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Path of Medicine With a System (Web Novel)




Drama Romance Slice of Life

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One day, Zhang Fan, a poor medical student, receives a medical system from the future. This turns him into a new shining star in the medical field. Along the way, he must face medical corruption, competition, and infighting from other doctors, and even find time for a love life as he strives for the top of the medical field!

414 • 2019-10-23 18:57:40


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 315: Simple yet complex Chinese work society2020-06-02
Chapter 314: Believe in yourself2020-06-02
Chapter 313: Good things take time2020-05-12
Chapter 312: Outside support2020-05-12
Chapter 311: Using connections already2020-05-10
Chapter 310: Take off her high heels2020-05-09
Chapter 309: Eat what you need to replenish2020-05-09
Chapter 308: I’ll pay for all your meals2020-05-09
Chapter 307: Requesting Zhang Fan2020-05-05
Chapter 306: Not letting him sew2020-05-04
Chapter 305: Gentle sigh2020-05-04
Chapter 304: Third option2020-05-03
Chapter 303: Zhang Fan is too scary2020-05-02
Chapter 302: Preparations2020-05-01
Chapter 301: Return of the king2020-05-01
Chapter 300: The doctors’ permanent assignments2020-04-28
Chapter 299: End of Zhang Fan’s rotations!2020-04-27
Chapter 298: Greatest pains in life2020-04-27
Chapter 297: Forcing someone to remain alive until death2020-04-27
Chapter 296: Three blood vessel brothers2020-04-27
Chapter 295: Vacations are just a lie!2020-04-24
Chapter 294: Teacher Ouyang!2020-04-24
Chapter 293: Black thread bracelet2020-04-23
Chapter 292: Police car with a loudspeaker2020-04-23
Chapter 291: Korean cars vs. Chinese cars2020-04-22
Chapter 290: Terrible tragedy2020-04-22
Chapter 289: Another type of exercise2020-04-21
Chapter 288: All the rheumatism diseases2020-04-21
Chapter 287: Love filling the world2020-04-18
Chapter 286: Handsomest guy2020-04-18
Chapter 285: Spring’s arrival with pear blossoms!2020-04-16
Chapter 284: Dam about to collapse2020-04-16
Chapter 283: Cold world2020-04-16
Chapter 282: The greatest pity is losing hope2020-04-16
Chapter 281: Extravagant hope2020-04-16
Chapter 280: Experienced Vice President Chen2020-04-16
Chapter 279: Blissful Little Rock2020-04-16
Chapter 278: Warm hand2020-04-12
Chapter 277: Face like a demon’s and endless regret2020-04-12
Chapter 276: Difficult surgery2020-04-11
Chapter 275: Spring rain2020-04-11
Chapter 274: Whoa! The System knows how to talk!2020-04-10
Chapter 273: Looked down upon for being too young2020-04-10
Chapter 272: Never declining to shoulder responsibility2020-04-09
Chapter 271: Scene of slaughter2020-04-09
Chapter 270: Broom blown away by the wind2020-04-08
Chapter 269: Can’t even compare to a beast2020-04-08
Chapter 268: Depressing department2020-04-07
Chapter 267: Perverted disease!2020-04-07
Chapter 266: Money can do so much!2020-04-06
Chapter 265: Unintended impact2020-04-06
Chapter 264: Who will do it? I will!2020-04-05
Chapter 263: The patient’s life or death doesn’t matter!2020-04-05
Chapter 262: Spring sandstorm2020-04-04
Chapter 261: There are no do overs in life2020-04-04
Chapter 260: Life, death, and life being worse than death!2020-04-03
Chapter 259: Just him is enough2020-04-03
Chapter 258: A new year2020-04-02
Chapter 257: Mutton and tapeworms2020-04-02
Chapter 256: Friends and relatives2020-04-01
Chapter 255: Monkey blood makes sex more stimulating!2020-04-01
Chapter 254: One glance, 30 seconds!2020-03-31
Chapter 253: Planning for the long term2020-03-31
Chapter 252: Exploding right in the hand!2020-03-29
Chapter 251: Do what you are capable of2020-03-29
Chapter 250: One king and three queens will result in death!2020-03-28
Chapter 249: Special department2020-03-28
Chapter 248: Clash of two powerful women!2020-03-26
Chapter 247: Medicine isn’t candy2020-03-26
Chapter 246: Valuable advice from elders2020-03-24
Chapter 245: President Shao!2020-03-24
Chapter 244: Shamelessly asking to borrow money!2020-03-23
Chapter 243: Ma Wentao is quitting2020-03-23
Chapter 242: The desire to live!2020-03-22
Chapter 241: Cutting out the entire anus2020-03-22
Chapter 240: Pre-surgery preparation2020-03-21
Chapter 239: Asking for support2020-03-21
Chapter 238: Nice words feel warm and fuzzy2020-03-20
Chapter 237: You must stand even if you receive a heavy blow!2020-03-20
Chapter 236: The plight of those in the Chinese medical field2020-03-19
Chapter 235: Doctors’ ecosystem2020-03-19
Chapter 234: Constantly learning!2020-03-18
Chapter 233: Unwritten rules?2020-03-18
Chapter 232: Snip!2020-03-17
Chapter 231: Professionalism and self-restraint2020-03-17
Chapter 230: Beautiful female patients with different styles!2020-03-14
Chapter 229: Old people and health scams!2020-03-14
Chapter 228: Zhang Fan’s first outpatient service2020-03-13
Chapter 227: New, but not tender2020-03-13
Chapter 226: The director changing his wife2020-03-12
Chapter 225: Former classmates2020-03-12
Chapter 224: Motherly sister-in-law2020-03-11
Chapter 223: Jingshu’s arrival!2020-03-10
Chapter 222: Life2020-03-07
Chapter 221: Elders’ wisdom2020-03-06
Chapter 220 Generous, so generous!2020-03-05
Chapter 219: Fortune tellers2020-03-05
Chapter 218: Instant fame2020-03-02
Chapter 217: Heavens!2020-03-02
Chapter 216: Scary near-death experience2020-03-02
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