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Path of Medicine With a System (Web Novel) - Chapter 62: Shao Hua

Chapter 62: Shao Hua

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Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

When Zhang Fan finished the surgery, he saw that Liao Juan was also waiting outside the operating room. Her nephew also worked at the National Development and Reform Commission, and Jia Suyue’s father took excellent care of him. That was why Liao Juan was also very worried for their family’s sake. They would help each other out! Liao Juan and Jia Suyue’s mother had a very close relationship with each other.

After Zhang Fan exited the operating room, Jia Suyue’s uncle was about to give him a red packet filled with money. However, Liao Juan didn’t allow this. “Perhaps we’ll all be one big family in the future, so why be so formal with each other? Today just happens to be the weekend, so, Zhang Fan, you should go outside together with Jia Suyue after giving her cousin your doctor’s advice. I heard that you haven’t even left the operating room for an entire month. Don’t work so hard.”

Liao Juan then winked at Jia Suyue’s mother, who got the hint, and hurriedly said, “Yes, indeed! Jia Suyue also stays at home every day after work without going out. Look at how wonderful the weather is today. Go outside somewhere.”

Jia Suyue’s cousin ate whatever she pleased without paying attention to her diet, which had caused her appendicitis. She was still under anesthesia and unconscious. Zhang Fan told Jia Suyue’s uncle, “The surgery is now over, and everything was successful. However, she needs to pay more attention to maintaining a healthy diet from now on.”

The operating room nurse wheeled Jia Suyue’s cousin’s gurney to a patient room. Zhang Fan was about to go and give her family more detailed medical advice when Wang Zipeng hurriedly said, “Brother Zhang, go ahead and have some fun outside. You can leave the rest to me.”

Everyone strongly insisted on having Zhang Fan and Jia Suyue go out on a date together. Even Jia Suyue’s aunt and uncle were chiming in. There was no helping it, so Jia Suyue unwillingly agreed. Zhang Fan was also extremely annoyed. Ever since he’d graduated, he no longer felt the pressure of being unable to support himself. He really didn’t want to lower himself to others, but since Liao Juan had good intentions, Zhang Fan was unable to refuse as it would cause her to lose face.

Both Zhang Fan and Jia Suyue changed their clothes and walked out of the general surgery department with Jia Suyue in front like last time. Zhang Fan felt more and more awkward about things as they walked, so he told Jia Suyue, “Head nurse Liao Juan has good intentions, but I realize quite clearly that things won’t work between us. Let’s just separate here and each do whatever we want. I won’t be escorting you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean, you’re not escorting me?” Jia Suyue immediately started glaring at him. She felt like she was the one who was supposed to say that they should go their separate ways, but now she was aggrieved when Zhang Fan said it first. ‘You don’t want to accompany me? Then I’m going to force you to accompany me today!’ Jia Suyue thought such a thing to herself.

“Erm, have a good day?” Zhang Fan didn’t understand what Jia Suyue meant.

Jia Suyue stopped in her tracks, and turned around to directly face Zhang Fan. “Just what do you think you’re doing? Pretending to be a good guy now, but not saying anything in front of everyone? Nope. You must accompany me today.”

Zhang Fan felt so frustrated! Jia Suyue was truly difficult to deal with. Well, he figured that he might as well accompany her since he hadn’t seen the sun in so long already. However, Zhang Fan made up his mind that he definitely wouldn’t treat her to a meal today. The previous meal had been too expensive, costing more than 300 yuan!

Since Jia Suyue was from a very well-to-do family, she always had this dream about her future husband. He had to be tall, handsome, gentle, considerate, humorous, and consoling, and arrive like a brightly shining star. Zhang Fan had a slightly good job, but didn’t match even a single requirement of hers. He was the type who remained silent most of the time. Since they had different life experiences, they naturally had vastly differing personalities.

“Where are we going?” Jia Suyue asked in an unfriendly tone. Zhang Fan thought to himself, ‘It’s not like I owe you anything. Why have such a high and mighty attitude?’

“Wherever you want. However, I’ve eaten already,” Zhang Fan especially emphasized.

“Okay, let’s just go out and around.” Jia Suyue instantly realized that Zhang Fan also had no romantic interest in her, and on top of that, he was the stingy type who hated spending money. Jia Suyue started making a phone call.

“Shao Hua, where are you right now? Let’s go out and have some fun together since it’s the weekend. I haven’t seen you for so long, I really miss you. I’m currently in front of Chasu City Hospital, hurry here!” Zhang Fan had really angered Jia Suyue today. Since he was so stingy, Jia Suyue wanted to hit him where it hurt, so she invited one of her best friends. She would then absolutely insist on a good meal.

