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Peerless Battle Spirit (Web Novel) - Chapter 1445 - Seven Years Later

Chapter 1445 - Seven Years Later

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Meanwhile, Canglan Continent…

Since the battle, Qin Nan had never shown up again. Many factions had speculated that Qin Nan was most likely treating his wounds in seclusion, thus no one was suspicious about his disappearance.

As such, the hunt that the various factions planned gradually weakened over time.

The main reason was that after seven years, the plans that the South-Heaven Gate, God Ranking, Monarch Ranking and the rest of the authorities set were close to perfection.

If Qin Nan dared to show himself, they would be able to eliminate him with the quickest speed possible.

On top of that, for some reason, many ancient successions had appeared in these seven years, resulting in great competition between the cultivators.

Even though the South-Heaven Gate, God Ranking and Monarch Ranking tried to interfere, they failed to keep all of them under control. The Martial Path of Canglan Continent improved rapidly, as if a new era had arrived.

On a side note, during these years, Tang Qingshan and Gong Yang had become the true successors of the Godly Exterminator Forbidden Ground and the Nine Words Ancient Sea. They had killed Meng Langxie and the others and become two of the most reputable genius Martial Monarchs.

Meanwhile, Sheng Tianjing, Zhuang Cidao and Su Qingning whom Qin Nan defeated at the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain started working diligently again, causing their cultivation to improve rapidly.

The Young Masters of various ancient tribes went into seclusion. Each time they came out of seclusion, their strength would improve significantly, enough for them to defeat opponents with higher cultivation levels.

The truth was, everything had only happened after Qin Nan had successfully achieved the Martial Monarch Realm by himself.

Meanwhile, inside the Seven Luminaries Flying Sword…

Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch came from the distance and nodded at the Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries, Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the master of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain, Little Worm and the others, before fixing his eyes on the Bodhi Jade Soul Tree.

After seven years, Qin Nan's flesh had fully recovered, and was now a lot stronger than before. Even its presence alone was intimidating.

"Seniors, is Qin Nan back yet?"

Dragon Emperor and Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast flew here from the distance and asked.

"Mm, let's keep waiting."

The Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries spoke with a gentle voice.

Although the cultivation of Dragon Emperor and Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was not as strong as the others present, they had contributed the most in helping the Anti-Heaven Alliance to grow and recruit many geniuses.

"That kid better not remember the wrong time."

Little Worm seemed nervous.

The Dragon Necropolis would open in a few days to decide the successor. If Qin Nan did not make it back in time, he would completely miss the opportunity.


Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries and the others inhaled deeply with stern looks.

They had collected everything they needed to refine the Dragon-killing Dao-destructing Deity-eliminating Spear. The only thing left was the dragon bones.

They had done all they could, and it was all up to Qin Nan now.

If Qin Nan managed to surpass his cultivation and made it back in time, it would mean that half of their plan had succeeded.

However, if he failed to level up in the Nine Heavens, if he was kept busy by something or was in any kind of misfortune…


At that instant, an ancient black glow entered the Bodhi Jade Soul Tree and Qin Nan's flesh at a shocking pace.

A strong energy ripple burst out from the body.

The Ancient Demon Path had simply directed his soul back into his body when he returned to Canglan Continent.

"Could this be…"

Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries and the others rose to their feet and stared at the body.


The terrifying aura of the top one Martial Monarch of all times burst out from Qin Nan's body, shaking the surrounding rift vigorously, which resulted in a great storm.

The pure energy inside the Bodhi Jade Soul Tree continuously flowed into Qin Nan's body as if it was being sucked away.

In just three breaths' time, Qin Nan's terrifying aura began to rise.

"His aura…"

"He has surpassed his cultivation!"

"He actually did it!"

The crowd immediately came to a realization. Their faces were filled with astonishment and a great hint of joy.

Qin Nan did not let them down at all.


At that instant, the enormous Bodhi Jade Soul Tree suddenly broke into pieces as wisps of ancient green rays dissolved into Qin Nan's body.

On top of that, the vast space inside the Seven Luminaries trembled.

The Qi lingering in the air turned into dragons lunging at Qin Nan rapidly.

Inside Qin Nan's body, wisps of obscure blue-golden glow slowly gathered above the outstanding monarch force.

The blue-golden rune was the Dao Rune. It was being refined at a remarkable rate after his spirit returned to his body.

That being said, the blue-golden glow was a lot weaker compared to before.

To Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries and the others, it felt like space had frozen at that instant.

The moment when the blue-golden rune was refined in Qin Nan's body, they clearly sensed the monarch glow emitting from Qin Nan's body intensifying.


His outstanding aura began to rise once again.


Sword Spirit Seven Luminaries and the others were greatly astonished.

Qin Nan's cultivation had already evolved once, making him the top one Martial Monarch of all times. However, it turned out that his cultivation was still evolving?

What level had he achieved now?

"Divine Battle Spirit, unleashed!"

Qin Nan uttered a groan. Blinding crimson rays burst out from his back as the Divine Battle Spirit stood firmly between the Heavens and Earth.

It quickly absorbed the Qi nearby.

"It's exactly what the copper mirror mentioned. The Divine Battle Spirit can only reveal its true appearance in the Nine Heavens, where it can absorb the Divine Battle Force."

Qin Nan mumbled.

Now that he had returned to his body, his monarch force that had evolved twice was now equivalent to the third-layer Martial God Realm. He was most likely able to face a fifth-layer Martial God with his true strength.

However, it was still a pity.

If he was able to absorb the Divine Battle Force and merge it with the monarch force to evolve it further, his cultivation would be even more terrifying.


Qin Nan did not think further. He opened his eyes and his lips curled upward when he saw the familiar faces around him.

"I'm back."

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