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Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1444 - Returning to the Seven Luminaries

Chapter 1444 - Returning to the Seven Luminaries

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"Martial Uncle Qiu Hong!"

The cultivators of the Righteous Heart Sect were overjoyed after collecting their thoughts.

Judging from the situation, it was likely that their Martial Uncle Qiu Hong had become a great authority. Otherwise, the people of Feather Emperor Sect would not be so scared of him.

"Fellow cultivators, there is something I must tell you…"

Qin Nan immediately told them everything that happened at the Drought Demon Battlefield.

The entire Righteous Heart Sect went from joyful to silent. The eyes of many disciples flickered with rage.

They did not expect the three factions to be so shameless.

"The three factions will be back, and I'm running short on time. I won't be able to stay here to help you, so you have to leave this place," said Qin Nan, who added after a slight pause, "These scrolls, they are yours."

Following a flick of his finger, wisps of glow descended from above.

Not only did each scroll contain Monarch Arts and God Arts, it also had a wisp of his will in it. Even though it was no match against a Human God, it was more than enough to protect them from cultivators below the fifth-layer Martial God Realm.

"Martial Uncle, don't you worry, we'll never forget the Righteous Heart Sect. One day, when we grow stronger, we'll make the three factions pay."

The genius disciples of the Righteous Heart Sect wore a determined look.

Following it, with the help of three Martial Monarchs, the crowd left the mountain, bringing various successions of the Righteous Heart Sect with them.

Three hours later, the mountain was completely deserted.


Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh.

Even though it was just an insignificant matter, a strange feeling rose inside his heart as soon as he settled the matter, allowing him to gain a clearer understanding of some principles.

All living things came together with fate, and ended with fate too.

"The news about your mastery of the Four Extremities has spread to the other worlds. It has also attracted the attention of some ancient factions in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm." The copper mirror's icy voice appeared, "You two should head to Unrestrained Void Realm. I once left a succession there, perfect for you two to cultivate in seclusion."

"A succession left by the empress?"

Blood-Eye Earth God's eyes glittered. Even his breathing intensified. With the succession left by the empress, perhaps he could trigger a breakthrough after cultivating in seclusion.

It would further extend his lifespan by another few tens of years.


Qin Nan brought his fists together and said, "Senior Blood-Eye, let's go."

The two immediately vanished into thin air.

For the rest of the journey, Blood-Eye Earth God brought Qin Nan out of the Luminous Cloud Realm and entered the rift.

Along the journey, Qin Nan had also learned more about the various worlds.

For example, if anyone was planning to visit another world, they must own the respective world's map to determine its specific location. Second, only those who had achieved the Human God Realm or owned a Human God Realm artifact were able to travel across the rift.

After all, the rift was vast and full of dangers. Without a certain level of cultivation, traveling in the rift was no different than committing suicide.

Five days later, the two finally reached the Unrestrained Void Realm. They entered the succession left by the empress and went into seclusion to cultivate.

That being said, they were completely unaware of the chaos that was stirred among the different words and the Human Immortals that some ancient factions had sent to the Luminous Cloud Realm to investigate the incident.

Time gradually passed. Forty-five days were gone fairly quickly.

On a lake, Qin Nan's eyes sprang open as his figure unleashed an obscure aura.

The time he spent to cultivate during this period had allowed him to comprehend the doorstep of the next level better, granting him significant benefits.

"It's now the eightieth day. It's almost time for me to go back to Canglan Continent."

Qin Nan murmured in his heart. He conversed with Blood-Eye Earth God beside him, before he gradually calmed his thoughts.

A few thousand breaths later, a pitch-black, ancient rune appeared on his forehead.

The rune was the Ancient Demon Rune. Once activated, it would bring his soul back to the Ancient Demon Path.

"Art of the primary soul, exiting the flesh!"

Qin Nan activated an ancient technique, urging his soul to leave the flesh.

Unlike before, his spirit form was covered in wisps of blue-golden glow. Even though its brilliance was extremely faint, its aura was rather suppressive.

"Magical Wuji Art, activate the ancient rune!"

Qin Nan did not inspect it thoroughly. Following a deep groan, the pitch-black, ancient rune immediately unleashed wisps of black glow encapsulating his spirit, before it totally vanished.

At the same time, the flesh that he occupied completely lost its vitality.

"Long Xuanling, I'm afraid you're about to have a nightmare once Qin Nan ascends to the Nine Heavens…"

Blood-Eye Earth God mumbled to himself, before he withdrew his thoughts and focused on comprehending the succession.

He was utterly convinced by Qin Nan's extraordinary talents. He hoped that he could also improve his cultivation before Qin Nan ascended to the Nine Heavens, so he could lend him a hand.

Meanwhile, the flesh that Qin Nan occupied was meant to break down and disintegrate without having a spirit in it.

However, the flesh was currently emitting a vague Human God glow.

On top of that, a faint vitality was growing deep inside it.

"You are his first body after he comprehended the Dao Rune. It was your fate too, so I'll lend you a hand."

Suddenly, an ancient beast hide slowly appeared from the rift and inserted a magical glow into the body.

The glow consisted of the fragmented souls of Qiu Hong that were lingering in the world.


The body shuddered.

A faint energy rippled deep inside it.

Although the God Horoscope and the blue-golden rune inside the body had disappeared together with Qin Nan's soul, an obscure blue glow slowly appeared inside the body.

If any expert were nearby, they would discover that the Dao within a few hundred li from the place of succession was turning restless.


A moment later, the eyes of the body sprang open, with a confused and relieved look deep inside them.

"Qin Nan, thank you…"

The body was filled with rage. After some time, it calmed down and said softly to the rift.

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