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Passion Heaven (Web Novel)




Zi Yue, 籽月


Drama Josei Romance Tragedy

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Shu Ya-wang is a 28-yr-old landscape architect who is born into a military family. When she was 16 years old, Yawang’s father asked her to take care of 10-yr-old Xia Shu.

Xia Shu had experienced death during his childhood. He stayed by the body of his dead mother for the whole night. This caused Xia Shu to become withdrawn from the rest of the world. Over time, the warm-hearted Ya-wang slowly got through to Xia Shu.

Ya-wang’s childhood good friend Tang Xiao-tian got enlisted into the army after high school, and she later at the university got to know Qu Wei-ran a classmate who eventually turned into a foe. From then on, the lives of Ya-wang, Xia Shu and Tang Xiao-tian, three of them changed dramatically.

75 • 2019-09-03 13:49:45


The chapter Addition Time
Special Episode 3: Rrison2019-09-03
Special Episode 2: Do you still remember that child?2019-09-03
Special Episode 1: Tang Xiao Tian- until the end of one’s life2019-09-03
Chapter 17: In this life, you don’t come, i won’t grow old2019-09-03
Chapter 16: A man’s tears (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 16: A man’s tears (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 15: You can love for a lifetime, you can also hate for a lifetime2019-09-03
Chapter 14: The ones who were in love in the beginning, do not stay together in the end2019-09-03
Chapter 13: What can i do to compensate you?2019-09-03
Chapter 12: Rescue among the chaos (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 12: Rescue among the chaos (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 11: Yawang, don’t cry (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 11: Yawang, don’t cry (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 10: Sweet love (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 10: Sweet love (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 9: The Tang Xiao Tian in Qu Wei Ran’s memory2019-09-03
Chapter 8: Xia Mu’s confession2019-09-03
Chapter 7: This man is dangerous (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 7: This man is dangerous (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 6: Christmas date (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 6: Christmas date (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 5: Tang Xiao Tian enlists to the army (pt. 2)2019-09-03
Chapter 5: Tang xiao tian enlists to the army (pt. 1)2019-09-03
Chapter 4: Time flies by when you’re young2019-09-03
Chapter 3: A father’s pride2019-09-03
Chapter 2: Childhood love- tang xiao tian2019-09-03
Chapter 1: I will wait for you in memory lane2019-09-03


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