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Path of Medicine With a System (Web Novel) - Chapter 197: Losing weight

Chapter 197: Losing weight

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Translator: imperfectluck Editor: Kurisu

The next day was quite sunny and comfortable with the winter sun. If you closed your eyes and took a deep breath, you would be able to sense the sun itself! It would really be comfortable to sit back in a reclining chair and soak in the sun. However, this was something that Zhang Fan could only dream of. He learned a great deal about internal medicine and internal medicine’s way of thinking under Director Dilibaer’s tutelage over the next several days. This was something that he couldn’t possibly learn by himself. This was all experience accumulated by countless doctors before him.

The human body was an amalgamation to begin with. Using only one medical branch’s way of thinking would definitely be wrong. Many Chinese surgery textbooks would write that surgical treatment was recommended after a conservative internal medicine treatment failed! But what about now?

Diagnosing a patient wasn’t only about the patient. It would also be about the doctor’s cultivation. If the doctor was able to grab onto rare opportunities, they would definitely improve at a rapid pace. But if the doctor had no thoughts about improving or didn’t care about being a doctor, then that doctor would be doing nothing more than going through the motions, treating the job of doctor as nothing more than a way to make some money or even make political connections.

Zhang Fan used what he learned on Tang Yuan. His first step was to go to the hospital and have a nurse wake up the sleeping Tang Yuan at six o’clock in the morning every single day, before the sky was even light. No matter how much Tang Yuan complained or protested, Zhang Fan used a combination of praise and threats to force Tang Yuan to jog together with him.

Zhang Fan originally had the habit of jogging a few times around the hospital every morning to begin with. Now, he was taking this former model with him on his jog as she bounced around with great difficulty. For someone obese, they would really loathe jogging. Tang Yuan panted heavily while breathing in the cold air. She said to Zhang Fan, “Doctor Zhang, please spare me. I’ll give up on losing weight. I’ll just stay like this, honest! I can’t run anymore! Just kill me!”

Tang Yuan truly felt great discomfort. She felt like her lungs and throat were on fire, and that her heart was beating so much that it would jump out of her throat. Her legs were also going soft. She felt like she would die right here if she ran another step.

“Just look, you’ll reach the end by walking another 500 meters. Think about it, you’ll be able to return to the modeling stage again as long as you work just a little bit harder. You can wear beautiful clothes and be the center of attention with countless people cheering you on. Come on! Let’s go!” Zhang Fan kept encouraging Tang Yuan.

“Okay! I’ll keep going!” Tang Yuan did her best to continue onward through her tears and snot. She was moved by Zhang Fan’s dedication to her, and now wanted to finish exercising even if her lungs burned.

This type of exercise couldn’t be done blindly. There had to be a scientific basis for it. Firstly, it was important to move more. Humans had evolved for hundreds of thousands of years already. The earliest humans had been accustomed to a hunting and farming lifestyle. This was why human genes had many inherited traits suitable for physical work. But as for modern society, physical work was something that most ordinary people would prefer to avoid. Many people would have desk jobs that were tiring in their own way. People wouldn’t want to move a finger after getting off from work. However, this would often cause problems for the body as this went on for a long period of time.

This was why Zhang Fan was forcing Tang Yuan to change her lifestyle. First, he needed to help her improve her stamina. Improving stamina would be the prerequisite to improving her health. Every morning, he made her accompany him on his daily morning jog. At noon, Zhang Fan made her help the nurses by running to pick up medicine. At night, Zhang Fan would invite Shao Hua over to take a walk together with Tang Yuan. At any rate, Zhang Fan was doing his very best to increase Tang Yuan’s physical activity so that she could lose weight. Zhang Fan was able to use what he had learned from Director Dilibaer. Actually, it wouldn’t usually be that easy for a young doctor to find such a cooperative patient.

Zhang Fan’s exercise plan for Tang Yuan was only medium-level in difficulty, but he kept gradually increasing the amount of exercise. What counted as medium-level exercise? You could simply count the heartrate. Medium-level exercise would cause the heartrate to reach between 100 and 120 beats per minute.

Losing weight needed to be done properly. The correct way to lose weight would be to combine a healthy diet together with exercise. It would be unscientific to lose weight just by exercise alone. It would also be bad for your body to try and lose weight only by dieting.

