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Painting of the Nine Immortals (Web Novel)


POTNI, 九仙图




Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xianxia

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Untolerated by heaven, a boy was restricted by the most powerful spell.

He accidentally acquired a painting inhabited by nine souls that claimed to be immortal.

Then, the legend of a strong young man who violated heavenly principles against the course of nature began.

176 • 2019-03-28 15:50:50


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 876: The Great Mausoleum2019-11-14
Chapter 875: An Aggressive Kill2019-11-13
Chapter 874: Wang Jun’s Obstruction2019-11-12
Chapter 873: A Jade Cup suppresses a Heaven’s Favorite2019-11-11
Chapter 872: Trouble at the Door2019-11-10
Chapter 871: Three Slaps2019-11-09
Chapter 870: Fairy Wu2019-11-08
Chapter 869: A Violent Beating2019-11-07
Chapter 868: Get the Hell Out of the Young Master’s Way2019-11-06
Chapter 867: The Gathering of Heaven’s Favorites2019-11-05
Chapter 866: Jealousy, Envy, and Hatred2019-11-04
Chapter 865: Invitation2019-11-03
Chapter 864: A Big Scene2019-11-02
Chapter 863: Aggressively Breaking Through the Levels2019-11-01
Chapter 862: A Small Slap In the Face2019-10-31
Chapter 861: The Heavenly Palace2019-10-30
Chapter 860: Collecting2019-10-29
Chapter 859: Entering the Peak2019-10-28
Chapter 858: The Court of Thunder2019-10-27
Chapter 857: My Name is Ling Xian2019-10-26
Chapter 856: Acquired2019-10-25
Chapter 855: The Fusion of Three Powerful Moves2019-10-24
Chapter 854: Submission2019-10-23
Chapter 853: A Sliver of Gap2019-10-22
Chapter 852: Borrowing Thunder for Training2019-10-21
Chapter 851: Appreciation2019-10-20
Chapter 850: Handled2019-10-19
Chapter 849: Seeking Thunder for the Body2019-10-18
Chapter 848: Killing Original with One Hand2019-10-17
Chapter 847: Indestructible2019-10-16
Chapter 846: Making a Deal2019-10-15
Chapter 845: The Tree of the Warming Soul2019-10-14
Chapter 844: Conquering2019-10-13
Chapter 843: The Overbearing Wang Clan2019-10-12
Chapter 842: Forced Marriage2019-10-11
Chapter 841: Meeting Ru Yu Again2019-10-10
Chapter 840: Difficulty2019-10-09
Chapter 839: Legend of the Phoenix2019-10-08
Chapter 838: Gone like Smoke2019-10-07
Chapter 837: Past Resentment2019-10-06
Chapter 836: Competition of the Apprentices2019-10-05
Chapter 835: An Old Friend2019-10-04
Chapter 834: Gifts2019-10-03
Chapter 833: An Unlimited Amount of Glory2019-10-02
Chapter 832: Visiting the Young Master2019-10-01
Chapter 831: Sit and Wait for the Supreme Headmaster2019-09-30
Chapter 830: Killing Three Kinds2019-09-29
Chapter 829: Breaking the Golden Roc2019-09-28
Chapter 828: Bold and Fearless2019-09-27
Chapter 827: Reckless and Brave2019-09-26
Chapter 826: Challenging the Golden Roc2019-09-25
Chapter 825: Three Days2019-09-24
Chapter 824: The Greatest Humiliation2019-09-23
Chapter 823: Stepping Down2019-09-22
Chapter 822: Violent Strikes at the Emperor2019-09-22
Chapter 821: An Imperious Invitation2019-09-20
Chapter 820: The News of Death2019-09-19
Chapter 819: Violent Strikes at the Emperor2019-09-18
Chapter 818: Wan Jian House’s Situation2019-09-15
Chapter 817: I was Fated to Meet this Woman2019-09-14
Chapter 816: Dao Wu Ji’s Astonishment2019-09-13
Chapter 815: Catching Up2019-09-12
Chapter 814: The Killing2019-09-11
Chapter 813: The Eyes of the Falling Stars2019-09-10
Chapter 812: People are Worth Less than Clothes2019-09-10
Chapter 811: The Cold Shoulder Treatment2019-09-08
Chapter 810: The Stubborn Young Girl2019-09-07
Chapter 809: Gazing into Yunzhou2019-09-06
Chapter 808: A Gift2019-09-05
Chapter 807: A Request2019-09-04
Chapter 806: Yielding2019-09-03
Chapter 805: Fight me if you Dare2019-09-02
Chapter 804: Domineering2019-09-02
Chapter 803: Paying a Visit2019-09-02
Chapter 802: Through the Roof Furious2019-09-02
Chapter 801: Twisting the Truth2019-09-02
Chapter 800: Domineering2019-08-29
Chapter 799: The Strongest Enlivener2019-08-25
Chapter 798: The Path of the Strong2019-08-24
Chapter 797: Enhanced Abilities2019-08-23
Chapter 796: Causes2019-08-22
Chapter 795: I am Ling Xian2019-08-21
Chapter 794: He Died2019-08-18
Chapter 793: Red Rain Falling2019-08-17
Chapter 792: Waiting and Reflecting2019-08-16
Chapter 791: Tyrannical2019-08-15
Chapter 790: The Start of a Rampage2019-08-14
Chapter 789: Demonic2019-08-13
Chapter 788: Hatred2019-08-13
Chapter 787: The Great Sacrifice2019-08-13
Chapter 786: Must Marry You2019-08-13
Chapter 785: A Female Army2019-08-13
Chapter 784: A Hopeless Situation2019-08-13
Chapter 783: Hatred2019-08-07
Chapter 782: Merging the Clone2019-08-05
Chapter 781: Slaughtering with a Sword2019-08-04
Chapter 780: A Good Ending2019-08-03
Chapter 779: The Immortal Bone of Battle2019-08-02
Chapter 778: The Display of Vigor2019-08-01
Chapter 777: The Powerful Leader of Cultivation2019-07-31