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Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1442 - Luminous Cloud Realm

Chapter 1442 - Luminous Cloud Realm

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Normally, Qin Nan had told them his real name.

However, he somehow recalled the scene in which the old man with sharp eyebrows and the Martial Uncle of the body's past owner detonated themselves. He also remembered the words that the old man had transmitted into his mind prior to his death.

They were willing to sacrifice their lives as they did not want to be a burden to the body's past owner. They wanted him to acquire the succession and become an expert whose name would startle the world.

Although Qiu Hong's death was inevitable, Qin Nan could still make his name reputable among the three factions and the rogue cultivators.

He was fulfilling their death wishes in some way.

As for himself, he believed that in the near future, the people of the three factions and the rogue cultivators would also hear about the name 'Qin Nan'.

"What should we do now? That man has devoured Qiu Hong's flesh. Someone must have destroyed his flesh, he only has his soul left! If we can catch him and refine his soul, wouldn't we be able to…"

The Patriarch of Exalted Soul Sect was the first to react. His eyes burned passionately.

Mastery of the four Extremities, if he could achieve that, he could surely ascend as an immortal and become an authoritative figure.

"Don't be ridiculous! Refining his soul doesn't guarantee that you'll master the four Extremities. Besides, a peerless genius like him must have come from some of the formidable, ancient factions in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. His background is too powerful for us to handle!"

The Patriarch of Pure Immortal Palace snapped.

"Then are you saying we're letting him go like that?"

The Patriarch of Swordless Sect was not satisfied. Qiu Hong had killed his most beloved disciple too.

"Of course not, even though we can't afford to do anything to him, it doesn't mean the people in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm can't too! We'll spread the news about Qiu Hong to…"

The Patriarch of Pure Immortal Palace transmitted his thoughts to the other two.

"Canglan Continent?"

"Could it be another small world?"

"Don't just stand there, we should sell the information to Tongling Pagoda!"

{TL Note: Tongling here means psychic or the ability to communicate with spirits}

The rogue cultivators quickly collected their thoughts and immediately spread the words about what they had just witnessed while wondering about the name 'Canglan Continent' and 'Qiu Hong'.

However, in less than a few thousand breaths, it immediately stirred great chaos in this vast world. Many factions and ancient experts kept the name 'Qiu Hong' in mind.

Time gradually passed, half an hour later…

Following two wisps of magnificent, godly glow, Qin Nan and Blood-Eye Earth God appeared in the air.

"Did you devour the body? So what exactly is your true identity?"

Blood-Eye Earth God could not help but ask as soon as they came out from the rift.

"Senior, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hide the truth from you. I took control of the body after its owner is dead. I came from Canglan Continent, and my name is Qin Nan."

Qin Nan wore an apologetic look.

"That's fine, I'm just being curious."

Blood-Eye Earth God waved his hand and scanned the surroundings, "The energy of the teleportation formation is indeed a lot weaker after a few hundred years. It has failed to teleport us out of the Luminous Cloud Realm…we should leave this place at once. Otherwise, the people of the three factions would soon be here."

"Luminous Cloud Realm? Aren't we in the Nine Heavens?"

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

"We're in the Nine Heavens…"

Blood-Eye Earth God was confused, before a thought crossed his mind, leaving him with astonishment as he subconsciously took a few steps backward, "Are you telling me that the Canglan Continent is a world where there are only Martial Gods with a chance to ascend after they surpass the Martial God Realm?"


Qin Nan nodded.

Blood-Eye Earth God was even more shocked upon hearing it.

He had already witnessed Qin Nan's extraordinary talents, yet he did not expect his talents were beyond what he had imagined.

He had already mastered the four Extremities in his world. Even Empress Feiyue was not as talented as he was.

"Qin Nan, you might not know, but the whole world is split into the Primary Upper Realm and the Secondary Lower Realm. For example, the Canglan Continent you mentioned is only a Secondary Lower Realm. Once your cultivation reaches a certain height, you will be given a chance to ascend."

Blood-Eye Earth God took a deep breath.

"As for the Primary Upper Realm, there are the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm and a variety of small worlds. People simply refer to them all as the Nine Heavens. Normally, the small worlds consisted of cultivators with weaker cultivations, low reputation, and the lack of immoral roots, or some cultivators who wanted to establish their own sect. It's rare to find any immortal in those worlds."

"As for the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, you will find terrifying authorities like Human Immortals, Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals. They are the authoritative figures in the Primary Upper World."

Blood-Eye Earth God explained.

"That's why."

Qin Nan was astounded.

He had always thought the world above the Canglan Continent was a place called 'Nine Heavens' which was simply bigger than the world he came from.

However, it turned out that the entire world was a lot bigger than he thought.

"Senior, is it possible for us to head to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm from this Luminous Cloud Realm?"

Qin Nan asked as a thought came to his mind.

He was eager to witness the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

"Of course, we'll need to leave this Luminous Cloud Realm and head to the Red God Realm and the Sky Wheel Realm, etc to take an Immortal Vessel to travel to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. However, the journey might take some time, at least two months."

Blood-Eye Earth God said.

"Two months?"

Qin Nan shook his head upon hearing this, "Forget it, my soul will return to Canglan Continent after fifty days."

"You're going back to Canglan Continent?" Blood-Eye Earth God was slightly startled, but he did not ask further, "It doesn't matter what you do, but we must leave this place first."

"Sure thing."

Qin Nan nodded and flew into the distance together with Blood-Eye Earth God.

Along the journey, Qin Nan learned more about the Luminous Cloud Realm, which somehow moved his heart.

Even though the Patriarchs of the three factions had achieved the Earth God Realm while people like Han Mingli and the others had achieved the sixth-layer Martial God Realm at their young ages, most cultivators were still Martial Progenitors and Martial Sacreds.

Some had yet to achieve the Martial Highness Realm.

As Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries mentioned, even in the Nine Heavens, it did not mean everyone was a Martial God or immortal.


Suddenly, Qin Nan halted in his track and glanced into the distance.

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