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Overlord, Love Me Tender (Web Novel) - Chapter 389: Long Yun Zhan’s parentage

Chapter 389: Long Yun Zhan’s parentage

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Not a waste, but dispatched to devil class.

Especially when this person, was the Director.

Ye Qing Luo couldn’t help but had her suspicions that Long Yun Zhan’s memory loss, might be linked to the Director.

“Other than my name, and devil class, I couldn’t remember anyone, or anything.” Long Yun Zhan slowly shook his head as his expression was in pain.

A person, without any past memories.

Towards the past, everything was blank.

Just how fearful and helpless was one’s life?

Ye Qing Luo’s countenance softened, as he sighed lightly, “Do you remember why you were sent to the devil class?”

“Because of my eyes.” Long Yun Zhan suddenly raised his eyes, that azure blue eyes was sparkly like precious gems, as it shone in a clear and crystalline lustre.

Ye Qing Luo’s fingertips were about to touch him, but Long Yun Zhan blushed and moved backwards.

“You’re the first to praise that I have beautiful eyes.”

He raised his hand and touched his own eyes, as he gave a bitter laugh, “Because of my pair of eyes, the students say that I am a monster, the other class students kept bullying me. Director then sent me to devil class.”

Saying till here, he laughed out gently.

Only this time, his smile was relaxed, “Only those in the devil class didn’t despise me because of my eyes and didn’t treat me as other species.”

“So, you trained these students, to let them turn into strong cultivators, then they wouldn’t need to suffer other people’s strange looks?”

“Yes, and no.” Long Yun Zhan nodded, shortly after he shook his head, “The original intention for helping them, was perhaps due to the kind intentions they had towards me, and it influenced me. As for training them…. I was trying to search for my lost memories.”

Based on his strength alone, in a strange place without any memories, there was simply no way to survive for long.

Not to mention to find his memories.

His only way was to make himself stronger, to make him team stronger.

Only in this way would he be able to survive in this predatory behaviour world, and had a better chance of finding his memories.

“These years, I have been tolerating in silence. Until…. You came.”

Saying this, Long Yun Zhan’s blue eyes was masked with a layer of fog, “When I first saw you, I had a strong premonition, perhaps this was the six sense of a dragon, or perhaps it was Qi Qi’s sacred beast’s inductance, I knew, perhaps the truth which I was searching for, could be found from you.”

“Indeed, you have a sacred beast, the white tiger amongst the four sacred beasts.”

Long Yun Zhan’s face was filled with smiles, as it was filled with gentleness.

She was used to his usual undisturbed undulations, used to his aloofness.

Now that she saw this smile radiating with warmth, Ye Qing Luo was dazed by it.

“Qi Qi recognised me, it could tell from my smell that I came from the dragon clan.” As Long Yun Zhan was saying that, his voice gradually got agitated.

“Qi Qi said, the both of us are the same, we were both beasts.”

“Only, our grades were different. It was the almighty sacred beasts whereas I, am the human dragon from the Upper Three Realm.”

Human Dragon?

Ye Qing Luo’s eyes suddenly opened wide, “Human Dragon?”

She had never heard of this synonym.

Moreover, Upper Realm?

Why the Upper Realm?

What Ye Qing Luo knew about this wasn’t much.

Xi Jue’s mum had also mentioned the Upper Realm.

That was the higher position above the Nirvana Realm.

According to legends, only those supreme cultivators in the Nirvana Realm could go through the tribulation to the Upper Realm, in order to maintain the peace in Nirvana Realm.

To put in simple terms, only the strongest cultivator in Nirvana Realm who were above the Sky Profound Grade, which were Xian Profound and God Profound grades, which were said to be legendary standards.

There would be envoys from the Upper Realm, who would bring them into Upper Realm.

To say in another way, if you were able to become invincible within Nirvana Realm, but if you were in Upper Realm, then you’re just a dreg.

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