also seen it. So be rest assured that I’d not be so insane that I’d not be able to hold back upon seeing you naked, to the state of directly pressing you down.”

A whole pitter patter string of words came raining out from Ye Qing Luo’s mouth.

Saying that, Ye Qing Luo released her grip on Long Yun Zhan’s collar, as she casually pushed him.

Long Yun Zhan fell on the bed, still maintaining the dazed look as he laid down, the words from Ye Qing Luo kept repeating itself in his mind in disbelief.

These words, even if those Casanova, they might not be able to say it out without the slightest scruple.

A lady like Ye Qing Luo, was actually so bold and unconstrained!

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