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Path of Medicine With a System (Web Novel) - Chapter 57: Senior

Chapter 57: Senior

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Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

Jia Suyue walked in front of Zhang Fan on the street. Zhang Fan was quite clear that with his current income, he couldn’t afford to go out with a rich girl like her. She clearly had higher standards of living than he did, so how could he possibly try to pursue her if he couldn’t afford her standards of living? The point of a romantic relationship was to improve one’s own standard of living!

“Are doctors typically neat freaks?” Jia Suyue’s tone was rather unfriendly. She couldn’t help but invite Zhang Fan out on a walk. She really wanted to return home, but her mother would nag her to death if she returned so early. Meanwhile, this doctor she was on this arranged date with was the quiet type who wouldn’t open his mouth until spoken to.

Zhang Fan was really frustrated. He really wanted to leave as soon as possible, but it would be too rude if he was the one who left first. Upon hearing Jia Suyue ask him a question, he responded, “More or less a little, yeah.” He didn’t say anything else after that.

“Are you usually busy with work?” This time, Jia Suyue’s tone was a bit friendlier. She could tell by now that Zhang Fan wasn’t the clingy type, nor was he the type who said sweet words but was only interested in the fact that she was from a rich family. This made her dislike him a lot less.

“I’m usually pretty busy, yes.”

“Are you always this quiet?” Jia Suyue turned around to look at Zhang Fan.

Zhang Fan felt rather awkward. He looked at her for a moment, and then lowered his head, saying, “It’s alright.”

“Haha, you’re so funny.” Jia Suyue noticed that Zhang Fan was embarrassed. The two of them walked around for about half an hour before Jia Suyue left. Zhang Fan felt as if a heavy burden was released from his shoulders. When Jia Suyue returned home, her mother had been waiting on the sofa for quite a while. Seeing her daughter return home, her mother hurriedly asked, “How was it, what do you think? He’s a nice guy, and Liao Juan says that he’s one of the elite doctors in the hospital with an especially bright future, and he’s also the reliable type.”

“We can talk about this later. Are you in such a hurry to make me get married!? I’m not going to talk about this anymore. I’m going to go rest.” Jia Suyue went into her bedroom. Her mother chased after her, nagging, “Let me tell you, I refuse to let you find someone whose only redeeming trait is handsomeness!”

Zhang Fan finished his one-month stint in the hepatobiliary department. He was then assigned to the thyroid and mammary gland department of general surgery. The thyroid and mammary gland department was the only surgical department in Chasu City Hospital with female surgeons. This department almost never received emergency treatment patients, and the surgery time for this department’s patients was shorter in comparison to other departments. Most patients in this department were also female. This department had one director, two second-highest level certification doctors, and three attending physicians. All the resident doctors had been transferred to other departments thanks to Ouyang Hong’s rotation policy.

The director of the thyroid and mammary gland department was Li Qiuhua, a woman in her fifties. She was quite well known in the field of thyroid and mammary glands in the border province. Of the two second-highest level certification doctors, one was a man, and the other was a woman. Of the three attending physicians, one was a man, and the other two were women. Since all the nurses here were female, this department was basically run by women.

The male doctors in this department were quite pitiful. If a male doctor acted even the slightest bit arrogant, all the women in the department would team up against him.

Zhang Fan and Wang Zipeng were both assigned together to the thyroid and mammary gland department. When Wang Zipeng saw that he was being sent to the same department as Zhang Fan, he seriously considered if he should ask to be transferred to internal medicine despite the fact that he wanted to become a surgeon.

Director Li arranged for Zhang Fan to be in a team with Su Jing, a female attending physician in her thirties. Wang Zipeng was assigned to be with Zhou Guohua, the male attending physician. After the morning meeting, Su Jing led Zhang Fan in checking up on her patients. Almost all of her patients were mammary gland patients, which meant that her patients were all female. After Su Jing finished checking up on her patients, she asked Zhang Fan, “I hear that you graduated from S University?”

Surprised, Zhang Fan answered, “Yeah, are you also from S University?” Su Jing smiled, and said, “Yes, I am. I graduated five years before you did, so I could be considered your senior. You’re really amazing, getting more than 500 points on your medical license exam. Everyone was truly astonished to hear it. I was also quite happy to hear the news. I’ve been quite busy with work recently, but I was wanting to invite you to a meal, yet now you’ve been assigned to our department. Let me treat you to a meal today after work.”

“Oh, really! Nice! I’ve finally met someone from the same school! I thought that I was the only one in this hospital from S University. Senior, did you also come here through the government’s support program?”

