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Painting of the Nine Immortals (Web Novel) - Chapter 873: A Jade Cup suppresses a Heaven’s Favorite

Chapter 873: A Jade Cup suppresses a Heaven’s Favorite

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Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

“Ling Xian, die!”

A statement full of killer’s intent arrived from afar, forcing Ling Xian to frown.

Just then, a valiant looking man appeared by the gate of the palace. His Qi was overpowering and overbearing.

“Zhao Qing?”

Fairy Wu frowned slightly, a little surprised at this.

Everyone else’s expression changed a little.

They all know Zhao Qing and know how he is the strongest descendant of the Zhao Clan with decent capabilities.

“Fairy Wu, I have heard about what happened. Don’t worry about this. This person humiliated my younger brother and wounded him greatly. I need him to repay this with his life.”

The valiant looking man said coldly and shifted his gaze towards Ling Xian, “You are the Ling Xian who got past all levels of the Heavenly Palace?”

“I am not changing my first nor my last name no matter what the circumstance is.”

Ling Xian spoke softly and sat on his chair. He remained unmoving.

After his conversation with this person, he realized that the person he taught a lesson to was this man’s little brother.

In other words, he was here for revenge.

“Very well.”

Zhao Qing revealed a cold snicker. “After hearing about what happened at the Heavenly Palace, I wanted to fight against you. But since you have wounded my brother, I now have a reason to kill you.”

“He asked for it himself. Sparing his life was already kind of me.”

Ling Xian glared at this person. His expression remained calm, “As for you killing me… that will depend on whether or not you have the ability to.”

“I, Zhao Qing, am not a genius. But I am good enough to kill you.”

Zhao Qing laughed coldly and his expression was arrogant. He obviously didn’t think much of Ling Xian.

As the strongest descendant of the Zhao Clan, he grew up immersed in seniors’ compliments and respected gazes. Naturally he had always thought of himself as great.

Hearing this, other than Fairy Wu, everyone else appeared very interested.

They have all heard of Zhao Qing’s capabilities and though they knew he wasn’t up to their level, he remains one of the most powerful Heaven’s Favorites. As for Ling Xian, they have only heard of his name, he never saw how capable he actually was. So they naturally looked forward to this.

“Zhao Qing, Taoist Ling is my guest. Don’t be too disrespectful.” Fairy Wu raised an eyebrow.

“If this was any other day with anybody else, I would definitely agree if you ask.”

Zhao Qing’s expression was icy as he glared at Ling Xian with much disdain, “But not now, and not him. Today I will make him pay with his blood.”

“It looks like you are determined to fight.”

Fairy Wu’s expression was a little cold as well and she somewhat wanted to fight on Ling Xian’s behalf. After all, he was someone the Library of Fortune wanted and he was a genius. Of course she wanted to build a good relationship with him.

“What is it? You want to take his side?”

Zhao Qing raised the corner of his lips, “I admit that I am no opponent of yours. But don’t forget about my background, the Zhao Clan.”

Hearing this, Fairy Wu frowned, feeling troubled.

If Zhao Qing was being rude to her then she wouldn’t think twice about his background. But the key is that this was about Ling Xian. If she teaches Zhao Qing a lesson today because of Ling Xian, then the Zhao Clan will not let this go.

“Thank you Fairy Wu, for your kind intentions.”

Ling Xian softly grinned. “But I am not someone who can be bullied easily. You don’t need to fight on my behalf.”

“Then you be careful. He is the strongest descendant of the Zhao Clan so he is not weak.” Fairy Wu softly sighed, expressing her inability to help out with this ordeal.

As for the others, they all revealed looks of interest as they wanted for the two to duel.

“Perhaps to others, you are not to be messed with. But to me, you are easy.”

Zhao Qing had a look of contempt as he continued to provoke, “Beating the Heavenly Palace? It looks to me that you cheated.”

“Say what you want.”

Ling Xian was emotionless, “If you want to fight, then let’s fight. Why waste so many words.”

“It looks like you can’t wait to die. Then I will grant you your wish.”

Zhao Qing looked arrogant. He walked like a dragon then like a tiger. Step by step, he walked into the hall and with every step he took, he enhanced his Qi.

At the same time, the contempt in his gaze grew heavier.

When he heard the news of Ling Xian and the Heavenly Palace, he had treated it as if it was nothing. But now, seeing that Ling Xian had no Qi, he took him even less seriously.

“Why don’t you try.”

Sensing the extraordinary Qi, Ling Xian remained calm. He picked up his white jade cup, as if he wanted to take a sip.

His nonchalant behaviour made others laugh. To the other Heaven’s Favorites, he was overestimating himself.

Though Zhao Qing was not the top Heaven’s Favorite in the East Domain, he remains one of the strongest descendants with insane capabilities.

Even they themselves wouldn’t dare to act so irrationally.

Seeing this, Zhao Qing’s anger rushed to his head and his desire to kill grew. He coldly snickered, “Heaven’s Favorite my @ss! I will defeat you and show everyone how you are nothing but a clown.”

Then, he pumped up his Qi and his energy rolled out in all four directions. The great hall shook and quaked.

However, Fairy Wu and the other Heaven’s Favorites all made their moves. Using their own Qi, they sealed down the palace and the space between them to protect themselves and the building from the battle that was about to happen.

“Ling Xian, quietly become a rock under my foot!”

Sneering, Zhao Qing attacked. His right fist turned red and destroyed everything it touched!

This stunned everyone as they felt the strength of this punch.

Yet against this aggressive initial attack, Ling Xian’s expression remained calm, as if nothing was happening.

Zhao Qing’s face fueled with anger as he crazily called out his Qi. He exploded with all of his capabilities. At once, his fist slid across the sky and aimed to break apart the space before him!


Even closer now.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Qing’s fist had arrived before Ling Xian. The wind created by its power made his hair tussle.

At once, Wang Jun and them coldly snickered. Zhao Qing’s capabilities were nowhere near weak. None of them would dare to be reckless. Yet Ling Xian, even now, was not making a move. Everyone thought he was for sure dead meat now.

Zhao Qing thought so as well. A proud smile blossomed on his face. But the next second, his arrogance turned into awe.

Because Ling Xian moved then.

He didn’t explode into a field of energy nor did he take an exaggerated action. He merely pushed with his right hand and jolted forward the white jade cup.

This small and delicate cup exploded with an insane amount of energy. Like a small mountain, it smashed through space and diminished Zhao Qing’s attack.


After a loud rumble, Zhao Qing began to puke fresh blood. Curving across the sky like a rainbow, he was flung out until he was outside of the greeting hall.

At once, the hall silenced.

Everyone looked over to Ling Xian with astonishment. Their expression appeared calm but their emotions were rolling around like giant waves.

However, because they were all Heaven’s Favorites with mentality that surpasses normal people, they didn’t shriek out. But their lack of speech didn’t mean they were not surprised!

Though Zhao Qing wasn’t at their level, he remained the strongest out of his Clan.

Yet his all-out attack was destroyed by Ling Xian in one move. A move that involved a small and delicate cup. How powerful was this?

How overbearing was this?!

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