Shao Hua was one of Jia Suyue’s good friends. Shao Hua had passed the recruitment exam to work at a bank after she graduated from college as she was from the finance major. She was from an ordinary family, and her parents both held ordinary jobs. Shao Hua was an excellent young woman with a nice personality. Jia Suyue was especially close to her.

Jia Suyue had mostly relied on her connections to obtain her job at China Mobile. Meanwhile, Shao Hua had relied on her own abilities. She had scored the highest out of everyone in Chasu City on the bank’s recruitment exam. Although Jia Suyue and Shao Hua had really different personalities, they got along really well.

Zhang Fan was delighted when he heard Jia Suyue’s side of the phone conversation. If she was calling a friend over, then he wouldn’t have to accompany her anymore. Thus, he got ready to leave. “You’re not allowed to leave. You already promised to accompany me today. Are you a man who goes back on his word?”

Zhang Fan felt as if he was constipated. There really was no communicating with Jia Suyue.

Not long later, Shao Hua arrived. Zhang Fan felt that although she wasn’t particularly beautiful, she was quite easy on his eyes. Shao Hua was approximately 1.7 meters tall. She had long hair, and was wearing a gray jacket, jeans, and yellow shoes. How to say it, Zhang Fan felt that there was an aura about her.

“Shao Hua, you’re finally here! I’m starving! Let’s go eat first, and then go to karaoke after we eat.” Jia Suyue greeted Shao Hua with a hug.

Shao Hua chuckled, and said, “How come you’re at the hospital? Who’s this?” She glanced over at Zhang Fan. Since Zhang Fan was standing right next to Jia Suyue, it was obvious that they were together.

“My cousin had appendicitis, and just finished her surgery at the hospital. He’s the surgeon who treated her.” Jia Suyue glanced at Zhang Fan, and then secretly whispered to Shao Hua, “He’s the marriage candidate for me that my mom has selected. He’s just a wooden block who really knows how to make people angry. Don’t say too much to him, and follow my lead.”

Shao Hua smiled knowingly. Jia Suyue was the prankster type who really loved to tease those who tried to romantically pursue her. Although this wasn’t too good, Jia Suyue was still the cute and lovable type.

“Hello, I’m Shao Hua. Nice to meet you.”

“Hello, I’m Zhang Fan. Zhang from Zhang Fei, Fan from the Chinese character for ordinary.” Zhang Fan’s throat was rather dry.

Jia Suyue became unhappy. “What Fan from ordinary? You’re the Fan from the Chinese character for annoying 1 !”

Zhang Fan ignored her. Shao Hua said, “Okay, Suyue. What do you want to eat, and where?”

“Western food,” Jia Suyue answered immediately without even thinking about it.

However, Shao Hua responded, “Western food here isn’t very authentic, and it’s also ridiculously expensive. How about we go eat a warm pot? That would be nice for warming us up on a cold day like this.” Jia Suyue crinkled her nose, not being happy with this, but Shao Hua’s idea was quite good and logical. Typically, Shao Hua’s ideas were always able to overrule Jia Suyue’s.

Meanwhile, Zhang Fan was about to leave since they were discussing food, and he didn’t think that he would be needed to go with them.

“Okay then, let’s go eat warm pot. Hey! You’re coming along with us! You’re not the type who’s afraid of paying for a meal for women, are you?”

Well, since Jia Suyue had said that so directly to his face, of course Zhang Fan would have to go along with her. So, the three of them took a taxi to a warm pot restaurant.

Sometimes, some people just wouldn’t get along, while others would get along easily at first sight. Jia Suyue and Zhang Fan were the type who would naturally be annoyed with each other.

Chasu City wasn’t very large by the standards of Chinese cities. The tempo of life here was slow, housing prices were low, and life pressure was also low. Most people would relax themselves here with food and drink. Restaurants that didn’t have good food would never be able to survive here, as the locals were far too picky. Here in the northwest of China, this border province was a major producer of many different animals.

Apart from lacking southern specialties, this border province produced plenty for the locals. Turkeys, which Chinese people generally didn’t like to eat, were incredibly common here. Warm pot was a modified version of Chinese hot pot, where meat, vegetables, noodles, meatballs, potatoes, rice cakes, and so on would all be mixed together in a pot and simmer over a low flame. This had a wonderful taste, especially when it was cold! Oh, man! There would be no describing such a warm and comfortable taste.

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