“No, my family is originally from here. I returned after I graduated. I heard from the other surgery departments that you’re really amazing at surgeries. Junior, you’ve truly gained so much face for our school.”

“Haha, Senior, you’re making me blush.” Zhang Fan and Su Jing were both very happy to meet someone from the same college. The thyroid and mammary gland department had relatively easier work compared to other surgical departments, and it would be impossible to get assigned to this department without connections. In every thyroid and mammary gland department at every hospital, those who worked in that department would have connections.

Su Jing treated Zhang Fan in quite a friendly manner. She treated Zhang Fan to lunch at a restaurant outside. During lunch, Su Jing asked, “Which department do you intend to choose after the rotations are over?”

Zhang Fan thought about it as he ate. “I still haven’t made up my mind yet, but most likely I’ll choose the orthopedic department since I signed up for that department originally when I took the hospital recruitment exam.”

Surprised, Su Jing said, “Really? Those strange conditions were customized just for you? Junior, you’re really not simple at all.” Zhang Fan smiled, and said, “That’s not it. Nobody else at Kuake City Hospital wanted to go study, so I was the one who was sent to Bluebird City University Hospital.”

“That’s still amazing. It’s quite something that orthopedic department #1 customized their requirements just so you could land the job.” The two of them chatted as they ate.

Later that afternoon, Su Jing had a scheduled galactocele surgery. Zhang Fan washed his hands and disinfected. Galactoceles had a small chance to become cancerous. Although the chance was quite small, it would still be the best for the patient to remove the galactocele via surgery. The larger the woman’s breasts, the more common it would be for her to have a galactocele. Su Jing wanted to see Zhang Fan’s skill level, so she allowed him to be the primary surgeon for this surgery. Galactocele surgery was quite a simple surgery that took Zhang Fan less than ten minutes to complete. Zhang Fan’s sewing was so excellent that it was almost impossible to see where he had cut into the breast.

“Zhang Fan, you’re really amazing. Even I can’t sew so seamlessly. Your hands are quite something. You could probably charge an extra surgical fee for cosmetic surgery,” Su Jing exclaimed in astonishment, and then laughed at her own joke.

The thyroid and mammary gland department had many surgeries. Since Zhang Fan was evidently quite skilled, Su Jing let Zhang Fan be the primary surgeon for all her patients. Later, during lunchtime at the hospital cafeteria one day, Zhang Fan ran into Li Hui. The latter had an evil smile as he commented, “How do you feel as a virgin who’s cutting into large breasts every day?”

“Get the hell out. You’re such a terrible friend, making me wait for half a night.” Zhang Fan was referring to Li Hui never having called him back to tell him his medical license exam grade.

“Heehee, I left the opportunity to open up the treasure chest up to you. You should be grateful to me. Weren’t you quite happy to open up that treasure chest?”

“Yeah.” Zhang Fan was indeed quite happy.

“Are you going home for New Year’s?” Li Hui was also from the same S Province as Zhang Fan.

“I want to, but there were no more airplane tickets. How about you, are you going home?”

“Sigh! Last year, I went home together with my girlfriend, but this year I’ll being going home alone.”

“Whose fault is that? It’s all your fault for not treasuring your relationship,” Zhang Fan directly told him.

Zhang Fan had almost never written any medical reports since he became a doctor. However, things were different for him in the thyroid and mammary gland department. His senior was his teacher, and they spoke quite casually to each other. Su Jing told Zhang Fan, “Since you’re in the medical field, you need to know how to be in charge of patients. I’ll give you exactly half of my patients from now on, and you’ll be completely independent and in charge of them. I’ll also give you the kickbacks for those patients.” Su Jing was truly teaching Zhang Fan and wanting to help him swiftly grow as a doctor.

The fastest way for any new doctor to grow in skill would be to have them independently take care of their own patients. “Thank you, Senior. Don’t worry about the kickbacks. It’s already quite nice of you that you’re putting me completely in charge of my own patients.”

“Not at all. It’s what you deserve. You still don’t yet have a high income with your rank. Things will become better for you once you receive your medical license in March and become an official doctor. Many people will be contacting you then,” Su Jing said as she winked. It was quite easy to take care of the patients in the thyroid and mammary gland department. Typically, the doctor would just have to make pre-surgery preparations, change the medicine for the patient post-surgery, and give some blood circulation medicine. Chemotherapy patients were slightly more difficult to take care of as the doctor would need to pay close attention to the patient’s white blood cell count.

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