If you only tried to diet, although this could indeed help you to lose weight, not only would you be losing fat, you would also be losing muscle tissue. Your body weight would slowly stop decreasing after reaching a certain point if you only relied on dieting. After reaching that point, you would only be able to lose further weight by eating less.

This would become a vicious cycle that would greatly harm the body.

What you ate while dieting would also be really important. Many people would hold the mistaken belief that they should limit their grains intake. Grains would contain a lot of starch, which was helpful for maintaining the blood sugar. This would help prevent blood sugar from rising rapidly after eating, as well as help prevent low blood sugar from occurring when hungry.

How would one maintain a proper diet, then? It would be quite simple. Use proper proportions, and try to avoid eating fatty meats. Obtain your protein from lean meats, fish, and other higher-quality protein sources. You should also decrease the total amount of food that you eat.

Tang Yuan and Zhang Fan were now both able to work hard at maintaining her diet and exercise. Zhang Fan kept a record of Tang Yuan’s change in weight on a daily basis, along with her heart rate, breathing rate, and so on. Zhang Fan was personally in charge of everything related to Tang Yuan. Director Dilibaer even gave him no other work to do in the endocrinology department. Thus, helping Tang Yuan lose weight became Zhang Fan’s only current job.

Surgery was all about taking things slowly at first and rapidly afterwards. Everything before and during the surgery had to be done cautiously and slowly, but after the surgery, everything would need to be done swiftly to help the patient recover as fast as possible. Meanwhile, internal medicine was different. Internal medicine was about being systematic, and looking at the overall system, especially when it came to endocrinology. One body system would often be connected to numerous other body systems. The doctor would need to consider countless factors.

Zhu Bing was discharged from the hospital. He had a long scar left behind on his chest. He was no longer able to work as a policeman, even though he loved the job so much. But due to his family history, achievements, and Lu Renjia’s father’s influence, the police chief promoted him to be the second-in-command of the police’s economic investigation team, which was a less physically demanding position. Additionally, the leader of this team was retiring next year, so Zhu Bing would likely become the economic investigation team leader then. Although Lu Renjia’s father still wasn’t quite satisfied with having Zhu Bing as his future son-in-law, his daughter already showed she had the attitude that she would refuse to get married to anyone else, so there was nothing that Lu Renjia’s father could do about it.

Ma Wentao returned from Beijing with a large amount of capital that he had raised from investors there. He also officially became engaged to Qin Rongyu, the daughter of the Qin Family. Ma Wentao himself didn’t even know the details of the engagement, because it had all been arranged by the family elders on both sides. All he knew was that he was scheduled to officially get married to Qin Rongyu early next year.

Qin Rongyu greatly supported Ma Wentao’s hospital business plan. At the Qin Family’s level, they no longer desired money. They would only consider what could possibly further increase their overall power and influence. It was obvious to imagine how influential a large private hospital chain that spread all over China could be.

Ma Wentao began to purchase a large amount of land in Chasu City. He also drafted a stock agreement with Zhang Fan. According to the contract, Zhang Fan would be a 20% shareholder in Ma Wentao’s new hospital. Zhang Fan would also have the right to make all medical decisions. The rest would depend on Ma Wentao’s own management abilities.

Even though Ma Wentao’s father was one of the highest-ranking politicians in the entire border province, Ma Wentao knew that he couldn’t hoard all the profits for himself. He understood well that he needed to grease the palms of various government officials here and there. He gave stock options to these people as well. However, these stock options were for their positions, not for the people themselves. If someone else took the government position, then the stock option would be for that person. Such people all understood this.

Ma Wentao also kept urging Zhang Fan, “Our new hospital is almost about to get started. But what about the employees? It’s not like we can hire part-time or temporary workers!”

“Then what should we do?”

“Do I really need to teach you? I think I gave you too much with 20% of the stocks!” Ma Wentao felt like he was about to explode.

“No need for you to worry. Once your new hospital is ready, I will definitely have medical personnel to staff the hospital for you,” Zhang Fan stated confidently.

“Alright. I hope that you’re not just blowing empty air!”

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