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Painting of the Nine Immortals (Web Novel) - Chapter 872: Trouble at the Door

Chapter 872: Trouble at the Door

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Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

Under the giant Sun before the Garden.

The young man who blocked Ling Xian’s way and was laughing at him was now speechless. His entire face was white and his fists clenched together. He felt a giant wave of humiliation.

Everyone there felt the same way.

The more they had previously taunted Ling Xian, the more humiliated they were feeling now.

At first, they were treating Ling Xian like a country side pumpkin and didn’t think he had the right to join the gathering. But now that Fairy Wu has greeted him personally, they felt like they have been slapped in the face.

Then, Fairy Wu had revealed Ling Xian’s identity, which again, slapped them in the face.

The two slaps have made them feel extremely humiliated and full of shame. Yet now, Ling Xian had taken out his invitation, which was a third slap.

Though this time, they weren’t as shocked as the first two times, they felt salt sprinkled onto their wounds and their agony was growing!

Yet they had no strength to resist. They could only silently accept this humiliation.

At this, Ling Xian softly smiled, “I have taken out my invitation. Since you all refuse to inspect it, then don’t question me again. Or else…”

Or else what? He didn’t finish. But everyone understood and fell silent.

Everyone couldn’t help but to lower their head. They didn’t dare to look at Ling Xian straight in the eyes and they wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

This made Fairy Wu raise an eyebrow as well. After thinking about it for awhile, she understood what had happened. Then, her expression turned a little cold. She glanced over at everyone and said, “You call yourselves Heaven’s Favorites? To me, you are morons who see lowly of everyone.”

At those words, everyone’s expression turned white. Fairy Wu’s words were like knives that stabbed into their hearts. Though they felt no physical pain, their hearts hurt and they felt tortured!

At this, Ling Xian’s lips curled up and the anger in his chest disappeared. He smiled, “Fairy Wu, please.”

Then, he marched in big leaps and walked into the Moon Inviting Garden.

Fairy Wu hissed coldly and walked into the Garden as well.

If this was any other time, she wouldn’t behave this way because her behaviour had just offended a group of Heaven’s Favorites. Though their capabilities were a level lower than hers, she cannot ignore their backgrounds.

But what did all of this mean when compared to a Heaven’s Favorite with a limitless future?

Therefore, Fairy Wu chose to befriend Ling Xian. At least between everyone here and him, she chose the latter.

Ling Xian was very aware of all this and accepted it.

If he doesn’t accept kindness from the top Heaven’s Favorite, then he would be a fool.

After seeing the scenery from inside the Garden, Ling Xian complimented and smiled, “You sure know how to pick venues. Here truly is picturesque and extraordinary.”

“You are being too kind. Please come this way.”

Fairy Wu extended out her white arm and walked quickly while lightly on her feet towards a large palace.

At this, Ling Xian followed.

Very quickly, the two of them entered the big hall. They saw a long table before them with much strange fruit and tasty alcohol on top.

Beside the table were five people. Three men and two women.

The men were all studious and remarkable while the women were as magnificent as flowers. None of them seeped Qi yet they all sat there steadily like they were unmoveable mountains. They appeared profound and impossible to predict.


The moment Ling Xian saw everyone, he had decided that that was the case.

It was obvious that these five people were truly powerful. Or else he wouldn’t have assumed that right away.

Seeing how he walked in with Fairy Wu, the five people looked over and they all frowned secretly. They were somewhat suspicious and somewhat surprised.

“Allow me to introduce you guys.”

Fairy Wu grinned brightly and pointed to the handsome young man wearing blue, “That is the strongest descendant of the Feng Clan, Feng Hang Tian.”

Then, she shifted her gaze to the brave looking man, “That is the Young Master of Chu Nation. He is also the number one Heaven’s Favorite there, Chu Ren Xiong.”

“That is the strongest descendant from the Wang Clan of Mountain Luo Fu – Wang Jun.”

Fairy Wu pointed to the serious looking, attractive, but emotionless young man. Then finally, she looked over to the two fine women and smiled, “This is Qin Yao, that is Qin Xue. They’re both apprentices of one omnipotent.”

“Everyone has a stronger background than the previous.”

Ling Xian silently exclaimed. He has found out all about the top forces of the East Domain. He knows how the Feng Clan, Wang Clan, and Chu Nation were all extremely capable.

He has also heard of these people’s names and how they are top Heaven’s Favorites of the East Domain.

“Fairy Wu, so this is the person who is worthy for you to greet personally.”

The Wang Clan descendant spoke softly and stared at Ling Xian with sword like eyes. It felt like he was interrogating him.

The other four were the same. They were very curious as to what kind of person Ling Xian is and how he is able to get Fairy Wu to greet him personally.

“You may not have seen him but I think you have all heard of his name.” Fairy Wu continued to smile like a blossoming flower and she uttered out two words.

“Ling Xian.”

At those words, everyone frowned and remembered the rumor from not long ago.

“The Ling Xian who broke through all levels of the Heavenly Palace?” Wang Jun frowned, feeling a little surprised.

Fairy Wu nodded softly, “This Taoist is the unparalleled Heaven’s Favorite who went through all levels of the Heavenly Palace.”

After she confirmed, everyone peeked at the calm and silent Ling Xian. All of their expression changed. They have all heard about what happened and knew just how difficult it was to get through all levels of the Heavenly Palace.

No matter how collected they appear, they were surprised.


Wang Jun raised an eyebrow, his Qi was suppressing. He stared at Ling Xian with sword like eyes and his interrogating demeanor intensified.

This made Ling Xian frown. He didn’t like this.

Being focused on was normal and fine, but what’s with the interrogating stare?

To say it nicely, he was observing carefully. To say it bluntly, he was doubting. Naturally Ling Xian would feel unpleasant.

“Ah, Taoist Ling. I have heard of your name these past few days.”

Young Master Wang had a sturdy build and a square face. He looked handsomely brave with much dominance to exert. His shiny eyes flickered with a desire to battle and challenge Ling Xian.

“You are flattering me. Your name is the one that’s always passed around.”

Noticing the man’s desire to fight, the corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He responded to this person with a fearless smile.

“Haha, if there is an opportunity to fight, I do want to try and see just how powerful the man who got past the Heavenly Palace is.”

Chu Ren Xiong laughed brightly. He answered simply and directly.


Ling Xian softly smiled. Though he only said one word and he said it softly, his words allowed no doubt and his tone was calm and reckless.

“Haha, then it’s settled!”

Chu Ren Xiong laughed out loud. If it weren’t for Fairy Wu’s presence and the fact that fighting there and now was a little inappropriate, he would’ve attacked and started fighting against Ling Xian.

“Please, do sit.” Fairy Wu’s smile was gentle.

Hearing this, Ling Xian marched forward and took a seat beside Fairy Wu. Then, he poured himself a cup of alcohol to try.

Just then, a statement full of killer’s intent arose, forcing him to frown.

“Ling Xian, die!”

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