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Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1443 - Wrath of the Feather Emperor

Chapter 1443 - Wrath of the Feather Emperor

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"What's wrong?"

Blood-Eye Earth God followed Qin Nan's gaze and saw wisps of progenitor glow and monarch glow bursting out from a giant mountain around ten thousand li away ahead.

It was obvious that a bunch of Martial Progenitors was fighting with several Martial Monarchs.

"There's a faction called Righteous Heart Sect. Judging from the situation, it's likely that it's under attack by some other faction…"

Despite being confused, Blood-Eye Earth God still explained the situation to Qin Nan.

"Righteous Heart Sect?"

Qin Nan immediately realized why he was experiencing a strange feeling.

The Righteous Heart Sect turned out to be this body's original owner's faction.

The old man with sharp eyebrows was supposed to be its Patriarch.

"Let's go and take a look."

Qin Nan flew into the distance with a kick.

Meanwhile, a series of explosions took place in the Righteous Heart Sect, as the glow of countless Monarch Arts flickered.

"How bold of you guys! The Patriarch and few elders of the Righteous Heart Sect were already kidnapped by the three factions, yet you still dare to help them!"

A peak Martial Monarch among the cultivators attacking the Righteous Heart Sect wore a cold gaze.

He initially thought he could take down the Righteous Heart Sect with ease, but he did not expect it to have such strong resistance.

"The Righteous Heart Sect's Patriarch helped me before I became a Martial Monarch. Fellow cultivators of Feather Emperor Sect, can you spare the Righteous Heart Sect for my sake?"

Three cultivators with bulky figures who were also peak Martial Monarchs stood in front of the disciples of the Righteous Heart Sect and said with a deep voice.

"For your sake? Who do you think you are?"

The peak Martial Monarch chuckled, "If you're so righteous, I'll let Senior Martial God Sanyue talk to you!"

"Martial God Sanyue?"

The three Martial Monarchs were startled. They never thought a Martial God Realm expert would be involved too just because of a mere Righteous Heart Sect.

"Either way, we won't let them destroy the Righteous Heart Sect!"

The three Martial Monarchs collected their thoughts and clenched their teeth, before executing a series of Monarch Arts.

"You all should leave at once. I don't feel like killing more people today."

At that instant, a voice appeared followed by Qin Nan and Blood-Eye Earth God's figures.

They had understood the situation on the way here.

"Who's there?"

The peak Martial Monarch from the Feather Emperor Sect was startled, but he quickly let out a hollow laugh when he realized that the auras of the two figures were fairly ordinary, "How boastful are you? Do you not know what kind of existence our Feather Emperor Sect is in this Luminous Cloud Realm…"

The Patriarch of their Feather Emperor Sect was a Human God Realm expert!

"You have three breaths left, be gone."

Qin Nan did not wear any expression.

"Three breaths left?"

The crowd was stunned. They did not expect the two cultivators that suddenly appeared would utter such disdainful words.

"HAHAHA, asking us to leave? I'm eager to see who is it that dares to act so full of himself!"

A burst of piercing laughter broke out in the air as an enormous figure like a mountain appeared with a tremendous aura.

"Greetings, Senior Sanyue!"

The cultivators of the Feather Emperor Sect brought their fists together with joy.

"Martial God Sanyue?"

The three Martial Monarchs assisting the Righteous Heart Sect and the rest of the cultivators wore pale faces.

The arrival of the Martial God was the end for them!

"No need to be so courteous," Martial God Sanyue slightly raised his chin with his hands behind him. He stared down at Qin Nan, "You two are rather bold, I bet you are no ordinary people, tell me your name at once…"


Before he could finish, a blue-golden flame erupted from Qin Nan's eyes. Martial God Sanyue's body was covered in a great explosion as if he had just received a powerful blow.


A cry of agony immediately took place as Martial God Sanyue was shattered into pieces.

"Martial God Sanyue…"

The Martial Monarchs and the rest of the cultivators were left in great astonishment.

That's Martial God Sanyue!

The young man had just killed him without even budging?

How strong exactly is this young man?

"How dare of you to kill Sanyue!"

A furious voice snapped in the rift.

Martial God Sanyue was extremely talented in the Feather Emperor Sect, hence why the person was so furious after he was killed.

"The man is dead, spread the words to Feather Emperor Sect on my behalf, if anyone dares to pick on the Righteous Heart Sect, they will be considered I, Qiu Hong's enemy."

Qin Nan's voice turned slightly icy.

"Martial Uncle Qiu Hong?"

Many disciples of the Righteous Heart Sect were surprised. They had a strong impression of Qiu Hong who was once the top one genius of the Righteous Heart Sect.

"Qiu Hong? You're the genius from the Righteous Heart Sect? Let me tell you, no matter what kind of succession or fortunate encounter you've obtained, you must die today…"

The voice uttered with an icy murderous intent.

"Idiot, shut your mouth!"

However, a furious roar exploded at that instant.


The crowd of the Feather Emperor Sect was stunned by the voice.

They were utterly familiar with the voice, as it belonged to the current Patriarch of their Feather Emperor Sect, a Human God Realm expert.

"Cultivator Qiu Hong, please forgive my ignorant people for offending you."

The Patriarch of the Feather Emperor Sect said respectfully. The others might be unaware, but he clearly knew how significant this Qiu Hong was now.

"Patriarch, you…"

The previous voice and the people of the Feather Emperor Sect were stunned.

"What about me? Come back to the sect at once. No one is allowed to go against the Righteous Heart Sect for the rest of their lives. Those who disobey my words will face death!"

The Patriarch of the Feather Emperor Sect snapped as he transmitted the thoughts into the mind of his people.

"What? Mastering the legendary four Extremities, even Zi Xu…"

At that instant, both the voice and the crowd of the Feather Emperor Sect were greatly astounded.

"Senior Qiu Hong, I was too ignorant to recognize Mount Tai just then, please spare my life!"

The previous voice was immediately filled with terror.

"Senior Qiu Hong…"

The peak Martial Monarchs of the Feather Emperor Sect wore pale faces too.


The cultivators of the Righteous Heart Sect were lost in their thoughts. Since when did Martial Uncle Qiu Hong possess such an overwhelming strength?

"Be gone."

Qin Nan snapped coldly. The voice and the Martial Monarchs of the Feather Emperor Sect immediately fled for their lives as if their offenses had just been lifted.

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