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Painting of the Nine Immortals (Web Novel)


POTNI, 九仙图




Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xianxia

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Untolerated by heaven, a boy was restricted by the most powerful spell.

He accidentally acquired a painting inhabited by nine souls that claimed to be immortal.

Then, the legend of a strong young man who violated heavenly principles against the course of nature began.

610 • 2019-03-28 15:50:50


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1003: Come Battle2020-03-22
Chapter 1002: Di Jun2020-03-22
Chapter 1001: The Mysterious Powerhouse2020-03-20
Chapter 1000: Benefits2020-03-20
Chapter 999: The End to a Legend2020-03-18
Chapter 998: Aggressive and Powerful2020-03-18
Chapter 997: Fight between the Best2020-03-18
Chapter 996: The Result2020-03-17
Chapter 995: 900 Victories2020-03-16
Chapter 994: A Series of Victories2020-03-15
Chapter 993: Rules and Rewards2020-03-14
Chapter 992: The Leader of the Heaven’s Favorites Palace2020-03-13
Chapter 991: Signs2020-03-12
Chapter 990: The Demonic Blood2020-03-11
Chapter 989: Against Demonic Silhouettes2020-03-10
Chapter 988: The Demonic Sage Body2020-03-09
Chapter 987: A Dominating Push2020-03-08
Chapter 986: An Auction2020-03-07
Chapter 985: Within Reach2020-03-06
Chapter 984: Agglomeration of the Tri-Colored Flower2020-03-05
Chapter 983: Completing the Cosmic Technique2020-03-04
Chapter 982: Unique Immortal Bone2020-03-03
Chapter 981: The Primitive Text2020-03-02
Chapter 980: A Forceful Snatch2020-03-01
Chapter 979: The Demeanor of a Phoenix2020-02-29
Chapter 978: The Prowess of a Powerhouse2020-02-28
Chapter 977: A Moron2020-02-27
Chapter 976: The Dragon Opposition Fists2020-02-27
Chapter 975: Three Powerhouses2020-02-25
Chapter 974: Be Careful2020-02-24
Chapter 973: The Strange Tri-Colored Flower2020-02-23
Chapter 972: Suppression after Suppression2020-02-22
Chapter 971: An Arrogant Attitude2020-02-21
Chapter 970: A Strange Method2020-02-20
Chapter 969: Yuan Wu Tian Jun2020-02-19
Chapter 968: A Painful Defeat2020-02-19
Chapter 967: The Cauldron of Mountain and River2020-02-18
Chapter 966: The Undefeatable Star2020-02-18
Chapter 965: The Fight Against Three Heaven’s Favorites2020-02-18
Chapter 964: Acquaintances2020-02-18
Chapter 963: Iron of Hades2020-02-13
Chapter 962: Beaten Down2020-02-12
Chapter 961: Another Encounter2020-02-11
Chapter 960: The Sea of Death2020-02-10
Chapter 959: Pure Blood2020-02-09
Chapter 958: Extremes of the Three2020-02-08
Chapter 957: Transformation2020-02-07
Chapter 956: Bathing in Fire2020-02-06
Chapter 955: The Flame of a Real Phoenix2020-02-05
Chapter 954: Another Godly Medicine2020-02-04
Chapter 953: Terrifying Endurance2020-02-04
Chapter 952: Leaving in Ease2020-02-02
Chapter 951: A Clone2020-02-01
Chapter 950: The Great Battle against Bai Yuan2020-01-31
Chapter 949: Four Heaven’s Favorites2020-01-30
Chapter 948: Searching2020-01-28
Chapter 947: Forced to Retreat2020-01-28
Chapter 946: The Fat Man’s Sadness2020-01-27
Chapter 945: The Young Master’s Spiritual Stones2020-01-26
Chapter 944: Splitting the Treasures2020-01-25
Chapter 943: The Surviving Route2020-01-24
Chapter 942: Mercilessness2020-01-23
Chapter 941: A Joke2020-01-22
Chapter 940: The Mystery about Immortality2020-01-21
Chapter 939: Raging Flame of Hatred2020-01-20
Chapter 938: Four Paths2020-01-19
Chapter 937: Fighting Against Demons of the Dead2020-01-18
Chapter 936: Breaking the Array in Seconds2020-01-17
Chapter 935: An Omnipotent’s Grave2020-01-16
Chapter 934: A Strange Appearance2020-01-13
Chapter 933: Aggressive Kills2020-01-12
Chapter 932: Plenty of Gains2020-01-11
Chapter 931: Self-Inflicted Slap2020-01-10
Chapter 930: An Explosive Scene2020-01-09
Chapter 929: The Plate of Escape2020-01-08
Chapter 928: Clues2020-01-07
Chapter 927: Smashed to Pieces2020-01-06
Chapter 926: The Inheritor of the Previous Generation2020-01-05
Chapter 925: At the Door2020-01-05
Chapter 924: A Forced Kiss2020-01-05
Chapter 923: The Lock of Eternity2020-01-02
Chapter 922: The Peak of the Soul2020-01-01
Chapter 921: The Right2019-12-31
Chapter 920: Settled2019-12-30
Chapter 919: Stomped Under a Foot2019-12-29
Chapter 918: An Undefeatable Attack2019-12-28
Chapter 917: Fighting on Behalf of2019-12-27
Chapter 916: The Exact Location2019-12-26
Chapter 915: Using Blood as a Lure2019-12-25
Chapter 914: Coincidentally Meeting Two Women2019-12-24
Chapter 913: Talents from all over the World2019-12-23
Chapter 912: The Palace of Heaven’s Favorites2019-12-22
Chapter 911: Jealousy2019-12-22
Chapter 910: See you in a few Hundred Years2019-12-22
Chapter 909: Another Apprentice2019-12-19
Chapter 908: The Sun Stone2019-12-18
Chapter 907: The Seal2019-12-17
Chapter 906: The Eerie Pool of Blood2019-12-16
Chapter 905: Hopelessness2019-12-15
Chapter 904: The Powerful God of Gold2019-12-14
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